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Dale A. Hildebrandt

Dale A. Hildebrandt

Dale has been described as a magician, a mentalist, a bizarrist, a weerdist, and a madman. His writing will get you to think. Besides his own books and ebooks he has also contributed to a variety of publications (electronic and print) including "Online-Visions", "Half Baked", "Streams Of William James", and "Mind Over Magic".

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A Nite of Dumb Poker

A Nite of Dumb Poker by Dale A. Hildebrandt
"A Nite Of Dumb Poker is full of excellent stuff, with some twists "Hildebrandt style" and it is a refreshing and interesting read for people who love playing cards and for people who don't!" - Paolo Cavalli
Here is what you will find in A Nite Of Dumb Poker:

Section One: Linked Routines. These are eight generic routines that are routined for maximum impact. I've added a couple twists to a couple of the effects, but the important lesson with Section One is one on routining. You will see a natural progression from one routine to the next. These routines are things which are considered...

Dale A. Hildebrandt28 Aug 2015$10.00

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A Quiet Corner

A Quiet Corner by Dale A. HildebrandtA Quiet Corner was originally published in Nathan Spark’s ebook Tattoo and reprinted in Heavily Haunted: Second Edition. Here is what Don Theo III had to say about A Quiet Corner:
"Subtitled "Various Tips, Techniques, Pieces and Parts." Prepare yourself before diving into this entry. This is a walk on the wild side, led by the delicious madness that is Dale Hildebrandt. Dale goes really deep with this, and it's obvious he really put forth a lot of time and effort. Since first reading his work, I have always wanted to attend a lecture by Dale just for the pure experience. This is about as close as it gets without having him right...
Dale A. Hildebrandt29 Aug 2015$5.00

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An Offering

An Offering by Dale A. HildebrandtIt's Not Just A Rock: A rock becomes something more...

This takes "One Hotter Coin" and "Energy Hand" and puts them on steroids. Perfect for one-on-one demonstrations; you'll get a rock to heat up, cool down, throb around, and finally make an everlasting change - in both the rock and the participant. And you don't switch rocks for the change. This is all part of "ONE HOTTEST COIN" and you'll absolutely love these presentations.

Sally Sells Seashells: A walk along the beach...

An enchantress, a walk along the beach, and some elemental magic all combine for a fun situational routine....

Dale A. Hildebrandt9 May 2015$35.00

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Bits and Bytes

Bits and Bytes by Dale A. HildebrandtA collection of 36 ideas and variations. Some are descriptions of substantial routines, others are merely an initial spark of an idea. Dale started this manuscript with a few variations on some work sent by Liam Montier. It continued to grow including variations of tricks Dale found in other ebooks and books.

In "Bits and Bytes", you'll learn:

D. D. Home PC: Prove the presence of the spirit of D. D. Home on a friend's borrowed laptop.

Mind Over Mint: A three phase bending routine using a tin of mints.

Tossed Out Wallet Ploy: Apparently give away $26 while keeping your trusty,...
Dale A. Hildebrandt1 Jan 2007$7.77

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Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee! by Dale A. HildebrandtCoffee, Coffee, Coffee! is a small collection of routines and effects from the published works of Dale A. Hildebrandt. From the eBook Triceratops comes "Baking Soda and Vinegar", an Oil and Water-themed effect; as well as "Devilish Plus"; which includes multiple ways to handle "Devilish" from the eBook Risk & Reward along with comments from Caleb Strange on how to get the most out of the method. Also along with Caleb Strange comes an interesting effect titled "Dogtagged" originally published in Cereal Is Good eBook; as well as being collected in The First Five eBook. "Dogtagged" is a perfect opener for the bizarrist or mentalist...
Dale A. Hildebrandt14 Apr 2015$8.99

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Dale's Little Red and Silver Book

Dale's Little Red and Silver Book by Dale A. HildebrandtNotice: If you have Pre-Ordered Sacred Tricks, then you will be receiving this ebook in your email.

Notice: If you are a subscriber to the What Do You Expect For A Dollar? Series, you will also be receiving this ebook in your email.

WARNING!!! PLEASE NOTE: The author, publisher, editor, and/or seller of this ebook and anyone else connected to this ebook in any way, shape, or manner, shall not be responsible for your use or misuse of the information in this manuscript.. This leaves YOU as the sole person responsible for your use or misuse of this information.

Warning: Many magicians...

Dale A. Hildebrandt25 Mar 2013$189.03

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Eight Exercises Plus

Eight Exercises Plus by Dale A. HildebrandtIn this manuscript, you will find the first volume of Eight Exercises. Plus you will also find the beginnings of The Compleat Fingertips Extended. Open this ebook and let the strangeness commence.

Here is what people are saying about Eight Exercises Plus:

"Faaaaaaaaaaaar too cheap, and an absolute tonic for any free-thinking psychic entertainer...I shall be exercising my mind via your writing yet again..." - Iain Dunford

"Dale has put together many thought provoking ideas that deal with readings and hypnosis. I'm sure many will get a lot of useful ideas and presentations from this book....

Dale A. Hildebrandt26 Mar 2012$8.00

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Eulogy: Issue 1

Eulogy: Issue 1 by Dale A. HildebrandtWith contributions from Dale A. Hildebrandt, Luca Volpe, Ken Muller, and Andreu the annual e-journal "Eulogy" is sure to intrigue, please, and delight. Of particular interest to those who love readings will be Luca Volpe's contribution. "Trumped" by Dale A. Hildebrandt provides a piece you might be able to use during the current (2016) election proceedings in the USA. There are other pieces, some amusing, some serious, and some theory that will help you further your magic.
  • THE...
Dale A. Hildebrandt25 Feb 2016$55.00

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Hand Bluffs and More Stuff

Hand Bluffs and More Stuff by Dale A. HildebrandtWarning: The author, publisher, editor, seller, and/or anyone else connected to this ebook in any way, shape, manner, or form, shall not be responsible for your use or misuse of the information in this ebook! This leaves you, and only you, as the sole person responsible for your use or misuse of the material in this ebook! You agree to check local laws, and to obey said laws at all times--before implementing this material! This ebook is not intended as medical advice or as hypnotherapy advice! This ebook is only for informational and entertainment purposes! This ebook is not for the faint of...
Dale A. Hildebrandt18 Nov 2011$150.00

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Heavily Haunted: Second Edition

Heavily Haunted: Second Edition by Dale A. HildebrandtNOTE: The Second Edition IS NOT a limited edition!

What People Are Saying About The Second Edition:

"Your book is fascinating and the premise is great. I would recommend your material to anyone who really wants to add strong presentation to their arsenal. This is what I have always thought of as thinking man's magic. Excellent!! Bravo!!" - Ed Solomon

"What Docc Hilford did for the Ball & Tube Dale Hildebrandt & Co. have done to the Haunted Key. This is a MUST HAVE guide for anyone that enjoys this classic PK routine." - Craig Browning

What People Said About The First Edition:
"This is one...
Dale A. Hildebrandt7 Jul 2010$25.00

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Hildebrandt on Lifetime Digital Subscription

Hildebrandt on Lifetime Digital Subscription by Dale A. HildebrandtThis is on sale for $400 (was $1250) until February 1, 2016.

This is a lifetime subscription to all of Dale A. Hildebrandt's past and future ebooks and videos and whatever he plans to release in digital form.

Dale A. Hildebrandt10 Oct 2015$400.00

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Hildebrandt on Package Deal

Hildebrandt on Package Deal by Dale A. HildebrandtThis package deal includes all ebooks Dale has currently listed on
Dale A. Hildebrandt10 Oct 2015$250.00

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Hypnohole and Other Absurdities

Hypnohole and Other Absurdities by Dale A. HildebrandtMany have discovered Dale Hildebrandt as a thinker like no other. His creations are unique, weird, absurd, surreal and lead to extremely strong effects. He writes in his introduction:

Hello, my name is Dale A. Hildebrandt and I’m addicted to weird magic. I like to invent magic that is absurd, strange, and surreal. There’s nothing better than creating an effect or routine that makes people stop and think. Then there’s the effect that astonishes them into silence. And we can’t forget about the effects which make them wonder just how pliable the world is in the hands of those who can...
Dale A. Hildebrandt8 Jun 2006$30.00

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Lucky 13

Lucky 13 by Dale A. HildebrandtFrom the twisted mind of Dale A. Hildebrandt comes a collection of 13 items for your perusal.

1st edition 2015, 27 pages.

Dale A. Hildebrandt10 Mar 2015$13.00

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Lunarcy by Dale A. HildebrandtWARNING!
The author, publisher, editor, and/or seller of this ebook and anyone else connected to this ebook in any way, shape, or manner, shall not be responsible for your use or misuse of the information in Lunarcy. This leaves you as the sole person responsible for your use or misuse of this information.
  • Control Minds
  • Control Skies
  • Dominate the World - If you dare!
"Dale Hildebrandt has produced a real gem with 'Lunarcy.' His ideas are outside the box, solid, workable and well worth your serious attention. I particularly enjoyed his work on the Cube and "Alien Amazement." This...
Dale A. Hildebrandt24 Feb 2008$50.00

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Negative Arm

Negative Arm by Dale A. Hildebrandt
  • Impromptu
  • No reset to worry about
  • Can be repeated over and over with different people in the same venue
  • 75% to 80% success rate
  • An "out" that is just as spectacular for when this doesn't hit
  • Let's see yer palm ... yet another out
  • Both serious and funny presentations
  • Not another card or coin trick
  • Plus a bonus effect: break/knife: my switchless bill change (only taught in the PDF)
The amazement comes when the lady or gentlman you have just done the secret ritual to cannot then reach the doorframe. Their arm literally shrinks. The arm can no longer reach the doorframe; the doorframe...
Dale A. Hildebrandt31 Mar 2015$2.95

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New Other Stuff 1

New Other Stuff 1 by Dale A. HildebrandtHow would you like to sit down with TC Tahoe and learn some of his favorite creations? Well, now you can do the next best thing by reading this One Man Issue dedicated to the works of TC!

The New Other Stuff is a reincarnation of the old journal Other Stuff. No playing cards are allowed; meaning that this journal stands out in terms of creativity, originality, and things-to-do without playing cards. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the wide range of magic TC Tahoe shares. Dust off your Prayer Vase, Colour Vision, and Haunted Key, among other items, because TC takes us on a wild ride that breathes new life into...

Dale A. Hildebrandt13 Mar 2015$10.00

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Other Stuff 1

Other Stuff 1 by Dale A. Hildebrandt"Other Stuff" is an e-journal edited by Dale with the motto "No Playing Cards Allowed". Issue One is a One Man Issue featuring the work of Caleb Strange.

There is an amazing maze effect, a sensational chair routine, a trick with your television, and much more.

1st edition 2005; 40 pages.

  1. Welcome to Other Stuff
  2. Caleb Strange One Man Issue Introduction – Dale A. Hildebrandt
  3. Regarding Caleb Strange - autobiography
  4. The Lost Mazes of Britain – The performer guides a spectator through his selected maze
    1. Penetralis – The Lost Mazes of Britain in close-up
    2. The 5 minute labyrinthine...
Dale A. Hildebrandt25 Jan 2006$10.00

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Other Stuff 2

Other Stuff 2 by Dale A. HildebrandtIssue Two of "Other Stuff" is a One Man Issue featuring The Light And Dark Side of Liam Montier!

A freely chosen CD plays a track that's not even on the CD in the effect "Sounds"! Perform an amazing feat of Bizarre Magick using a cell phone with the routine "The Joy of Text"! Let a group of spectators play a game based on the reality TV show "Big Brother"! And much more, in this exciting issue by Liam Montier.

1st edition 2005; 49 pages

  1. Letter from the Editor – Dale A. Hildebrandt
  2. The Light and Dark Side of Liam Montier
    • Introduction
  3. Fun Stuff
    1. Phone Numbers – a...
Dale A. Hildebrandt25 Jan 2006$10.00

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Other Stuff 3

Other Stuff 3 by Dale A. HildebrandtThis third issue of "Other Stuff" contains The Hildebrandt Experience: The Weird Works of Dale A. Hildebrandt. From stories in search of an effect (such as Greek Sneezes) to fully blown routines such as the coin trick "At Your Service", you are sure to find something to inspire you to greater heights.

The issue starts off with Greek Sneezes--a story in search of an effect. Also contained are:

Ear of Van Gogh: This mysterious replica of Van Gogh's ear finds the correct painting.

Super Serial Silliness: A slight spin on the serial number revelation.

New Age Bandage: Magic with symbols. ...

Dale A. Hildebrandt24 May 2006$10.00

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