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Carole L. Usher

My name is Carole L Usher, and I live in Griffin GA. I grew up in Jackson GA, which is my home town. I have been with my husband Robin Usher since 1987. We were married in 1988, and we had our daughter Riva Shantell Usher. Our son, Robin DeNelson Usher, was born in 1989. I have three sisters, Lisa, Mary, and Joyce. I have been writing since the fifth grade. I use to write on anything I could find. My poems talk about life issues, and love. No matter how hard life gets, you always have to move forward. If you dream it, you can achieve it. My mom told me to keep writing my poems. My mom died in 2011, on her 67 birthday. I hope that you will find something in my poetry, that can make you think about life. We may not know where the roads in our life will take us, but we have to keep moving forward. In my first book Poems for Any Song Bird to Sing, my first poem is A Sister's Love, and it talks about the love I have for my sisters. No matter what problems we may have, our love for each other bonds us together forever. My poems deal with issues we all think about. But a lot of times we don't talk about them. And there is also a poem called Stop The Hurt and it tells of a friend who sees all of the bruised places on her friend. And she tells her that no matter how much make up she use to cover the bruises on her face, she can still see her pain. And if she does not start to love herself more than that man, the day may come when he hurts her so bad that no one will be there to save her. The message is, that she should try loving herself. She has to take it upon herself to Stop The Hurt. I want anyone who reads my poetry to find a message within each one. I know love can conquer hate. And I give God all the glory. Poems for Any Song Bird to Sing, deals with life issues. I want my poetry to inspire. And I hope that you will share my poetry with your family and friends.
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