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Bob Cassidy

Bob Cassidy

(1949 - )

Born in Kearny, New Jersey. Professional stage mentalist, magician, speaker and author of several (e)books.

In 1978, with fellow mentalists Tony Raven, Scott Gordon, Mary Lynn, and Dian Buelmeier, co-founded the Psychic Entertainers Association (P.E.A.), which has since become mentalism's primary international professional society.

Editor of Vibrations, newsletter of the P.E.A., from 1978 - 1981, and 1984.

Performance credits include inter alia, Holland America Cruises, Hollywood's Magic Castle, network television, talk radio and Fortune 500 corporate clients throughout the United States.

Read his famous 39 Steps to Mentalism.

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Exclusive RoutinesBob Cassidy$35.00
Scorpio's MessageBob Cassidy$35.00
The Messing EffectBob Cassidy$50.00
The Wadcutter CatchBob Cassidy$50.00
The Messenger DisksBob Cassidy$15.00
The Bottle of TruthBob Cassidy$15.00
Pseudomentally YoursBob Cassidy$25.00
Artful Mentalism: SéanceBob Cassidy &
Michael Weber
The Heathen DevicesBob Cassidy$50.00
PuzzledBob Cassidy$50.00
Unified Remote Viewing: A Fly on the WallBob Cassidy$50.00
21st Century Q&ABob Cassidy$45.00
Artful Mentalism: Three SecretsBob Cassidy &
Michael Weber
A Journey Through the 4th DimensionBob Cassidy$35.00
The Mag-Eye Move RevisitedBob Cassidy$25.00
Artful MentalismBob Cassidy &
Michael Weber
One Man Billet RoutinesBob Cassidy$25.00
The Impromptu PsychicBob Cassidy$25.00
Sleightly MentalBob Cassidy$25.00
The Invisible MirrorBob Cassidy$25.00
Mentalism and MagickBob Cassidy$25.00
Confessions of Dr. CrowBob Cassidy$25.00
Bent On StrangeBob Cassidy$25.00
Hoodoo BrewBob Cassidy$25.00
3 MiraclesBob Cassidy$25.00
Mind BurnersBob Cassidy$25.00
The Millennial MediumBob Cassidy$25.00
The Mastermind PapersBob Cassidy$25.00
Psi AppsBob Cassidy$25.00
Test ConditionsBob Cassidy$25.00
Return to the CrossroadsBob Cassidy$25.00
Mind ExplosionsBob Cassidy$25.00
Mind RazorBob Cassidy$50.00
Extremely RemoteBob Cassidy$25.00
Intuitively YoursBob Cassidy$25.00
The Book of the Golden TortoiseBob Cassidy$25.00
The RV TesterBob Cassidy$25.00
Schattenjaeger - Shadow HunterBob Cassidy$25.00
The HeresiesBob Cassidy$25.00
Dreams and DevicesBob Cassidy$25.00
The Dart ShootBob Cassidy$25.00
Crossroads CrosswordsBob Cassidy$25.00
The Art of Mentalism 3Bob Cassidy$25.00
The Black Book of MentalismBob Cassidy$25.00
Working ItBob Cassidy$25.00
Triple EdgeBob Cassidy$25.00
Side EffectsBob Cassidy$15.00
Staging ItBob Cassidy$25.00
Swami TechBob Cassidy$25.00
Psychic SecretsBob Cassidy$25.00
Displaying 1 to 50 (of 61 products) Pages:  1  2  > 
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