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Dave Forrest

Dave Forrest

Late to discover close-up magic, David first became interested in the art at around 18 years of age. During one of many quests to give up smoking David thought he may have a better chance of kicking the habit if he could occupy his mind and give his hands something to do at the same time. Always having had a passing interest in card tricks, David went to a book shop and purchased Great Card Tricks by Bob Longe. David did manage to stop smoking (briefly!) but also inadvertently gained a far more expensive habit in card magic!

After the inevitable ‘pub gigs’ some real opportunities began to rear their head and soon, in between his real day job as a Graphic Designer, David’s evening’s were mostly spent trying to convince drunks to watch card tricks in return for a miserably poor monetary sum. After being made redundant and staring the prospect of trying to find gainful employment in the face, David boldly announced to his loved ones that he was going to have a go at being a professional magician. It was obvious to David at the time that to the loved ones in question, this was equivalent to announcing that he had decided to become a circus clown! And, unfortunately, they weren’t too far off the mark!

Soon after, David sold the rights to some packet tricks before independently releasing his Card Through Window effect – ‘CTW’. The effect was very well received and its success led to the birth of David’s magic publication business Full 52 Productions. Full 52 continues to thrive to this day and is so far surviving the battle between the written word and DVD! Being something of a neutral in the argument of which is better and seeking to basically hedge his bets, David formed Big Blind Media with Owen Packard late last year after collaboration on David’s acclaimed ‘Trickery’ DVD.

David currently lives in Berkshire with his wife Jo and his cat Buddy.

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