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African American

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    Southern Hospitality: Can an African American family from New Jersey find happiness and peace in the South? by Don Keefer    Everything I Know About Zombies, I Learned in Kindergarten by Kevin Wayne Williams    Dollar Bill by Shawn SMITH    Swift Currents by David Bruce Grim    Her Darkest Hour by Yolonda Terrell-McMillon    Black Love Notes by Denis Gray    Finding A Trace by David Pitzele    Natural Selection by Elizabeth Macdougall    Light on a Dark Secret by Glynnis Hayward    Boss Divas by De'nesha Diamond    Monster by Ben Burgess Jr.    Mistress, Inc. by Niobia Bryant    Get Some by Pam Ward    The Pleasure Trap by Niobia Bryant    The Game of Deception by Victor L. Martin    You Got Me Twisted by Gloria Dotson-Lewis    All Up In My Business by Lutishia Lovely    Suspicions by Sasha Campbell    Sunday Morning Song by Tia McCollors    Don't Start Me Talkin' by Tom Williams & Williams Tom    Full Figured: Carl Weber Presents by Brenda Hampton & La Jill Hunt    Charcoal and Chalk by Flora Burlingame    His Last Wife by Grace Octavia    The Secret Affair by Brenda Jackson    A Mistletoe Affair by Farrah Rochon    Her Tender Touch by Dara Girard    Just for Christmas Night by Lisa Marie Perry    Mixing Business and Pleasure by M. Skye    The Day the Streets Stood Still by JaQuavis Coleman    Church Girl Gone Wild by Ni'chelle Genovese    A Plus Size Diva: Who Ya Wit': The Beginning by Brenda Hampton    The Girls by Kenni York    Flawbulous by Shana Burton    Born at Dawn by Nigeria Lockley    Carl Weber Presents Ride or Die Chick 2 by J. M. Benjamin    Lookin' For Luv by Carl Weber    Heard It All Before by Michele Grant    The Taste of Salt by Martha Southgate    Harlequin Kimani Romance October 2014 Box Set: Sweet Silver Bells\Eve of Passion\Love by Design\Take Me in Your Arms by Rochelle Alers & A. C. Arthur & Lisa Watson    Hood Misfits Volume 1: Carl Weber Presents by Brick and Storm    When Kingdom Comes by Ashea S. Goldson    Twylite by Rhonda M. Lawson    Glorious Sunset by Ava Bleu    Into the Go-Slow by Bridgett Davis    Someone Bad And Something Blue by Miranda Parker    The Ultimate Double Cross: Secrets and Deception Series by Dominique L. Watson    No Easy Catch by Pat Simmons    Reckless 2: Nobody's Girl by Keisha Ervin    They Still Call Me Sister by Deborah Lynn Plummer Bussey    Carl Weber Presents Ride or Die Chick 1: The Story of Treacherous and Teflon by J. M. Benjamin
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Southern Hospitality: Can an African American family from New Jersey find happiness and peace in the South? by Don Keefer
Southern Hospitality: Can an African American family from New Jersey find happiness and peace in the South?

When an African-American family from New Jersey moves to South Carolina , challenges and problems arise. Roger is a brilliant MBA who accepts a huge promotion to run a large, multi-plant manufacturing operation. In this new position, he unavoidably makes
Don Keefer21 Oct 2014$3.99

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Everything I Know About Zombies, I Learned in Kindergarten by Kevin Wayne Williams
Everything I Know About Zombies, I Learned in Kindergarten

Even before the apocalypse, nine-year-old Letitia Johnson's life had never been simple. Shuttled from foster home to foster home in the impoverished neighborhood of Mott Haven, it was all she could do to keep track of her little sister. When the apocalypse
Kevin Wayne Williams20 Oct 2014$2.99

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Dollar Bill by Shawn SMITH
Dollar Bill

For the desire of money, murder, love, sex, and power, a Caucasian pimp stops at nothing to succeed on the mean streets of Hollywood CA. This unique story has strong fascinating characters not stereotypes.

Growing up in Compton Dollar Bill is an ambitious

Shawn SMITH16 Oct 2014$3.99

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Swift Currents by David Bruce Grim
Swift Currents

Praise for Swift Currents "The Sea Island community surrounding Beaufort, South Carolina, served as a center of historical action and events during our country's Civil War and Reconstruction Period. Iconic historical figures, families of southern planters,
David Bruce Grim16 Oct 2014$3.99

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Her Darkest Hour by Yolonda Terrell-McMillon
Her Darkest Hour

When teenager Louise Jackson finds that her beloved mother has died in her sleep, secrets and lies come floating to the surface, turning her world upside down, and forever changing the course of her life. Discovering incomprehensible motives of evil, deceit
Yolonda Terrell-McMillon14 Oct 2014$1.99

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Black Love Notes by Denis Gray
Black Love Notes

Modecai Jefferson is a young, dynamic 1940s jazz musician who carries his piano on his back, hears music every second of the day, and enjoys playing for his lover and biggest fan in Way City, Alabama-Delores Bonet. To Modecai, he and Delores are like

Denis Gray13 Oct 2014$3.99

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Finding A Trace by David Pitzele
Finding A Trace

With the air hot and so thick you can taste it in Chicago, into the police station walks a distraught woman "I believe my deceased son may be alive." Like a roller coaster that has reached its apex we are quickly pulled down into a deep and fast-paced
David Pitzele11 Oct 2014$3.99

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Natural Selection by Elizabeth Macdougall
Natural Selection

Nate Stevens is a fairly normal least on the outside. He lives for his job, working as a medic, caring for patients on board his ambulance. Nate has one good friend, Donny, a cop. He also has a few demons which have haunted him since he was a
Elizabeth Macdougall8 Oct 2014$2.99

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Light on a Dark Secret by Glynnis Hayward
Light on a Dark Secret

Light on a Dark Secret by Glynnis Hayward is deeply insightful, revealing and Shocking! A glimpse of what it was truly like to live and love under the repressive regime of Apartheid. In 1982, Fran Walker was born in California and given up for adoption.
Glynnis Hayward7 Oct 2014$2.29

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Boss Divas by De'nesha Diamond
Boss Divas

The most lethal ride-or-die women in Memphis now run their gangs and the streets. But the aftermath of an all-out war means merciless new enemies, time-bomb secrets. . .and one chance to take it all. . .

Bullets have no names and collateral damage is the

De'nesha Diamond5 Oct 2014$13.50

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Monster by Ben Burgess Jr.

Tormented while growing up for being dark-skinned, and the son of a womanizer who deserts his family regularly, Ken Ferguson longed for that feeling of being loved. Ken promised himself that he wouldn't be a manipulating, deceitful man like his father,
Ben Burgess Jr.4 Oct 2014$1.00

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Mistress, Inc. by Niobia Bryant
Mistress, Inc.

"Enthralls to the last twist." --RT Book Reviews

When Jessa Bell revealed she was having an affair with one of her best friends' husbands, no one would have predicted she'd soon be playing the part of the reformed mistress--least of all Jessa. But her

Niobia Bryant4 Oct 2014$6.64

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Get Some by Pam Ward
Get Some

"An exhilarating novel that won't let readers down." --Books To Mention

How do you rob the bank where you work as a teller, plus get revenge on your shady ex, escape South Central L.A.--and get away with it all? If you're Trudy, aka "Trudy with the Booty,"

Pam Ward4 Oct 2014$5.69

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The Pleasure Trap by Niobia Bryant
The Pleasure Trap

Introduced in Niobia Bryant's bestselling Mistress series, he's the ultimate irresistible temptation. And he's always in control. Until now. . .

Pleasure is his name, one that women whisper--and scream--with desire. As a popular exotic dancer and top escort,

Niobia Bryant4 Oct 2014$13.50

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The Game of Deception by Victor L. Martin
The Game of Deception

"Get it how you live it," is the foundation of the street lawmakers. When two well-connected Arabs enter the city limits of Durham, North Carolina, they do so without knowing the rules of the land. Pay close attention to the main character of your favorite
Victor L. Martin4 Oct 2014$8.99

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You Got Me Twisted by Gloria Dotson-Lewis
You Got Me Twisted

Makenzie does not hesitate to throw bows, blows, or whatever else she can find if you cross her the wrong way. Either you'll give her respect or she'll take it. Her ex-boyfriend, Jordan, finds out the hard way when he discovers his car decorated after
Gloria Dotson-Lewis3 Oct 2014$7.99

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All Up In My Business by Lutishia Lovely
All Up In My Business

"An exceptional read." --Urban Reviews

"Drama, laughter, and a little bit of naughtiness. . .You'll be wanting more." --Urban Reviews

Malcolm and Toussaint Livingston, the siblings behind the dynamo restaurant chain Taste of Soul, work hard and play even

Lutishia Lovely29 Sep 2014$5.99

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Suspicions by Sasha Campbell

"Lies, greed, lust, betrayal, loyalty, laughter, tears and more. . ." --OOSA Bookclub

These women are about to learn more than they ever wanted to know about secrets--and the men who keep them. . .

As the owner of Situations, the hottest beauty salon on

Sasha Campbell28 Sep 2014$5.99

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Sunday Morning Song by Tia McCollors
Sunday Morning Song

For ten years, Quinn Montgomery endured her husband's abuse, which always escalated on Sunday afternoons, until she finally left him, escaping with her young son, Devin. With her ex-husband behind bars, she makes a fresh start in a new city, ready to forget
Tia McCollors27 Sep 2014$13.99

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Don't Start Me Talkin' by Tom Williams & Williams Tom
Don't Start Me Talkin'

In this comic road novel, roles are reversed, race gets reviewed, and a legendary Delta bluesman takes one last ride.
Tom Williams &
Williams Tom
26 Sep 2014$15.95

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