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Surviving Mother

Gwen Head

Surviving Mother by Gwen Head

Just as Deb and her mother Estelle are learning how to mesh their individual lives together, nature??s destructive hand comes down, leaving them to wait for a new hope, and help from unexpected others.

In SURVIVING MOTHER Gwen Head has written a story of life struggles, tragedy, and getting one??s life back together to move forward. Written with the caregivers of the world in mind, Head takes the reader into a daughter??s and mother??s life struggles, doubts, and hardships as they deal with the emotional ups and downs of living with Alzheimer??s Disease. In SURVIVING MOTHER we can all find a...

2015 / 11 / 19

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Winter Park

Graham Guest

Winter Park by Graham Guest

“A powerfully distinctive voice.” ~Michael Schmidt, author of The Novel: A Biography

“Highly crafted and stylised while also being agreeably direct and spare, psychologically compelling, and unusual.” ~Miranda Mellis, author of The Spokes and None of This Is Real

“I read Guest's work like I read Lyn Hejinian's ??" with amazement at the logic and connections made.” ~EK Reeder, author of Ramshackle and Fremont

Winter Park is a fine, considered, original piece of creative work…I enjoyed it hugely.” ~Toby Litt, author of Corpsing

Winter Park is characterized by a vivid yet uncluttered...

2016 / 3 / 6

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Rescripting the Workplace: Producing Miracles with Bosses, Coworkers, and Bad Days

Pam Boyd

Rescripting the Workplace: Producing Miracles with Bosses, Coworkers, and Bad Days by Pam Boyd

Tutored by her own painful journey out of confusion and disappointment with bosses, coworkers, and the work environment, Pam Boyd in Rescripting the Workplace delivers powerful, down-to-earth strategies for transforming your life at work not in the distant future, but right now.

This book is for you if you have ever...

- dreaded going to work

- dreaded working with certain people

- felt as if your boss weren't listening to you

- felt trapped in a dead-end job

- been discouraged about your workload

- been overlooked for a promotion

- been frustrated with politics or lack of communication

Learn how to......

2016 / 4 / 7

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That Beautiful Season

Sandra Fox Murphy

That Beautiful Season by Sandra Fox Murphy

When the Civil War is at last over, a young girl called Sylvie is unaware of the turmoil of her past and the Reconstruction all around her. She knows only farm animals and crop cycles and the love of her family. Growing into a lovely young woman in rural Maryland, she finds happiness in the farming life and, over time, runs smack into love. But she soon will discover that life is filled not only with joy, but loss, and secrets that will topple all she thought she knew.

That Beautiful Season delves deep into the love of family and the love of the land near the Chesapeake Bay. As the country recovers...

2017 / 4 / 6

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