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Trevor Cree

Track by Trevor CreeEvery year the major walking tracks of New Zealand act as a magnet to thousands of visitors from all corners of the world. A large proportion of those visitors will be backpackers in their early twenties who are testing their adult wings for the very first time. Others may be older and some may be trying to solve the riddle of their lives. And prime among the backpackers are those who travel alone. Sometimes their paths interact with each other in unexpected ways and strangers may become friends, lovers and even victims in an environment that can show its many faces within a single day. Set...
2017 / 2 / 9

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Random Journeys: New Zealand

Trevor Cree

Random Journeys: New Zealand by Trevor CreeThe concept of travelling in a random manner is not new but what if the five, ten or fifty places to be visited have been chosen by drawing letters of the alphabet from a hat to identify the first letters of each location? And then and only then are the actual place names revealed and their location on the map identified. And to add a necessary degree of discipline each and every place must be visited however uninteresting or remote it may seem to be. No convenient substitutions allowed, no deletions, no ifs or buts. A recipe for disaster surely? At least a waste of precious time and precious...
2017 / 2 / 9

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products) Pages:  1 
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