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    William Friday: Power, Purpose, and American Higher Education by William A. Link    Blowout! Sal Castro and the Chicano Struggle for Educational Justice by Mario T. Garc?a & Sal Castro    Paulo Freire and the Cold War Politics of Literacy by Andrew J. Kirkendall    Hello Professor: A Black Principal and Professional Leadership in the Segregated South by Vanessa Siddle Walker    The Inception of Modern Professional Education: C. C. Langdell, 1826-1906 by Bruce A. Kimball    William Friday: Power, Purpose, and American Higher Education by William A. Link    The Guardians: Kingman Brewster, His Circle, and the Rise of the Liberal Establishment: Kingman Brewster, His Circle, and the Ri by Geoffrey Kabaservice    Getting Schooled: The Reeducation of an American Teacher by Garret Keizer    Give Me Everything You Have: On Being Stalked by James Lasdun    Sex and God at Yale: Porn, Political Correctness, and a Good Education Gone Bad by Nathan Harden    Alice's Piano: The Life of Alice Herz-Sommer by Melissa M?ller & Reinhard Piechocki    Dangerous Minds: They Were Problem Kids With One Last Chance . . . Her by Louanne Johnson    The Headmaster: Frank L. Boyden of Deerfield by John McPhee    Cherish the Exception: Navigating the Confluence of Faith and Science by John Allen Resko    Still No Word From Nancy by John Mills    No Destination: Autobiography of a Pilgrim by Satish Kumar    A Nomad in Academia: A Reflective Account of an Academic's Experience Across the Continents by Mohammed Abdur Razzaque    The Harvest: An Immigrant in the United States by Yolanda Vera Mart?nez    A Teacher's Tale: A Memoir by Joe Gilliland    Shakespeare Saved My Life: Ten Years in Solitary with the Bard by Laura Bates    The Wannado Curriculum: A Math Teacher's Journey to the Dynamic Math 2.0 Classroom by Ihor Charischak    The Outskirts of Hope: A Memoir of the 1960s Deep South by Jo Ivester    Playing Dolls, Canadian Experience Required by Najat Sinclair-Benrbia    Keeping the University Free and Growing by Herman Lee Donovan    Thomas D. Clark of Kentucky: An Uncommon Life in the Commonwealth by John E. Kleber    William Louis Poteat: A Leader of the Progressive-Era South by Randal L. Hall    Albert D. Kirwan by Frank F. Mathias    Notes from Oxford, 1910-1911 by Margaret R. O'Leary MD    Heads and Tales by Maggie George    The Churches and Chapels of Wales by Nigel Yates    Fortuitous Misfortunes by Thomas A. Viviano PhD    Raised at Rutgers: A President's Story by Richard L. McCormick    Vidyasagar: The Life and After-Life of an Eminent Indian: The Life and After-Life of an Eminent Indian by Brian A. Hatcher    Fifteen Red Roses: The Challenge of Public School Integration in Rural Georgia by Ann W. Yearwood    Life Lessons: A Connection of Souls Throughout Life's Journey by Mary Antoinette Gallo Sunyoger PhD    Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters¿ First 100 Years by Sarah L. Delany & A. Elizabeth Delany & Amy Hill Hearth    From Troublesome Creek: A Farm Boy's Encounters on the Way to a University Presidency by Duane Acker    The Boy Who Became an Early-Childhood Educator: Reflections, Memories, and Future Thoughts about Our Field by Manuel Kichi Wong M. Ed    Mommy Couldn't Find Her Eyelashes: Forty-Four Years in First Grade by Mary Jane Fizer    Resurrecting a Dead Letter: An Introspective Journey by John Michaelmas    The Master Plan: Ten Secrets to Success: Success: You Can't Get There until You've Been Here! by Dr. John Louis Slack    To Live and to Tell: Child Soldier Survival: Redemption of a Liberian Child Soldier by Francis Duworko    Where the Paved Road Ends: One Woman's Extraordinary Experiences in Yemen by Carolyn Han    A Life Renewed, 1983-1998 by Roderick Stackelberg    Dr. V: An Extraordinary Journey by Thomas D'Agnes    Survival within Two Cultures by Erminia "Minnie" Lopez Rincon    Mountain Road: Not Dwelling on Yesterday or Tomorrow by Hoover Liddell    Corruption Made a School Principal into a Refugee by Samson Kamara    Values in Conflict: Reflections of an Animal Advocate by Georges R. Dupras    Called to Jackson, Mississippi: The Last Bastion of Segregation: A Historical Documentary by Brandon Sparkman
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Do I Dare?

Do I Dare? by Janet Rossi TezakEvery day of author Janet Rossi Tezak's life has been a dare-a dare to discover her own standards and to give life her all at every moment along the way. The life stories Tezak includes are all driven by the theme, Do I Dare?

The first story is not

Janet Rossi Tezak14 Nov 2009$6.00

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The Best of Pickering

The Best of Pickering by Sam PickeringPraise for Sam Pickering: "Pickering has all of Thurber's humor, and he writes as well as E. B. White. He writes with passion, wit, and a strange personal note of self-mockery; he is humanely educated, wise, and capable of a wide range of stylistic effects."
Sam Pickering16 Jan 2010$27.00

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From Nothing To Something

From Nothing To Something by Mary Clark AlvarezThis book deals with the story of a normal every day American family who dared to obey God at all cost. In a practical way it shows that even in 21st century America, God has the very same desire to show Himself as miraculous and powerful as He did in
Mary Clark Alvarez25 Jan 2010$8.95

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Every Child Can Learn

Every Child Can Learn by Marie L. GreenwoodEvery Child Can Learn Note from the Author I taught First Grade for thirty years in the Denver Public Schools. I believe it is there that one lays the beginning of a sound education foundation upon which a child can continue to learn successfully. The
Marie L. Greenwood5 Mar 2010$9.99

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Following Mateo

Following Mateo by Tom Molanphy

"Following Mateo" is a memoir, the true story of Tom Molanphy, a twenty-something American who spends two years living and teaching in Belize. Molanphy finds himself compelled to spend more and more time with Mateo, an older Mayan living in the deep but

Tom Molanphy30 Jun 2010$9.99

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Tisha by Robert Specht
Robert Specht16 Nov 2010$7.99

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The Kids from Nowhere: The Story Behind the Arctic Educational Miracle

The Kids from Nowhere: The Story Behind the Arctic Educational Miracle by George GuthridgeThe true story of the educational triumph of a group of Yupik Eskimo students who won an academic state contest and the teacher who helped them get there.
George Guthridge21 Nov 2011$16.95

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The Other Barack

The Other Barack by Sally JacobsThe deeply reported, untold story of the father the president barely knew
Sally Jacobs11 Dec 2011$27.99

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In the Sun's House

In the Sun's House by Kurt CaswellIn the year he spent teaching at Borrego Pass, a remote Navajo community in northwest New Mexico, Kurt Caswell found himself shunned as persona non grata. His cultural missteps, status as an interloper, and white skin earned him no respect in the classroom
Kurt Caswell29 Dec 2011$9.99

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Death of a Rebel

Death of a Rebel by Scott Donaldson
Scott Donaldson3 Feb 2012$34.99

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A Three-Cornered Life: The Historian W. K. Hancock

A Three-Cornered Life: The Historian W. K. Hancock by Jim DavidsonA biography of a 20th-century Australian historian and an outstanding scholar in the humanities and social science fields, this thorough account highlights the accomplishments of W. K. Hancock. Compelling and informative, this chronicle features the scope
Jim Davidson9 Feb 2012$42.95

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Twelve British Statisticians

Twelve British Statisticians by Richard H. Williams & Donald W. Zimmerman & Donald C. RossTwelve British Statisticians provides a description of the lives and scientific contributions of a dozen scientific luminaries. Each statistician is a famous figure, but is especially renowned in Great Britain. Their fields of expertise sometimes include
Richard H. Williams &
Donald W. Zimmerman &
Donald C. Ross
18 Mar 2012$3.99

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Keep Up If You Can

Keep Up If You Can by Bill SherkBill Sherk taught history to Toronto high school students for over thirty years. With his dynamic, creative teaching style, he instilled in his students a love of history and learning. Keep Up If You Can is a light-hearted and touching memoir that will
Bill Sherk12 Apr 2012$24.99

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Herman B Wells

Herman B Wells by James H. H. CapshewEnergetic, shrewd, and charming, Herman B Wells was the driving force behind the transformation of Indiana University-which became a model for American public higher education in the 20th century. A person of unusual sensitivity and a skilled and empathetic
James H. H. Capshew26 Apr 2012$30.99

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Educating Esmé: Diary of a Teacher's First Year, Expanded Edition

Educating Esmé: Diary of a Teacher's First Year, Expanded Edition by EsméRaji CodellA must-read for parents, new teachers, and classroom veterans, Educating Esmé is the exuberant diary of Esmé Raji Codell's first year teaching in a Chicago public school. Fresh-mouthed and free-spirited, the irrepressible Madame Esmé-as she prefers
EsméRaji Codell30 Apr 2012$12.95

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The Kabbalist: a cinematic novel

The Kabbalist: a cinematic novel by Semion VinokurAt the dawn of the deadliest era in human history, the 20th century, a mysterious man appeared on the socio-political scene carrying a stern warning for humanity and an unlikely solution to its suffering. In his writings, Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag described
Semion Vinokur1 May 2012$9.99

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Classroom Virtuoso

Classroom Virtuoso by Victor L. CahnDid you ever have a teacher you couldn't forget? Someone who helped shape your knowledge and values, and so remains an indelible part of you? For more than thirty-five years, Victor L. Cahn has been such an influential figure. As secondary school "master"at
Victor L. Cahn27 May 2012$33.99

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Work Hard. Be Nice.: How Two Inspired Teachers Created the Most Promising Schools in America

Work Hard. Be Nice.: How Two Inspired Teachers Created the Most Promising Schools in America by Jay MathewsWhen Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin signed up for Teach for America right after college and found themselves utter failures in the classroom, they vowed to remake themselves into superior educators. They did that-and more. In their early twenties, by sheer
Jay Mathews2 Jun 2012$14.95

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Running Naked Through the Streets

Running Naked Through the Streets by Caramine WhiteRunning Naked Through the Streets is an account of the year Dr. Caramine White lived in the former Communist country Slovakia, from August 2004 - May 2005. When Dr. White received a Fulbright Scholarship, she and an American literature professor from a
Caramine White10 Jun 2012$29.99

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Rocknocker: A Geologist's Memoir

Rocknocker: A Geologist's Memoir by George Devries Klein

Rocknocker: A Geologist's Memoir reviews the life of George Devries Klein, an immigrant who made it through the American System as a geologist. It chronicles his life from early childhood, graduate school, working as an oil company researcher, university

George Devries Klein20 Jul 2012$9.95

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