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    We Are Not Alone: A Teenage Boy's Personal Account of Child Sexual Abuse from Disclosure Through Prosecution and Treat by Jade Christine Angelica    Social Work and Child Sexual Abuse by David A. Shore & Jon Conte    Healing the Wounded Heart: The Heartache of Sexual Abuse and the Hope of Transformation by Dan B. Allender    Unveiling the Silent Cries by Sherry B. Moss    Bullied & Shadowed Abuse by Zorina Payne Jacobsen    Horrific Traumata: A Pastoral Response to the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by William M. Clements & Norma J. R Sinclair    Gay Men and Childhood Sexual Trauma: Integrating the Shattered Self by James Cassese    After Yesterday by A. Art deJong    Recovery to Rebound: A Walk in My Ragged Torn Shoes by Gale Blake    Entangled 1: Caught Between Choices by Jen Romnes    A Time To Speak Out: The Bible, The Church, And Victims Of Domestic Violence And Abuse by Windsor Queensborough    Women Who Love Psychopaths (E-Book): Inside the Relationships of Inevitable Harm With Psychopaths, Sociopaths & Narcissists by Sandra L. Brown MA    In My Tracks: a memoir by Rhonda Rieck-Rush    Preventing Child Sexual Abuse In Youth-Serving Organizations by Norman D. Bates & Christine Army MA    Tangled Web by Cecielia A. Wilson    A Voice in the Tide: How I Spoke My Truth in the Undertow of Denial and Self-Blame by Nancy Shappell    Risk in Child Protection: Assessment Challenges and Frameworks for Practice by Martin C. Calder & Julie Archer    Spanking Is a Global Phenomenon by Fenold Alexis    Perspectives on College Sexual Assault: Perpetrator, Victim, and Bystander by Dr. Roland Maiuro PhD    Too Much Heaven: Volume 3: The DeLaine Reynolds Journey by Sadonna Rogers    Perspectives on Verbal and Psychological Abuse by Dr. Roland Maiuro PhD    Everything Is Fine Until It Isn't by Lisa Kartus    Dear Sister: Letters From Survivors of Sexual Violence by Lisa Factora-Borchers    Brian's Story by Iris D. Lynch    Unholy Communion by LaQuisha Hall    Loves Me Not: How to Keep Relationships Safe by William J. O'Brien & Lesley Elliott    Healing Traumatized Children: Navigating Recovery for Children with Turbulent Pasts by Faye L. Hall & Jeff L. Merkert & John A. Biever    Secrets in Big Sky Country: A Memoir by Mandy Smith    Domestic Violence and Protecting Children: New Thinking and Approaches by Cathy Humphreys    Nevermore by Cade Soleil    Practical Guide to Child Protection: The Challenges, Pitfalls and Practical Solutions by Joanna Nicolas    Challenging Child Protection: New Directions in Safeguarding Children by Lorraine Waterhouse    Domestic Violence Screening and Intervention in Medical and Mental Healthcare Settings by Mary Beth Phelan MD & L. Kevin Hamberger PhD    Becoming a Well Woman by Catherine Fendig    Tell Mommy or Daddy or Somebody: Someone Will Listen by Kathy Jardine & Ashley MacCallum    That Bitch: Protect Yourself Against Women with Malicious Intent by Roy Sheppard & Mary T. Cleary    Sane Enough: Recovery From a Mother's Sexual Abuse by Linda A. Day    Mummy's Little Angels: A mother's agonising story of losing her sons to a murderous father by Denise Williams    Stopping rape: Towards a comprehensive policy by Sylvia Walby & Philippa Olive    Breaking My Silence Surviving and healing myself after years of secrecy, shame, and abuse by Maya Hope Kitwana    Moving Forward: Volume 2 by Smith Jackie PhD    Nobody Will Believe You: A Story of Unbreakable Courage by Mary Manning & Nicola Pierce    Psychopath Free (Expanded Edition): Recovering from Emotionally Abusive Relationships With Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Other To by Jackson MacKenzie    Justine: The Speaker Series by Angela Mayah Solstice    Facing Shame: Families in Recovery by Merle A. Fossum & Marilyn J. Mason    Recovering From Rape by Linda E. Ledray    Bleeding Hearts by Scott Hay    Rollins of Stone House by J. L. Skirvin    Tortured: Abused and neglected by Britain's most sadistic mum. This is my story of survival. by Victoria Spry    Intercession by Kathleen Collins

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Moving Forward: Volume 2

Moving Forward: Volume 2 by Smith Jackie PhDThis charming story tells the tale of a little heart that struggles to find where he belongs. He wants more than anything to fit in, but his appearance scares the other hearts in Heartland. The story of how he searches for and finds acceptance will delight readers of all ages while teaching the valuable lesson of how accepting hearts ?"of all shapes and sizes?" brightens our own. Like the best stories, the Loneliest Little Heart teaches the valuable lesson of tolerance while taking the reader on a wonderful journe
Smith Jackie PhD27 Aug 2015$15.99

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Nobody Will Believe You: A Story of Unbreakable Courage

Nobody Will Believe You: A Story of Unbreakable Courage by Mary Manning & Nicola Pierce‘Over and over again he warned me he would kill me if I told anyone. I was completely isolated. He made sure of that.'

Mary was ten years old when she first met her stepfather, Sean McDarby. From the very beginning he seemed to pay her special attention; his praise and compliments quickly won her trust. Then he started touching her in ways she didn't like. When she was twelve, he raped her.

The next twenty years were filled with harrowing abuse as McDarby continued to rape Mary, leading to the birth of five of her children. Finally, after years of abuse – years when justice was denied at every...

Mary Manning &
Nicola Pierce
23 Aug 2015$13.11

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Psychopath Free (Expanded Edition): Recovering from Emotionally Abusive Relationships With Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Other To

Psychopath Free (Expanded Edition): Recovering from Emotionally Abusive Relationships With Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Other To by Jackson MacKenzie

Have you ever been in a relationship with a psychopath? Chances are, even if you did, you would never know it. Psychopaths are cunning charmers and master manipulators, to the point where you start to accept the most extreme behaviors as normal…

Even if it hurts you.

All around us, every single day, human beings devoid of empathy are wreaking havoc and destroying lives in the coldest, most heartless ways imaginable. In constant pursuit of money, sex, influence, or simple entertainment, psychopaths will do whatever it takes to gain power over others. They hide behind a veil of normalcy,...

Jackson MacKenzie21 Aug 2015$16.00

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Justine: The Speaker Series

Justine: The Speaker Series by Angela Mayah SolsticeJustine is a single mom on the run from her abusive husband who is a CPD cop. After 6 months of intensive one-on-one therapy and living in a Chicago suburb under 24-hour protection at a domestic violence safe house, she's finally beginning to feel a sense of hope for her future. Hear Justine's story of strength, courage, and an unshakeable faith in her Higher Power.
Angela Mayah Solstice15 Aug 2015$1.00

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Facing Shame: Families in Recovery

Facing Shame: Families in Recovery by Merle A. Fossum & Marilyn J. Mason

"This book will be helpful to all practitioners of psychological services and to all persons who wish to understand their dilemnas better." —Virginia M. Satir

Families that return for treatment time and again often have problems that seem unrelated—such as compulsive, addictive, or abusive behaviors—but that are linked by an underlying process of shame. Comparing the shame-bound family system with the respectful family system, Fossum and Mason outline the assumptions underlying their depth approach to family therapy and take the reader step by step through the stages of therapy. Case examples...
Merle A. Fossum &
Marilyn J. Mason
14 Aug 2015$17.95

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Recovering From Rape

Recovering From Rape by Linda E. LedrayPractical advice on overcoming the trauma and coping with police, hospitals, and the courts - for the survivors of sexual assault and their families, lovers, and friends.
Linda E. Ledray13 Aug 2015$17.99

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Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Hearts by Scott HayLooking forward to an unexpected afternoon off, a cheerful, eighteen-year-old Scott Hay comes home early to find his mother frantic because his father is missing. Beginning with that moment, Scott's world undergoes such a violent alteration that it will take him years to regain his footing. As events swirl chaotically around him, he's astonished to discover that he's become one of two suspects in his father's disappearance...and what he learns next will forever alter his perception of the meaning of love. A dark, revelatory, and ultimately inspiring chronicle of deeply buried secrets, family...
Scott Hay11 Aug 2015$4.99

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Rollins of Stone House

Rollins of Stone House by J. L. SkirvinPolice are called to a dark home when neighbors spot an abandoned naked child banging his fists against the windowpane during a thunderstorm's lightning flash. The child known simply as Rollins by way of the police report is delivered to the stone fortress that is Holy Father's House of Lambs Found where he is settled into the shelter of young Sister Elizabeth's arms. The chief of police tries to reassure Monsignor Philippe the child's stay is only for the night until its parents are found and charged with child endangerment but Monsignor knows that closer to the truth is Rollins' stay will...
J. L. Skirvin11 Aug 2015$6.99

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Tortured: Abused and neglected by Britain's most sadistic mum. This is my story of survival.

Tortured: Abused and neglected by Britain's most sadistic mum. This is my story of survival. by Victoria SpryAs a child, Victoria Spry was brutally beaten, neglected and starved by the woman she called Mummy. To the outside world Eunice Spry was a devoted parent, but behind closed doors she was an evil tyrant. Instead of protecting, loving and caring for Victoria, she forced bleach and urine down her throat, knocked out her teeth, tied her up naked and made her live in squalor. It took eighteen years of heartache and despair before she found the courage to expose her mum. Tortured is Victoria's gripping story of survival.
Victoria Spry3 Aug 2015$11.18

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Intercession by Kathleen Collins"Not for the faint-hearted."- Daniel Kenyon, author of The Savage Heart of Palermo. Bludgeoning him to death, a man who was abused by his priest returns and then sets out on a rampage with sharpened crucifixes righting the wrongs on behalf of other child victims who were sexually assaulted by their coach, Boy Scout leader, or other religious figure. A race through the streets of The Bronx, a swoop through the Magdalene Laundries in Ireland, into the Hasidic Jewish community, that then leads to the doorstep of the Vatican has a team of police, one with his own distressing past, secretly rooting...
Kathleen Collins2 Aug 2015$12.95

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Shh Don't Tell: Journey of Survivors

Shh Don't Tell: Journey of Survivors by Joy T. J. RileyPain, rejection, shame, unworthiness, betrayal, and anger often fill the veins and pump through the hearts of all survivors of molestation and sexual abuse. It is often through self-medication and/or self-destruction that one attempts to drown out these hurtful feelings.

Ultimately these coping mechanisms further the downward spiral that already exists. Without the Lord and without faith, letting go is like holding your breath in the middle of the ocean. Eventually, the water fills your lungs, and slowly but surely you sink to the bottom of the ocean floor with no hope of dry land in sight....

Joy T. J. Riley21 Jul 2015$9.99

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Stop Domestic Violence

Stop Domestic Violence by Louis Brown & Merritt McKeon & Fran?ois Duau

Thanks to the Simpson case, domestic violence is no longer a dirty little secret. It remains, however, a devastating problem, and even more, a deadly killer. What is the answer? In 1994, Lou Brown, father of Nicole Brown Simpson, gave us one solution by establishing a foundation in his daughter's name that provides urgently needed funding to battered women's shelters across the country. Now he goes a step further, and with the help of a like-minded pastor and a legal activist who has been battered, offers hope and practical strategies for combating domestic violence. In a book whose first half...

Louis Brown &
Merritt McKeon &
Fran?ois Duau
1 Jun 2015$19.99

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Protecting Your Children From Sexual Predators

Protecting Your Children From Sexual Predators by Leigh BakerPredators are everywhere and they can strike at any time-- and they come in all shapes and sizes. More than 1.2 million families will report child sexual abuse by the end of this year. Research suggests that many hundreds of thousands more boys and girls from all backgrounds and of all ages may experience abuse that is not reported. To keep your family from becoming part of these frightening statistics, you must read this invaluable book.

Protecting Your Children from Sexual Predators details everything you need to know and everything you need to do to keep your child safe. You will learn how...

Leigh Baker10 May 2015$8.99

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Crazy Love

Crazy Love by Leslie Morgan Steiner

At 22, Leslie Morgan Steiner seemed to have it all: a Harvard diploma, a glamorous job at Seventeen magazine, a downtown New York City apartment. Plus a handsome, funny, street-smart boyfriend who adored her. But behind her fa?ade of success, this golden girl hid a dark secret. She'd made a mistake shared by millions: she fell in love with the wrong person.

At first Leslie and Conor seemed as perfect together as their fairy-tale wedding. Then came the fights she tried to ignore: he pushed her down the stairs of the house they bought together, poured coffee grinds over her hair as she dressed...

Leslie Morgan Steiner8 May 2015$6.99

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Early Winter & The Hope of Spring: A True Story of the Grace Of God in the Midst of Extraordinary Pain

Early Winter & The Hope of Spring: A True Story of the Grace Of God in the Midst of Extraordinary Pain by Kathleen MosbyJust when you think things are back on track, a bomb goes off and destroys everything in sight. But with God on my side I always have the strength to carry on. As the saying goes "what does not kill you makes you stronger". I guess that makes me a really strong person. I have kept the faith and stayed true to my goals with the help of the Lord. Thank God I am still here standing strong.
Kathleen Mosby4 May 2015$10.99

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Not My Secret to Keep: A Memoir of Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse

Not My Secret to Keep: A Memoir of Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse by Digene Farrar & Hurn CynthiaDIGENE FARRAR was in New York City, launching the modeling career she'd always dreamed of. The morning of September 11, 2001, she was two blocks away when the first jet crashed into the World Trade Center. Her instincts as a registered nurse led her to the scene to help, and she was there when the second jet hit. In a blink, trauma reactivated the secret trauma buried deep...of childhood sexual abuse. "Not My Secret to Keep" is a stirring step-by-step account of self discovery, healing, and transformation. You observe up close how she suffered from PTSD and dealt with physical and emotional...
Digene Farrar &
Hurn Cynthia
21 Apr 2015$8.99

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Out of Harm's Way: A Parent's Guide to Protecting Young Children from Sexual Abuse

Out of Harm's Way: A Parent's Guide to Protecting Young Children from Sexual Abuse by Sandy K. Wurtele

This frank study authoritatively and objectively examines the heinous crime of child sexual abuse, explaining how, far from being the stereotypical "dirty old man" or pedophile, many child molesters aren't so easy to detect. Without resorting to scare tactics or jargon, abuse prevention expert Sandy Wurtele describes how community members and extended family members might groom a child for abuse, gradually increasing the inappropriateness of physical contact. The straightforward information provided in this book will help parents increase their awareness of such grooming and discuss it with...

Sandy K. Wurtele31 Mar 2015$7.99

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Evelyn: The Speaker Series

Evelyn: The Speaker Series by Angela Mayah SolsticeEvelyn is a divorced 24-year-old Dominican hairdresser from Queens struggling with the events that led to the break up of her family. Now a single mother to her 6-year-old son, she is chosen as the guest speaker from her local support group for young mothers. Hear Evelyn's story of heartbreak, betrayal, and finding her unexpected Higher Power.
Angela Mayah Solstice24 Mar 2015$1.00

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Innocence Broken

Innocence Broken by C. ReneaInnocence Broken sheds light on a issue that is common but not easily talked about or brought up as an important issue. Innocence Broken speaks words for victims all men, women, young adults, adolescents, teens, and toddlers who have experienced or is experiencing physical, mental, verbal, emotional abuse and neglect. All victims feel as though no one will or can understand them so they conceal their problems and pain. Innocence Broken didn't invent abuse and neglect, Innocence Broken just gave a voice to all the victims of abuse and neglect. Innocence Broken provides a guide for readers to...
C. Renea19 Mar 2015$10.00

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Catie the Caterpillar: A Story to Help Break the Silence of Sexual Abuse

Catie the Caterpillar: A Story to Help Break the Silence of Sexual Abuse by Schamburg Tracy M.Catie the Caterpillar's simple, straightforward language and colorful illustrations realistically portray the scenario of child abuse, integrating the lines typically used by perpetrators and the guilt feelings and withdrawal of the victim into a story that demonstrates the need to express rather than suppress feelings.
Talking about abuse is only the first step to recovery, so Catie's story is followed by discussion questions to further facilitate the therapeutic process and bring to life God's real and constant love for us all.
Author Tracy Schamburg Interviewed on KMOX Radio
Click to listen...
Schamburg Tracy M.18 Mar 2015$6.95

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