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Incidents of Travel in Latin America

Lars Holger Holm

Incidents of Travel in Latin America by Lars Holger Holm

Travelling the world, generally speaking, gives a human being an opportunity to free himself from prejudice and to regard the world as it is rather than the way it ‘ought to be??. If that is not in itself reason enough to travel, it also gives him stories to tell. It is my hope that the reader of this book will enjoy the personal ones I have here selected to represent my experiences from travelling a part of the world which typically combines Hispanic virtues and vices with an Indian or African heart. All set against bustling societies, ancient monuments, landscapes, and seas that ravish the...

2016 / 2 / 2

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The Shock of History: Religion, Memory, Identity

Dominique Venner

The Shock of History: Religion, Memory, Identity by Dominique Venner

The shock of history: we live it, neither knowing or comprehending it. France, Europe, and the world have entered into a new era of thought, attitudes, and powers. This shock of history makes clear the fact that there is no such thing as an insurmountable destiny. The time will come for Europe to awaken, to respond to the challenges of immigration, toxic ideologies, the perils of globalism, and the confusion that assails her.

But under what conditions? That is the question to which this book responds. Conceived in the form of a lively and dynamic interview with a historian who, after taking part...

2016 / 2 / 13

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Prometheus and Atlas

Jason Reza Jorjani

Prometheus and Atlas by Jason Reza Jorjani

In Prometheus & Atlas, Dr. Jorjani endeavors to deconstruct the nihilistic materialism and rootless rationalism of the modern West by showing how it was grounded on a dishonest suppression of the spectral and why it has a parasitic relationship with Abrahamic religious fundamentalism. Rejecting the marginalization of ESP and psychokinesis as “paranormal,” Prometheus & Atlas makes the case that psi is only “super Natural” insofar as our reductive modern scientific models have occluded Supernature for practical purposes. At the same time, Jorjani calls for a conscious recognition of the...

2016 / 2 / 24

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The Colonisation of Europe

Guillaume Faye

The Colonisation of Europe by Guillaume FayeIn this book, Guillaume Faye, the firebrand of the French New Right, confronts the phenomenon of mass immigration head-on. Rather than talking about ‘immigration??, Faye insists that we must speak of a massive colonisation settlement of the West by peoples from the Global South. This, together with declining birthrates, means that Europeans will soon become a minority in Europe, and their ancient and unique heritage will disappear. He furthermore demonstrates that the Islamic world is carrying out a hostile takeover both of France and Europe, with ‘youth delinquency?? and terrorism being...
2016 / 4 / 12

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The Churl

Tito Perdue

The Churl by Tito Perdue

The second volume of William

2016 / 5 / 31

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The Consequences of Equality

Matthew S. Battaglioli

The Consequences of Equality by Matthew S. Battaglioli
2016 / 8 / 28

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The Indo-Europeans: In Search of the Homeland

Alain de Benoist

The Indo-Europeans: In Search of the Homeland by Alain de Benoist

Research has long since established that the civilisations of Europe, Persia, and India are linked, linguistically and culturally, dating back to some point in prehistory that has been lost to human memory. Many scholars have postulated that there was a primordial Indo-European civilisation from which all of these others later emerged. But who were the Indo-Europeans? From where did they originate? How did they live, and what did they believe? And how and why did they disperse into so many widely varied cultures? Alain de Benoist here gives a brief overview of the history of Indo-European studies,...

2016 / 8 / 30

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Archeofuturism 2.0

Guillaume Faye

Archeofuturism 2.0 by Guillaume Faye

In Archeofuturism, which became a cult classic in some circles, Guillaume Faye stipulated that the twenty-first century would not develop in line with the forecasts. We will soon live through

2017 / 3 / 29

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A Handbook for Right-Wing Youth

Julius Evola

A Handbook for Right-Wing Youth by Julius Evola

A Handbook for Right-Wing Youth consists of essays selected from throughout Evola

2017 / 4 / 1

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