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Killing the Bee King

PJ Royal

Killing the Bee King by PJ RoyalAgainst a backdrop of escalating tension, in an England mismanaged by inept leadership, Napoleon Bonaparte is silently massing battle-hardened troops along the French coast in anticipation of a cross-Channel invasion. While Ireland violently protests English oppression, an unlikely hero emerges in the form of an Irish bare-knuckle boxer by the name of Wolfe Trant. Recruited from the depths of Newgate Prison by William Pitt, an ex-Prime Minister who now operates a covert spy ring, Wolfe's agenda is to infiltrate Napoleon's inner circle to determine the intended point of invasion. Wolfe is forced...
2013 / 12 / 26

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The Pavilion of Forgotten Concubines

Pim Wiersinga

The Pavilion of Forgotten Concubines by Pim Wiersinga

In the closing years of the eighteenth century, the once great Qianlong reign languishes in a morass of corruption and waste. The emperor, formerly the powerful ruler of a thriving dynasty, is now the feeble tool of his devious minister, Heshen, who plies his ruler with opium and whispers shadowy innuendos into his receptive ear. This dark stagnancy is abruptly interrupted when the English envoy of King George III refuses to perform the traditional obeisance: the kowtow. The Imperial Interpreter Second Class, the alluring Lady Cao Baoqin, assigned to the English embassy, is consequently incarcerated...

2016 / 9 / 18

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A Warsaw Chronicle

Carol Hebald

A Warsaw Chronicle by Carol Hebald

A Warsaw Chronicle, depicts the poignant portrait of Karolina Heybald, an American exchange professor at a Polish university during the 1981 advent of martial law. The nation is torn between the Communist regime, the Solidarity opposition movement and the imminent threat of Soviet invasion. In the midst of food scarcity and turbulent political upheaval, Karolina

2016 / 11 / 13

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Speak and Speak Again

Jaynie Royal & Laurie Ann Doyle & Daniel A. Olivas

Speak and Speak Again by Jaynie Royal & Laurie Ann Doyle & Daniel A. Olivas

Pact Press brings you Speak and Speak Again, the first anthology in a series designed to spark conversation and protest. Contained within are thoughtful, thought-provoking essays on immigration, women's rights, race relations, and concerns for American society by Jaynie Royal, Eugene Gregory, Nora Shychuk, Rob Waters, Laurie Ann Doyle, Stephen D. Gutierrez, Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, Martha Haakmat, and Mikhal Weiner. The anthology also includes a short story by Raymond Luczak and poems by Rose Knapp, Lily Iona MacKenzie, Cheryl A. Ossola, Sandy Roffey, and Daniel A. Olivas. We are honored to provide...

2017 / 4 / 4

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