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Al Leech

Al Leech

(USA: October 19th, 1917 - 1974)

News reporter with Associated Press, then United Press. Amateur cardman. Wrote 7 booklets: Don't Look Now! The Smart Slant on Misdirection (1948, 23pp; repr 1971), For Card Men Only (1949, 30pp), Manipulating with Leech (1952, 30pp), Card Man Stuff (1953, 24pp), Handbook of Card Sleights (1954, 31pp), Cardmanship (1959, 28pp), and Super Card Man Stuff (1965, 60pp). See Al Leech's Legacy (1980, 124pp). Tricks in New Phoenix.

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Handbook of Card Sleights by Al Leech
Handbook of Card Sleights

A must for all card men. Handy reference ebook for all card sleights. The best possible way to learn card magic, explained in good, clear terms by an expert. Sleights are modern, broken down to their simplest factors, useful and practical. The ideal ebook
Al Leech15 Feb 2015$7.95

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Al Leech's Legacy by Al Leech
Al Leech's Legacy

The best parts in this publications are the work on thimbles and billiard balls. Also included are card and coin routines.

1st edition 1980, 1st digital edition 2013, 90 pages.

Table of Contents
  1. Preface
  2. Alfred B. Leech:

Al Leech31 May 2013$12.95

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A Last Look at Leech by Al Leech
A Last Look at Leech

12 card tricks that are not in his books.

During Anthony Brahams' early child and youth years in magic he was never happy with the card magic available for newcomers. Then, in his twenties, he bought an Al Leech book and at last felt he was performing

Al Leech21 Nov 2011$12.00

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