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Membrane Distillation

Mohamed Souhaimi Khayet

Membrane Distillation by Mohamed Souhaimi Khayet

The Chemical and Process Plant Commissioning Handbook is a must have for engineers in the chemical process and process plant sectors, or for those refreshing their skills in this area. It provides a guide and reference to preparing a systematic methodology for converting a newly constructed plant, as well as streamlining equipment into an operational process unit. Includes downloadable commissioning process checklists that comply with industry standard best practice which readers can use and adapt for their own situations.

The reference focuses on the critical safety assessment and inspection...

2011 / 9 / 21

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The Western Alps, from Rift to Passive Margin to Orogenic Belt

Pierre-Charles de Graciansky & David G. Roberts & Pierre Tricart

The Western Alps, from Rift to Passive Margin to Orogenic Belt by Pierre-Charles de Graciansky & David G. Roberts & Pierre Tricart

The objective of the book is to provide an updated synthesis of the evolution of the Alpine fold belt hitherto not available in English. The overall concept is to build on classical Alpine geological studies made since the start of the 19th century by integrating this work with modern results obtained systematically on mid ocean ridges and passive margins worldwide over the past 50 years using new marine geological and geophysical technologies. The book thus provides an integrated overview of the evolution of the Alps from rift to passive margin to the present fold belt over a time span of 300my....

2010 / 11 / 1

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Concise Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics

Margie Berns

Concise Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics by Margie BernsThis volume formalizes, organizes and analyzes the relation of knowledge about language to decision-making in practice. It synthesizes research in psycholinguistics, educational linguistics and sociolinguistics, freely crossing subject fields to establish innovative and expert responses to some of the key debates in the field. Authored and compiled by leaders in their various specialties and collated and extensively re-edited from the award-winning Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics 2nd edition, this collection will be an ideal one-stop desk reference solution for any linguistics professional...
2010 / 11 / 16

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Handbook of Logic and Language

Johan F. A. K. van Benthem

Handbook of Logic and Language by Johan F. A. K. van Benthem

This is an expanding field and the logical study of language is becoming more interdisciplinary playing a role in disciplines such as computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science and game theory.

Completely revised and updated, this new edition, written by the leading experts in the field, presents an overview of the latest developments at the interface of logic and linguistics as well as providing a historical perspective. It is divided into three parts covering Frameworks, General Topics and Descriptive Themes.

  • Completely revised and updated - includes over 25% new material
  • Discusses...
2010 / 12 / 30

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Fundamentals of Ecological Modelling

Brian Fath & S. E. Jorgensen

Fundamentals of Ecological Modelling by Brian Fath & S. E. JorgensenThis is a thoroughly revised and updated edition of an authoritative introduction to ecological modelling. Sven Erik Jørgensen, Editor-in-Chief of the journal Ecological Modelling, and Giuseppe Bendoricchio, Professor of Environmental Modelling at the University of Padova, Italy, offer compelling insights into the subject. This volume explains the concepts and processes involved in ecological modelling, presents the latest developments in the field and provides readers with the tools to construct their own models.

The Third Edition features:
• A detailed discussion and step-by-step outline of...

2011 / 4 / 14

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Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphism

Shah Wali Faryad

Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphism by Shah Wali Faryad

Ultrahigh pressure metamorphism (UHPM) is a relatively new but fast growing discipline related to the deep subduction of slabs of continental and/or oceanic crust into the Earth's mantle and their return towards the surface as important components of mountain belts. The discipline was established ~25 years ago after discoveries of high pressure minerals, coesite and diamond, in the rocks of the continental affinities, a place where such minerals are "forbiden"according to main geological concepts. Exposures of HP/UHP rocks, once thought to be restricted to European Mountain systems, are being...

2011 / 4 / 25

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Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy Principles and Spectral Interpretation

Peter Larkin

Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy Principles and Spectral Interpretation by Peter Larkin

Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy: Principles and Spectral Interpretation explains the background, core principles and tests the readers understanding of the important techniques of Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy. These techniques are used by chemists, environmental scientists, forensic scientists etc to identify unknown chemicals. In the case of an organic chemist these tools are part of an armory of techniques that enable them to conclusively prove what compound they have made, which is essential for those being used in medical applications.

The book reviews basic principles, instrumentation,...

2011 / 9 / 3

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Environmental Data Analysis with MatLab

William Menke

Environmental Data Analysis with MatLab by William Menke

Apprentice yourself to a master of classical animation techniques with this beautiful handbook of insider tips and techniques. Apply age-old techniques to create flawless animations, whether you're working with pencil and animation paper or a 3D application. Author Tony White starts with the basics, and expands his discussion to more advanced topics, like how to animate quadrupeds, working with fluidity and flexibility, and dialogue. White brings years of production experience and even more time as an instructor to the book, ensuring that The Animator's Notebook will serve well as your mentor...

2011 / 9 / 18

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Harmonic Vector Fields

Sorin Dragomir & Domenico Perrone

Harmonic Vector Fields by Sorin Dragomir & Domenico Perrone

An excellent reference for anyone needing to examine properties of harmonic vector fields to help them solve research problems. The book provides the main results of harmonic vector fields with an emphasis on Riemannian manifolds using past and existing problems to assist you in analyzing and furnishing your own conclusion for further research. It emphasizes a combination of theoretical development with practical applications for a solid treatment of the subject useful to those new to research using differential geometric methods in extensive detail.

  • A useful tool for any scientist conducting...
2011 / 12 / 16

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Epigenetic Principles of Evolution

Nelson R. Cabej

Epigenetic Principles of Evolution by Nelson R. Cabej

This is the first and only book, so far, to deal with the causal basis of evolution from an epigenetic view. By revealing the epigenetic "user" of the "genetic toolkit", this book demonstrates the primacy of epigenetic mechanisms and epigenetic information in generating evolutionary novelties.

The author convincingly supports his theory with a host of examples from the most varied fields of biology, by emphasizing changes in developmental pathways as the basic source of evolutionary change in metazoans.

  • Original and thought-provoking - a radically new theory that overcomes the present difficulties...
2011 / 12 / 16

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Offshore Wind

Kurt Thomsen

Offshore Wind by Kurt ThomsenOffshore wind is the new blue horizon for Alternative Energy. One small offshore wind farm can produce more power than a whole coal plant, or a nuclear reactor. However, very few people have real experience getting an offshore wind farm up and running. This book is the first-ever roadmap to successful offshore wind installation. It provides a ready reference for wind project managers, teaching them how to deal with complications on-site, as well as for financers, who can utilize the text as an easy guide to asking the pivotal questions of petitioning wind project developers, whose planning stages...
2011 / 12 / 21

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The Scientific Foundation of Neuropsychological Assessment

Elbert Russell

The Scientific Foundation of Neuropsychological Assessment by Elbert Russell

Neuropsychology is a specialized branch of psychology which focuses on the relationship between the brain and human functions including cognition, behaviour, and emotion. With an emphasis on a scientific approach which includes analysing quantitative data, neuropsychology follows an information processing approach to brain activity using standard assessments to evaluate various mental functions. This book examines the standardized battery of tests in neuropsychology, with a particular focus on forensic applications of these tests, suggesting that a united theory of assessment needs to be established....

2011 / 12 / 22

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An Interactive History of the Clean Air Act

Jonathan M. Davidson & Joseph M. Norbeck

An Interactive History of the Clean Air Act by Jonathan M. Davidson & Joseph M. Norbeck

The Clean Air Act of 1970 set out for the United States a basic, yet ambitious, objective to reduce pollution to levels that protect health and welfare. The Act set out state and federal regulations to limit emissions and the Environmental Protection Agency was established to help enforce the regulations. The Act has since had several amendments, notably in 1977 and 1990, and has successfully helped to increase air quality. This book reviews the history of the Clean Air Act of 1970 including the political, business, and scientific elements that went into establishing the Act, emphasizing the...

2011 / 12 / 22

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Verbal Minds

Toni Gomila

Verbal Minds by Toni Gomila

Ten years ago, the hegemonic idea was that language was a kind of independent module within the mind, a sort of "print-out" of whatever cognitive activity was taking place, but without any influence whatsoever in that activity. While this view is still held, evidence amassed in the last 10 years suggests another view of their inter-relationships, even though exactly which one is not clear yet, in part because of the lack of a unified view, and in part because of the inertia of the previous position, in part because all this evidence must be considered together. An increasing number of researchers...

2011 / 12 / 24

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Economics Of Education

Dominic J. Brewer

Economics Of Education by Dominic J. Brewer

A collection of short, stand-alone chapters divided into five sections including overview of the field; private and social returns to human capital investments; production, costs and financing of education; teachers and teacher labor markets; and education markets, choice and incentives. The collection provides international perspectives that describe the origins of these subjects, their major issues and proponents, their landmark studies, and opportunities for future research.

The 70 contributors are each well-regarded economists whose research has advanced the topic on which they write, and...

2012 / 1 / 23

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Sensors for Mechatronics

Paul P. L. Regtien

Sensors for Mechatronics by Paul P. L. Regtien

Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field combining Mechanical, Electronic, Computer, and other Engineering fields to develop intelligent processes and products. Based on thirty years of extensive work in industry and teaching, this book provides an overview of the sensors and sensor systems required and applied in mechatronics with an emphasis on understanding the physical principles and possible configurations of sensors rather than simply a discussion of particular types of sensors. Well illustrated with examples of commercially available sensors and of recent and future developments, this...

2012 / 1 / 31

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Lifelong Learning for Engineers and Scientists in the Information Age

Ashok Naimpally & Hema Ramachandran & Caroline Smith

Lifelong Learning for Engineers and Scientists in the Information Age by Ashok Naimpally & Hema Ramachandran & Caroline Smith

The book provides a comprehensive review of lifelong learning, information literacy and internships including assessment techniques for lifelong learning, teamwork and information literacy as defined by the ABET criteria. It also discusses critical thinking skills for scientists and engineers and their role in lifelong learning in the information age.

It will be invaluable for:

  • Engineering educators including librarians interested in developing programs to satisfy the ABET criteria for lifelong learning and teamwork.
  • Engineering librarians developing programs and assessment tools for information...
2012 / 2 / 17

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American Trypanosomiasis

Michel Tibayrenc

American Trypanosomiasis by Michel Tibayrenc

Chagas Disease causes severe socioeconomic impact and a high medical cost in Latin America. WHO and the World Bank consider Chagas Disease as the fourth most transmittable disease to have a major impact on public health in Latin America: 120 million persons are potentially exposed, 16-18 million of whom are presently infected, causing 45,000-50,000 deaths per year. It has been calculated that approximately 2.4 million potential working years are lost because of incapacity and mortality due to the disease, for an annual cost estimated at 20 billion euros.

This book provides a comprehensive overview...

2010 / 10 / 17

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Lectures on Dynamics of Stochastic Systems

Valery I. Klyatskin

Lectures on Dynamics of Stochastic Systems by Valery I. Klyatskin

Fluctuating parameters appear in a variety of physical systems and phenomena. They typically come either as random forces/sources, or advecting velocities, or media (material) parameters, like refraction index, conductivity, diffusivity, etc. Models naturally render to statistical description, where random processes and fields express the input parameters and solutions. The fundamental problem of stochastic dynamics is to identify the essential characteristics of system (its state and evolution), and relate those to the input parameters of the system and initial data.

This book is a revised and...

2010 / 10 / 30

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Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Gianfranco Pistoia

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles by Gianfranco Pistoia

This multi-author, 670-page handbook provides information on alternative vehicular power systems, encompassing advances in the rapidly evolving battery, hybrid and fuel cell technology domains. Vehicles based on these technologies are described in terms of performance, fuel economy, environmental impact, energy sources and costs, and are extensively compared and contrasted to conventional vehicles.

For the most advanced concepts in development (fuel cell and long-range electric vehicles), the issue of recharging infrastructure is addressed, as are case studies of alternative vehicles proposed...

2010 / 10 / 30

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