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    We Are Not Alone: A Teenage Boy's Personal Account of Child Sexual Abuse from Disclosure Through Prosecution and Treat by Jade Christine Angelica    Social Work and Child Sexual Abuse by David A. Shore & Jon Conte    Healing the Wounded Heart: The Heartache of Sexual Abuse and the Hope of Transformation by Dan B. Allender    Unveiling the Silent Cries by Sherry B. Moss    Bullied & Shadowed Abuse by Zorina Payne Jacobsen    Horrific Traumata: A Pastoral Response to the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by William M. Clements & Norma J. R Sinclair    Gay Men and Childhood Sexual Trauma: Integrating the Shattered Self by James Cassese    After Yesterday by A. Art deJong    Recovery to Rebound: A Walk in My Ragged Torn Shoes by Gale Blake    Entangled 1: Caught Between Choices by Jen Romnes    A Time To Speak Out: The Bible, The Church, And Victims Of Domestic Violence And Abuse by Windsor Queensborough    Women Who Love Psychopaths (E-Book): Inside the Relationships of Inevitable Harm With Psychopaths, Sociopaths & Narcissists by Sandra L. Brown MA    In My Tracks: a memoir by Rhonda Rieck-Rush    Preventing Child Sexual Abuse In Youth-Serving Organizations by Norman D. Bates & Christine Army MA    Tangled Web by Cecielia A. Wilson    A Voice in the Tide: How I Spoke My Truth in the Undertow of Denial and Self-Blame by Nancy Shappell    Risk in Child Protection: Assessment Challenges and Frameworks for Practice by Martin C. Calder & Julie Archer    Spanking Is a Global Phenomenon by Fenold Alexis    Perspectives on College Sexual Assault: Perpetrator, Victim, and Bystander by Dr. Roland Maiuro PhD    Too Much Heaven: Volume 3: The DeLaine Reynolds Journey by Sadonna Rogers    Perspectives on Verbal and Psychological Abuse by Dr. Roland Maiuro PhD    Everything Is Fine Until It Isn't by Lisa Kartus    Dear Sister: Letters From Survivors of Sexual Violence by Lisa Factora-Borchers    Brian's Story by Iris D. Lynch    Unholy Communion by LaQuisha Hall    Loves Me Not: How to Keep Relationships Safe by William J. O'Brien & Lesley Elliott    Healing Traumatized Children: Navigating Recovery for Children with Turbulent Pasts by Faye L. Hall & Jeff L. Merkert & John A. Biever    Secrets in Big Sky Country: A Memoir by Mandy Smith    Domestic Violence and Protecting Children: New Thinking and Approaches by Cathy Humphreys    Nevermore by Cade Soleil    Practical Guide to Child Protection: The Challenges, Pitfalls and Practical Solutions by Joanna Nicolas    Challenging Child Protection: New Directions in Safeguarding Children by Lorraine Waterhouse    Domestic Violence Screening and Intervention in Medical and Mental Healthcare Settings by Mary Beth Phelan MD & L. Kevin Hamberger PhD    Becoming a Well Woman by Catherine Fendig    Tell Mommy or Daddy or Somebody: Someone Will Listen by Kathy Jardine & Ashley MacCallum    That Bitch: Protect Yourself Against Women with Malicious Intent by Roy Sheppard & Mary T. Cleary    Sane Enough: Recovery From a Mother's Sexual Abuse by Linda A. Day    Mummy's Little Angels: A mother's agonising story of losing her sons to a murderous father by Denise Williams    Stopping rape: Towards a comprehensive policy by Sylvia Walby & Philippa Olive    Breaking My Silence Surviving and healing myself after years of secrecy, shame, and abuse by Maya Hope Kitwana    Moving Forward: Volume 2 by Smith Jackie PhD    Nobody Will Believe You: A Story of Unbreakable Courage by Mary Manning & Nicola Pierce    Psychopath Free (Expanded Edition): Recovering from Emotionally Abusive Relationships With Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Other To by Jackson MacKenzie    Justine: The Speaker Series by Angela Mayah Solstice    Facing Shame: Families in Recovery by Merle A. Fossum & Marilyn J. Mason    Recovering From Rape by Linda E. Ledray    Bleeding Hearts by Scott Hay    Rollins of Stone House by J. L. Skirvin    Tortured: Abused and neglected by Britain's most sadistic mum. This is my story of survival. by Victoria Spry    Intercession by Kathleen Collins

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After Yesterday

After Yesterday by A. Art deJongThe story of a family, already faced with disappointment, hardship, poverty and loss, who find that they have the devastation of child abuse added to their challenges. Interconnected with other families in their rural setting, they find that in a sea of turmoil there is an island of hope, if only they can accept the lifeline that reaches them from those who truly love and care for them. A story of hope, redemption and family renewal.
A. Art deJong15 Jan 2016$3.99

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Domestic Violence Offenders: Current Interventions, Research, and Implications for Policies and Standards

Domestic Violence Offenders: Current Interventions, Research, and Implications for Policies and Standards by Alan RosenbaumWomen's shelters and safe houses were a good first step, but they only address part of the problem. Learn what else must be done to address the problem of domestic violence!

Domestic Violence Offenders presents recent research, current interventions, and legal standards for people arrested for domestic violence. It also addresses the controversies that have arisen in the wake of the mandatory standards for batterer interventions that have been established by various jurisdictions, examining the type of treatment modality and content permitted by various jurisdictions, the duration of treatment,...

Alan Rosenbaum6 Jan 2014$60.95

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Bound to Sin

Bound to Sin by Alistair McFadyenThis book tests the explanatory and descriptive power of the doctrine of sin in relation to two concrete situations: sexual abuse of children and the holocaust. Taking seriously the explanatory power of secular discourses for analysing and regulating therapeutic action in relation to such situations, the book asks whether the theological language of sin can offer further illumination by speaking of God and the world together. Through its discussion of abuse and the holocaust, an engagement with Augustine, original sin and feminism, a fresh and sometimes surprising perspective is offered, both...
Alistair McFadyen4 May 2013$36.00

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Saved from Silence: My Journey Back from a Childhood of Abuse

Saved from Silence: My Journey Back from a Childhood of Abuse by Amanda RichardsonAmanda and her family seemed to be the perfect family. But the secrets they hid beneath the surface were destroying Amanda's life. Though friends and relatives knew that her father-an upstanding citizen, a contributing member of society, and a religious family leader-was strict, they had no knowledge of the physical, mental, and emotional torture he inflicted upon Amanda and her brother, David. After four years of sexual abuse, Amanda felt like an empty shell of a human being, incapable of any productive future. In Saved from Silence, author Amanda Richardson explores the doubts, fears, and...
Amanda Richardson14 Nov 2014$9.99

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The Great God Pan

The Great God Pan by Amy HerzogThe newest play by “one of the brightest new talents in the theater" (The New York Times).
Amy Herzog31 Jul 2014$14.95

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From Charm to Harm: The Guide to Spotting, Naming, and Stopping Emotional Abuse in Intimate Relationships

From Charm to Harm: The Guide to Spotting, Naming, and Stopping Emotional Abuse in Intimate Relationships by Amy Lewis BearThe lack of language to identify emotional abuse and its aftermath among couples is a major barrier to recognition and treatment. From Charm to Harm breaks down this barrier by providing simple words and definitions that name and explain harmful interactions between intimate partners. Many of these interactions, although emotionally toxic, are hard to distinguish from the normal experience of being in a relationship. From Charm to Harm will empower you to recognize and describe the psychological destruction wrought by an intimate partner who claims to love you. It will provide you with ways...
Amy Lewis Bear23 Feb 2014$3.99

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Trespassers by Andrea MilesYears after suffering sexual and verbal abuse at the hands of her stepfather, Melanie is still haunted by her past. Her husband, Julius - a cop, and thus experienced in dealing with crime and punishment - struggles to understand his wife's silent pain, but he can't give her the closure she needs. Determined to exorcise her past, Melanie must choose between revenge and forgiveness. The first may destroy her marriage - but she's not convinced that the second will bring her the peace of mind she so desperately yearns for. Haunting and hard-edged, Trespassers is an unflinching exploration of what...
Andrea Miles24 Nov 2014$9.95

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Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate Partner Violence by Angela J. HatteryUntil recently, domestic violence, as it has been referred to, was a problem to be dealt with inside the family. In this ground-breaking work, Hattery's unique approach provides a detailed theoretical discussion of race, class, and gender-effects on intimate partner violence and a thoughtful discussion of the interactions of these factors.
Angela J. Hattery15 Apr 2010$28.99

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Evelyn: The Speaker Series

Evelyn: The Speaker Series by Angela Mayah SolsticeEvelyn is a divorced 24-year-old Dominican hairdresser from Queens struggling with the events that led to the break up of her family. Now a single mother to her 6-year-old son, she is chosen as the guest speaker from her local support group for young mothers. Hear Evelyn's story of heartbreak, betrayal, and finding her unexpected Higher Power.
Angela Mayah Solstice24 Mar 2015$1.00

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Justine: The Speaker Series

Justine: The Speaker Series by Angela Mayah SolsticeJustine is a single mom on the run from her abusive husband who is a CPD cop. After 6 months of intensive one-on-one therapy and living in a Chicago suburb under 24-hour protection at a domestic violence safe house, she's finally beginning to feel a sense of hope for her future. Hear Justine's story of strength, courage, and an unshakeable faith in her Higher Power.
Angela Mayah Solstice15 Aug 2015$1.00

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Play Therapy with Abused Children

Play Therapy with Abused Children by Ann CattanachThis second edition explores the use of play therapy with abused children as a way of helping them heal their distress and make sense of their experiences through expanding their own creativity in play. The book provides practical ways of starting play therapy with abused children and explains how the child can use this process for healing.
Ann Cattanach5 Jan 2013$32.95

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Getting Out: Life Stories of Women Who Left Abusive Men

Getting Out: Life Stories of Women Who Left Abusive Men by Ann GoettingInspiring, real-life examples reveal what it takes for women to leave their abusers, offering hope to those seeking answers about their own abuse or that of people they love.
Ann Goetting22 Jun 2013$22.99

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A Darker Shade of Love

A Darker Shade of Love by Anne DunhillIt is London and it is the sixties and for Angela everything is perfect. She is young and beautiful, able to enjoy the new freedom to the full. As a debutante and then as a model there is no shortage of young men vying for her attention, and so far her five years in London have been one long party: the men change and the jobs change but the party goes on. But sexual freedom does not live up to its billing and a life drifting from one casual affair to another leaves Angela restless and unfulfilled.

Steve changes all that; he is different. At first she finds him annoyingly persistent in his advances...

Anne Dunhill4 Mar 2010$9.99

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Finding Fish

Finding Fish by Antwone Q. Fisher & Mim E. Rivas

Baby Boy Fisher was raised in institutions from the moment of his birth in prison to a single mother. He ultimately came to live with a foster family, where he endured near-constant verbal and physical abuse. In his mid-teens he escaped and enlisted in the navy, where he became a man of the world, raised by the family he created for himself.

Finding Fish shows how, out of this unlikely mix of deprivation and hope, an artist was born -- first as the child who painted the feelings his words dared not speak, then as a poet and storyteller who would eventually become one of Hollywood's most sought-after...

Antwone Q. Fisher &
Mim E. Rivas
16 Mar 2014$11.99

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Rethinking Domestic Violence

Rethinking Domestic Violence by Audrey Mullender
Audrey Mullender5 May 2013$31.95

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The Ultimate Betrayal: The Enabling Mother, Incest and Sexual Abuse

The Ultimate Betrayal: The Enabling Mother, Incest and Sexual Abuse by Audrey RickerThis pioneering self-help book takes a close look at a topic that has been ignored or downplayed by other books on incest and childhood sexual abuse: that the non-perpetrating parent usually bears a great deal of responsibility for the child's abuse. In this examination of the complicated dynamics of abuse, the enabling mother is not treated as a victim, rather as an adult responsible for her failure to protect her child. Self-help exercises are interspersed with case histories and analytical material throughout the book, useful to both survivors and therapists.
Audrey Ricker3 Apr 2014$6.99

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Freedom from Toxic Relationships: Moving On from the Family, Work, and Relationship Issues That Bring You Down

Freedom from Toxic Relationships: Moving On from the Family, Work, and Relationship Issues That Bring You Down by Avril CarruthersA guide to leaving painful, destructive relationships behind-both at home and at work

Toxic relationships often come disguised as seemingly normal ones. These subtly destructive relationships are characterized by the slow erosion of self-esteem, a loss of personal identity, or a growing desire to please friends, partners, and family members who are impossible to please.

In this uplifting and informative book, transpersonal psychotherapist Avril Carruthers will take a close look at adult relationships to show why we get involved in toxic relationships in the first place, and instruct the reader...

Avril Carruthers7 Nov 2014$16.95

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Treating Children with Sexually Abusive Behavior Problems: Guidelines for Child and Parent Intervention

Treating Children with Sexually Abusive Behavior Problems: Guidelines for Child and Parent Intervention by Barbara J. Christopherson & Jan Ellen Burton & Lucinda A. RasmussenTreating Children with Sexually Abusive Behavior Problems: Guidelines for Child and Parent Intervention is a unique, pioneering venture in the area of sexual abuse. Unlike most books on sexual abuse, which focus on children as victims, this integrated treatment approach suggests ways to develop parallel treatment strategies for both parents and children who display harmful sexual behavior.

In many ways a first in its field, Treating Children with Sexually Abusvie Behavior Problems gives you the tools to orchestrate your own treatment and intervention techniques, specifically for those children...
Barbara J. Christopherson &
Jan Ellen Burton &
Lucinda A. Rasmussen
25 Aug 2014$43.95

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The Abuse of Men: Trauma Begets Trauma

The Abuse of Men: Trauma Begets Trauma by Barbara Jo BrothersWhen men are abused, everybody suffers.

This courageous book exposes a dark secret: Men are often victims of abuse. Although a great deal of attention has recently been paid to the victimization of women, the role of men as victims--not just perpetrators--has been neglected. The Abuse of Men reveals the impact of physical, sexual, and emotional trauma on the lives and relationships of men.

This groundbreaking book shows how the negative effects of both basic training and combat may also cause lasting damage to men's self-esteem, ability to trust, personal boundaries, and ability to form healthy...
Barbara Jo Brothers1 Mar 2014$29.95

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To Know A Fallen Angel: Understanding the Mind of a Sexual Predator

To Know A Fallen Angel: Understanding the Mind of a Sexual Predator by Bernard AmadorTo Know A Fallen Angel is a coming of age story about a boy who tries not to become a sexual predator. Based on a true story, it is serious yet inspirational. The main theme is the ability to triumph over the lasting effects of sexual abuse. The story explains what happened to the mind of a sexually abused child, while taking the reader on an expedition through the mind of a sexual predator. The book gives the reader insight into the reality of sexual abuse, and the mind of a sexual predator.
Bernard Amador23 Mar 2013$5.99

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