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Burling Hull

Burling Hull

(9th September 1889 - 19th November 1982)

Born in Brookly, New York City. Inspired by and learned in 1893 at age 4 when invented first trick. Pro since 1907 or 1908 when he began his life-long career as a mail-order magic dealer, initially under own name. Soon turned to teaching and writing booklets on specialized subjects in magic. His first was the 93-page Expert Billiard Ball Magic (1910), an instant success and also the first step-by-step photo-illustrated how-to magic book. Subsequently a prolific author. Invented Svengali Deck (1909), Menetekel Deck (1910), and probably the Floating Lightbulb (by 1931). Retired in Florida. Although an important figure in magic, his often outrageous claims and many empty promises led him to be widely known as 'Hurling Bull'.

Used many pseudonyms, including 'Clif Westfield' (in 1907), 'The White Wizard' (1912-18), 'Gilbert Galt' (pen name of novelettes in pulp magazines c1916), 'Gilbert Gault' (as pretend editor in 1930s), 'Sylvester Walters' (as pretend editor of Sealed Mysteries), 'Volta' (stage name since 1932), 'Lou Hall' (his pretend agent in 1950s), and 'Gid Dayn' (1959-61, his coy rendering of 'God Damn').

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33 Rope Ties and Chain Escapes

Burling Hull

33 Rope Ties and Chain Escapes by Burling HullThe art of rope tying and methods of obtaining releases from ropes, chains and shackles. New cut and restored rope effects including a number of original ties and releases.
  • Houdini Did Not Steal This Book!
  • Introduction
  • Special Instructions For Beginners Suggestion As To Arrangement And Application
  • Handling Committee
  • Rope Tying And Release Methods
    • The Mysterious Knots
    • The Kellar Tie
    • The Improved Kellar Tie
    • The Figure 8 Tie
    • The Mysterious Tie
    • B. H. Strangle Rope Tie
    • Important Points
    • "New Spirit Tape Tie"
    • The Twentieth Century Tie
    • B. H. Triumph Tie
    • The Ten Ichi Thumb Tie
    • The Excelsior...
2015 / 9 / 3

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The G-d D--n Truth About Magic

Burling Hull

The G-d D--n Truth About Magic by Burling HullThis magazine, consisting of 9 issues, was primarily Burling Hull's way to attack and undermine mentalist and dealer Robert Nelson of Columbus, Ohio. Burling Hull was known for his short fuse. He took issue with Robert Nelson criticizing him. Hull's revenge was to start this magazine and attack Nelson.

Hull would later sell reprints of Nelson's manuscripts, to whoever would buy them, for a fraction of what Nelson had been charging. This and other antics, got Hull booted out of the Magic Dealers Association.

1st edition 1959, 38 pages.

2013 / 7 / 25

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Sealed Mysteries

Burling Hull

Sealed Mysteries by Burling HullThis is one of the earliest publications which has Burling Hull's Svengali deck described. Hull called it originally the "Cards Mysterious". Even in this early publication he complains about unauthorized copies being sold by unscrupulous dealers. A hundred years later and nothing has changed. We still have magic retailers and manufacturers producing and selling illegal and unauthorized copies of magic products.

One thing has changed though over the last 100 years - the use of Bicycle cards. Hull writes:

One of the objections to the trick is that the design of the backs are that of Bicycle...
2011 / 4 / 17

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The Volta System

Burling Hull

The Volta System by Burling HullThe Volta System For The Feat Of Reading Sealed Messages ... says it all! Burling Hull’s personal verbosity shows up in this 16 page booklet of "the latest advances for the reading of sealed messages." In 1929, when this was released, it was the final word in sealed message reading. Today, it still ranks at the top of any list of secrets of this kind.

It covers: impromptu work with borrowed stationary; the first practical solution of what was once considered an impossible feat; the ability of this "Power" to always be available to the performer

These words from Burling Hull were used...

2005 / 9 / 10

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