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Harlem Street Fighter

Gregory Paul Dupree

Harlem Street Fighter by Gregory Paul DupreeCool as ice and smooth as silk, Dean Leroy Simmons is a cat who plays no games and pulls no punches. The jolting story of Dean Leroy Simmons... hard hitting action spanning three decades. Dean Simmons is a street fighter who takes on all comers. It's a struggle for honor and survival. Adventure, romance, and revenge. Dean Simmons takes on the meanest headbusting hoodlums and the baddest Jewish mobsters to exact his brand of justice, all the while trying to keep his loving woman at his side.
2013 / 7 / 20

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Water and Fire: The Quest of the Cushite Warrior

Gregory Dupree

Water and Fire: The Quest of the Cushite Warrior by Gregory DupreeA truly inspirational novel, Water and Fire: The Quest of the Cushite Warrior follows the journey of Adjua Babatu throughout his pilgrimage ultimately finding the Gospel of Christ, Son of God. Gregory Dupree cleverly tells the story, set in Biblical times, of a man searching for his purpose not realizing his beliefs as being ideologically aligned with what will eventually become Christianity. By writing in this way, the reader is taken on an adventure, traveling on Camel, living among Shepherds and Jewish settlers, witnessing Roman law. Living a daily existence while witnessing firsthand the...
2013 / 3 / 19

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products) Pages:  1 
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