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Bob Cassidy

Bob Cassidy

(1949 - )

Born in Kearny, New Jersey. Professional stage mentalist, magician, speaker and author of several (e)books.

In 1978, with fellow mentalists Tony Raven, Scott Gordon, Mary Lynn, and Dian Buelmeier, co-founded the Psychic Entertainers Association (P.E.A.), which has since become mentalism's primary international professional society.

Editor of Vibrations, newsletter of the P.E.A., from 1978 - 1981, and 1984.

Performance credits include inter alia, Holland America Cruises, Hollywood's Magic Castle, network television, talk radio and Fortune 500 corporate clients throughout the United States.

Read his famous 39 Steps to Mentalism.

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The Hanussen Proof by Bob Cassidy
The Hanussen Proof

The premise of Hanussen's Proof, and Bob's search for an effective method, were inspired by an event that took place in the spring of 1930. The mentalist/psychic Eric Jan Hanussen was indicted and tried on charges of criminal fraud arising from a public
Bob Cassidy 4 Jul 2007 $25.00


The Pendulum of Fate by Bob Cassidy
The Pendulum of Fate

Everything you need to know about pendulums:
  • The Principle of Ideomotor Movement
  • Dowsing with Pendulums
  • Using the Pendulum in Mentalism
  • The Horizontal Pendulum
  • Mikame Blue
  • Flipchips
  • A Rat in the Desert
1st edition 2004, 20 pages


Bob Cassidy 5 Jun 2007 $25.00


Laboratory Conditions by Bob Cassidy
Laboratory Conditions

History – “Laboratory Conditions” - Bob's first commercial effect - was originally released in 1976 by Frank Pazel. Supplied with the effect were two pieces of plexiglas, rubber bands, some aluminum foil and a specially gimmicked pen. Except for the
Bob Cassidy 5 Jun 2007 $15.00


The Hidden Mysteries of Doctor Crow by Bob Cassidy
The Hidden Mysteries of Doctor Crow

You will learn five things:
  • The Circle of Synchronicity
  • The Vision
  • The Third Method
  • Doctor Crow’s Deck Switch
  • Doctor Crow’s Complete Reading System
1st edition 2004; 27 pages
Bob Cassidy 4 Jun 2007 $25.00


The Psychic Tarot by Bob Cassidy
The Psychic Tarot

In Appendix One of The Real Work of Cold Reading Bob included a cursory overview of a numerological system that could also be applied to the tarot or to regular playing cards. In The Psychic Tarot he has expanded on that and provided a detailed
Bob Cassidy 13 May 2007 $25.00


The Moldavian Switch by Bob Cassidy
The Moldavian Switch

Secrets of the billet king as told to the author.

Most modern mentalists were first introduced to billet technique in the pages of Theodore Annemann’s Practical Mental Effects, which describes a single-handed switch, a two-handed version, and
Bob Cassidy 25 Apr 2007 $25.00


The Universe by Bob Cassidy
The Universe

The Universe focuses upon one primary method, indexing, and several of its applications. While the effects all appear to be different from an audience’s perspective, they are, in fact, all variations upon the same methodological theme.

1st edition
Bob Cassidy 16 Apr 2007 $19.00


The Real Work of Stage Hypnosis by Bob Cassidy
The Real Work of Stage Hypnosis

This exclusive release describes in detail a complete 90 minutes mentalism/hypnosis program, and includes all of the information you will need to make it a feature presentation in your own work. Includes:
  • The Mentalism Lead in - the Hows and Whys
  • Induction
  • Routines
  • Innovative
Bob Cassidy 5 Apr 2007 $25.00


The Real Work of Cold Reading by Bob Cassidy
The Real Work of Cold Reading

Brad Henderson taught it to Dance. Kross put it Into the Deep Freeze and Herb Dewey made it Red Hot. In The Real Work of Cold Reading Cassidy makes it explosive and blows it into another dimension.

A good deal of what has been written about
Bob Cassidy 5 Apr 2007 $25.00


Fundamentals by Bob Cassidy

"I consider this my best and most favorite ebook I ever wrote." - Bob Cassidy

The foundations of mentalism. Acclaimed as "a definitive resource for all who are interested in mentalism and probably for most in magic generally." Bob's list of 39 most

Bob Cassidy 5 Apr 2007 $29.00


Bob Cassidy's Mentalism by Bob Cassidy
Bob Cassidy's Mentalism

Bob is a professional mentalist with a unique humorous style. In this limited edition ebook he shares his approach to mentalism in his 'Principia Mentalia' - a work in four parts: fire, earth, air and water. You will also find a recording of a radio talk
Bob Cassidy 9 Sep 2005 $45.00


Displaying 51 to 61 (of 61 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2 

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