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Abhinav Bothra

Abhinav Bothra

Born in 1990 Abhinav Bothra is a Magician & Mentalist from Kolkata, India. Just like every other kid, he too had a fascination for magic during his childhood days, but unlike many the fascination sustained within him while growing up.

Back in 2010 he took up this art seriously and actually started learning things rather than simply buying self-working props. Initially his focus was just on Card Magic but soon he also shifted his attention to Mentalism and it didn't take a long time since he started working as a semi-pro.

An admirer of Richard Osterlind, Banachek & Daniel Garcia, he is currently (2014) a Business Law student as well as a working Magician & Mentalist.

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C.I.A: Challenging and Intensive ACAAN

C.I.A: Challenging and Intensive ACAAN by Abhinav BothraA really clean and impeccable ACAAN.

What the audience sees and hears:

The Performer brings out a deck of cards and points to a person asking him to think of any card but not the Ace (as its common for people to go for it) and another person to

Abhinav Bothra14 Feb 2015$9.95

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Ablest Change

Ablest Change by Abhinav BothraAblest Change is a bold and fast card color change that immediately establishes you as a skilled magician. This is a one handed color change which is fun to practice and perform. Here you end up without any face-up card and this change offers two easy
Abhinav Bothra31 Aug 2014$3.95

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Audacious 2

Audacious 2 by Abhinav BothraStop your pulse, Plant thoughts, Influence Choices and Demonstrate the most impossible coincidence.

Asystole - A one of a kind Impromptu pulse stopping effect where your palm can be face-up all the time with nothing covering it.

Note: If you

Abhinav Bothra24 Aug 2014$15.00

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Power to Influence

Power to Influence by Abhinav BothraDemonstrate your power to influence other's decisions in the fairest possible manner, using nothing but a few playing cards.

Here is how the demonstration looks like: You deal out 13 cards Ace to King face up in 3 rows. Ask them to select one row

Abhinav Bothra20 Jul 2014$5.00

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Behind My Back

Behind My Back by Abhinav BothraAnother version to the classic Card Calling Trick but this one is on steroids.

The spectator selects 4 cards while the performer is facing away. After selection, the performer turns his back toward the spectator. The spectator shuffles the 4 cards

Abhinav Bothra23 Jun 2014$4.95

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ABhyaas Change

ABhyaas Change by Abhinav BothraABhyaas Change is a fast and stunning card color change that happens in a split second and a small shake. Often confused to be done using gimmicks, it is 100% IMPROMPTU and requires 100% SLEIGHT OF HAND. Taught here are four different ways of performing
Abhinav Bothra12 Apr 2014$5.95

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SharPen by Abhinav BothraPhase I - Bite off the pen nib and spit it back on. Immediately, open the refill compartment, let the spectator touch the nib.

Phase II - Make the refill rise out of the pen.

Bonus - A Russian Roulette with pens, where spectators select the

Abhinav Bothra24 Dec 2013$2.00

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Audacious by Abhinav BothraHAVOC
At a house event or a party or an occasion or a show, you walk up to a stranger and call out their name, their partner's name and their occupation, the school they studied in, their last vacation spot, hotel they stayed in, the room no. in which
Abhinav Bothra15 Dec 2013$15.00

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