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9500 Riggs Road

Donna Riley

9500 Riggs Road by Donna RileyAlbert very much a true hillbilly who comes off suave and cool, from the Shenandoah Valley, watches Lucy as she catches the bus to and from work. Lucy herself is a beautiful woman that has never been away from home. Albert convinces Lucy one evening, to let him take her home in his cab, free of charge. Lucy, lacking any social skills except from what she has learned from her backwoods parents, quickly falls for Albert. Lucy becomes pregnant, and Albert takes a job as a caretaker in the middle of a large cemetery outside of DC, where a house is provided for his family. Now, three daughter's later,...
2014 / 9 / 26

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A Better Yesterday

Roger Kiser

A Better Yesterday by Roger Kiser

After years of allowing the lies and abuse he suffered as a child define his past and cloud his future, Roger Dean Kiser author of The Whitehouse Boys: An American Tragedy decided to find a way to make sense of a childhood replete with verbal, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse before it was too late. In his new book A Better Tomorrow, Kiser revisits his past and makes a conscious choice to focus on the kindness and happiness he experienced throughout his life.

Sharing his heartfelt memories of kind people, loving animals, and comforting events, Kiser affirms the benevolence of the human spirit...

2012 / 4 / 16

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A Letter to My Son

Kim S.

A Letter to My Son by Kim S.A Letter to My Son copyright © 2004, 2009 by Kim S. All rights reserved. A few people have asked me, "Is this book an autobiography? It sure sounds like you." The answer to that question is: "Yes and no." A Letter to My Son is based on some of my life experiences; but, many of the characters inside are fictional, and some of the story ideas were sparked by nothing more than a telephone conversation. In retrospect, this book is more a reflection of my mindset, at that time, than my whole reality. I saw myself as a victim in life, stemming from a family tragedy that occurred when I was a teenager;...
2010 / 6 / 13

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A Line in the Sand

Guillermo Verdecchia

A Line in the Sand by Guillermo VerdecchiaIn 1990, during Operation Desert Storm, a troubled Canadian soldier and a teenage Palestinian black-marketeer meet in the Qatari desert.
2016 / 4 / 26

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A Man's Recovery from Traumatic Childhood Abuse: The Insiders

Robert Blackburn Knight & Mark Falstein

A Man's Recovery from Traumatic Childhood Abuse: The Insiders by Robert Blackburn Knight & Mark FalsteinFirst published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
2014 / 2 / 27

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A Practitioners' Tool for the Assessment of Adults who Sexually Abuse Children

Jeff Fowler

A Practitioners' Tool for the Assessment of Adults who Sexually Abuse Children by Jeff FowlerThis book is a practical tool for the assessment of adults who sexually abuse children. It examines the impact of sexual abuse on children, enables professionals to evaluate the risk presented by adults who have sexually abused children, and provides a framework for the assessment of parents or carers and their ability to protect their children.
2013 / 1 / 5

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A Prison with No Bars: The Life Story of a Resilient Woman

Cee Cee

A Prison with No Bars: The Life Story of a Resilient Woman by Cee CeeToday is July 19, 2009 and the beginning of the rest of my life. I am assuming (as much as I hate to assume) that you are wondering why I am saying that. Well by the time that you finish reading this book you will know. I have been trying to figure out how to tell the story of my life. It is confusing, painful, and a constant uphill battle to overcome obstacles. Yet full of blessings and wonderful people that have assisted me in their own way to grow. Thank you to all of you! I figure that the best way for me to write this book is to use my God given gift of communication so this may be odd...
2014 / 12 / 4

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A Safe Place to Grow: A Group Treatment Manual for Children in Conflicted, Violent, and Separating Homes

Vivienne Roseby & Janet Johnston & Bettina Gentner

A Safe Place to Grow: A Group Treatment Manual for Children in Conflicted, Violent, and Separating Homes by Vivienne Roseby & Janet Johnston & Bettina GentnerDiscover the effective group treatment strategies that help your school-aged clients!

A child immersed in a conflicted family life may be forced to cope with a multitude of trauma, including violence, abuse, and insecurity. In A Safe Place to Grow: A Group Treatment Manual for Children in Conflicted, Violent, and Separating Homes, highly respected experts give mental health professionals the tools to provide effective group treatment for children scarred by family environments of conflict and abuse. This easy-to-understand, step-by-step manual is a developmentally appropriate treatment curriculum...
2014 / 11 / 23

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A Therapist's Guide to Growing Free: A Manual for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Wendy Susan Deaton & Michael Hertica

A Therapist's Guide to Growing Free: A Manual for Survivors of Domestic Violence by Wendy Susan Deaton & Michael HerticaHelp victims and survivors break the cycle of abuse!

Trying to get victims and survivors of domestic abuse to recognize their own victimization can be a frustrating experience. They often become so frightened, isolated, and self-doubting that they make excuses for the abuser. Combining psychological insight with practical safety information, this book helps therapists guide their clients into understanding--and ending--the vicious cycle of wooing, tension, violence, and remorse.

A Therapist's Guide to Growing Free provides a comprehensive outline of the issues, tasks, and goals involved in the...

2014 / 1 / 18

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A Time To Speak Out: The Bible, The Church, And Victims Of Domestic Violence And Abuse

Windsor Queensborough

A Time To Speak Out: The Bible, The Church, And Victims Of Domestic Violence And Abuse by Windsor Queensborough

“I fear that many of our churches may well have unwittingly become conspirators in the domestic violence and abuse of our sisters, and our brothers. Not only have we been silent, we have silenced the victims.” Windsor Queensborough

How has the Church managed to turn itself into a place of desolation for victims of domestic violence and abuse? Using biblical stories of Joseph and Tamar this book sets out to:

1) urge the Church to remove the veil around violence and abuse, 2) encourage victims to break their silence and reassure them that they are not to blame 3) challenge perpetrators to accept...

2016 / 1 / 2

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A Voice in the Tide: How I Spoke My Truth in the Undertow of Denial and Self-Blame

Nancy Shappell

A Voice in the Tide: How I Spoke My Truth in the Undertow of Denial and Self-Blame by Nancy Shappell

A New England woman, fighting muted incest memories with toxic self-injury, is on a mission for the mother who denies sacrificing her, to validate the family truth before one of them dies. After decades of self-blame and illness Nancy realizes, the very things she had fought against, detoxing her own fear and anger, living her truth, and loving herself, were the only real sources of validation.

“Things happen in my house I have no words to describe. They bury and hide in places forgotten. But I will remember forgetting. I am the holder of the truth”

“As long as I am living to please, rebel...

2015 / 12 / 11

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Abuse is no Accident, It's Definitely on Purpose

Merna Harrington

Abuse is no Accident, It's Definitely on Purpose by Merna Harrington"Abuse is no Accident,It's Definitely on Purpose" is a phenomenal tell all about the author being a victim of domestic abuse. She provides information that will help and inspire victims, as well as motivate them.
2012 / 4 / 25

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Abuse of Older Men

Jordan I. Kosberg

Abuse of Older Men by Jordan I. KosbergLearn the causes of—and consequences from—elder abuse of men

For the most part, often only women are considered the victims of elder abuse. However, men are also subject to this disturbing social problem. Abuse of Older Men examines the diverse aspects of this surprisingly widespread issue that includes sexual abuse, abuse by intimates, and benign neglect in the health care field, as well as effective treatment strategies. This unique resource provides the latest research and crucial discussions of why the problem is often invisible, under-studied, and under-treated. Detailed explorations include...
2014 / 1 / 6

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Adolescence, Sexuality, and the Criminal Law: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Vern L. Bullough

Adolescence, Sexuality, and the Criminal Law: Multidisciplinary Perspectives by Vern L. BulloughGain an understanding of the threat to freedom that is posed by state regulation of adolescent sexual behavior

Sexual autonomy encompasses both the right to engage in wanted sexual activity and the right to be free and protected from unwanted sexual aggression. Only when both aspects of adolescents' rights are recognized can human sexual dignity be fully respected. In Adolescence, Sexuality, and the Criminal Law, experts from several disciplines use case studies, legal analysis, empirical examinations, and tables and figures to provide you with an insightful contribution to the debate surrounding...
2014 / 9 / 22

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After Yesterday

A. Art deJong

After Yesterday by A. Art deJongThe story of a family, already faced with disappointment, hardship, poverty and loss, who find that they have the devastation of child abuse added to their challenges. Interconnected with other families in their rural setting, they find that in a sea of turmoil there is an island of hope, if only they can accept the lifeline that reaches them from those who truly love and care for them. A story of hope, redemption and family renewal.
2016 / 1 / 15

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Aggression, Family Violence and Chemical Dependency

Ron Potter-Efron & Patricia Potter-Efron & Bruce Carruth

Aggression, Family Violence and Chemical Dependency by Ron Potter-Efron & Patricia Potter-Efron & Bruce CarruthHere is an informational and practical book that systematically addresses the complex relationships between chemical abuse/dependency, aggression, and family violence. Directed toward professional chemical dependency and family violence counselors, it provides specific guidelines for the assessment of child abuse, incest, and marital rape, as they are likely to be encountered in a chemical dependency treatment setting. Experts outline treatment suggestions for chemically dependent and codependent individuals who are or have been the victims/perpetrators of family violence. Aggression, Family...
2016 / 4 / 3

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Aging and Prevention: New Approaches for Preventing Health and Mental Health Problems in Older Adults

Robert E. Hess

Aging and Prevention: New Approaches for Preventing Health and Mental Health Problems in Older Adults by Robert E. HessRenowned specialists on aging explore the meaning of prevention and provide practical information about programs and services for the elderly. Interesting chapters focus on the prevention of long-term care institutionalization, alternative health delivery systems, informal support networks, and the prevention of domestic neglect and abuse of elderly adults.
2014 / 10 / 15

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An Angel in the Corner

Allie Gledhill

An Angel in the Corner by Allie GledhillWhen a fourteen year old girl becomes trapped in a predator's web, she is subjected to the worst kind of abuse. This is the shockingly true account of one girl's suffering at the hands of those meant to protect her, and the magical connection with an animal that helped her to survive.
2016 / 4 / 20

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An Awesome Journey

Deb J. Damone

An Awesome Journey by Deb J. DamoneThe author gives her audience a front row seat as the stage to her life unfolds before your eyes. In sharing the truth in her own words regarding what it is like to live with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), Deb Damone brings you into her shattered world. You are introduced to many of the alters or facets of the Deb System that carried this child into adulthood.
2012 / 10 / 3

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An extraordinary relationship

Leo Ryan

An extraordinary relationship by Leo RyanEarly in Leo Ryan
2016 / 11 / 1

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