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Heaven is Real But So is Hell: An Eyewitness Account of What is to Come

Vassula Rydén

Heaven is Real But So is Hell: An Eyewitness Account of What is to Come by Vassula RydénIn Heaven is Real But So is Hell, internationally renowned speaker, author and mystic Vassula Ryden takes the reader into the supernatural world where she has experienced the hidden forces that affect every moment of our lives. It features her amazing encounters with both good and evil forces and reveals profoundly important messages for all humanity, largely hidden until now. Sometimes harrowing, but filled with hope, it answers many of the questions that people have been asking for thousands of years and at the same time offers a glimpse into God's love and justice, and of what is soon to...
2013 / 3 / 10

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True Life in God

Vassula Rydén

True Life in God by Vassula RydénOn the 25th November 1985 Vassula Ryden had a profound spiritual experience, and shortly after this commenced a dialogue with God that continues to this day. Once aware of the importance of what was happening to her, Vassula started to write down all of these conversations in a series of hand written journals and these have now been reproduced as a single printed volume. There are prophecies about the future, but also addressed are many questions about our everyday lives as well as the larger issues of war, famine and cruelty that continue around the world.
2013 / 3 / 20

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