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Alexander the Great: A Play

Ioannis E. M. Vassos

Alexander the Great: A Play by Ioannis E. M. Vassos

This work is addressed to adults aged from 18 years and upwards, and especially to those interested in theatre, literature, philosophy and ancient Greek culture. This Thatrical Play is divided in three acts:


We witness the distress of Alexander the Great's generals and the Persian generals, preceding the battle,the prayers they address to their Gods, for assistance,and also Alexander the Great's grandeur, when in the battle of Issus, he captures Sisygambis, the mother of the Great king of Persia, Darius.


While the wars have ended, Hellenes are celebrating their victories Over...

2016 / 4 / 21

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The Aegean Sea Dispute between Greece and Turkey: The Consequences for NATO and the EU

Dimitris Salapatas

The Aegean Sea Dispute between Greece and Turkey: The Consequences for NATO and the EU by Dimitris Salapatas

The Aegean dispute between Greece and Turkey is a persistent problem between the two allied states. Difference of interpretation of the treaties has contributed in the prevalence of the argument. This dispute consists of five key issues. Greece only accepts one, namely the delimitation of the continental shelf. However, Turkey has introduced and has persisted on the other four, which are the delimitation of the territorial seas, the national airspace and FIR controls over the Aegean Sea, the demilitarization of the Eastern Aegean Islands and finally the disputed islands, islets and rocks which...

2016 / 4 / 21

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Mr Be Strong: The Tourist of Life: A True Story

Panagiotis Michael

Mr Be Strong: The Tourist of Life: A True Story by Panagiotis Michael

"One of my dreams was to write a book about my life. Most people stop dreaming when they become adults. We become stern, busy, cynical and we forget to dream. Without my dreams, I wouldn't have made it through life. This book was written as a reminder of the importance of dreams. It is the realization of my own dream, perhaps my biggest one so far. I wrote this book in hopes that someone would gain strength through my story. If my ordeal empowers even just a single reader, then it will have been worthwhile. Had I given up on my dreams, life might have given up on me." Panagiotis Michael, a professional...

2016 / 4 / 30

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