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Janice by Jean Goulbourne

Jean Coulbourne's novel for young adults, JANICE, is a moving moral tale for our times. Schoolgirl Janice, in the care of her single mother, with a father in prison, leaves the poverty and crime of the ghetto for a life with more prospects when her mother
Jean Goulbourne30 Jul 2014$5.82

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Year of the Big Thaw by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Year of the Big Thaw

Mr. Emmett did his duty by the visitor from another world--never doubting the right of it.
Marion Zimmer Bradley30 Jul 2014$0.99

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Blind Spot by Bascom Jones
Blind Spot

Everyone supported the Martianprogram—until it struck home!
Bascom Jones30 Jul 2014$0.99

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Forbidden Love by Margaret McDonagh
Forbidden Love

Catherine had not seen Declan for ten years, not since her accident. Blaming himself for her injuries, he had gone away to New Zealand and married in haste. Eventually, he had returned to England with his little son, but without his wife. Now Declan's
Margaret McDonagh30 Jul 2014$3.99

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The Chapter Ends by Poul Anderson
The Chapter Ends

What will the end of the Earth's lifespan look like? What will happen to the humans left on the planet when it fades into obsolescence? These are just a few of the profound questions at the center of science fiction master Poul Anderson's thought-provoking
Poul Anderson30 Jul 2014$3.99

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StarkLight: Volume 2 by Tony Stark
StarkLight: Volume 2

The second StarkLight Press compendium of short stories by Canada's cutting edge authors. Includes works by Virginia Carraway, Robert Marquiss, Will Norton and Hal J. Friesen. StarkLight Compendiums compile the best in speculative and science fiction,
Tony Stark30 Jul 2014$15.99

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The Golgotha Dancers by Manly Wade Wellman
The Golgotha Dancers

A curious and terrifying story about an artist who sold his soul that he might paint a living picture.
Manly Wade Wellman30 Jul 2014$0.99

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Project Thirian by Kevin Lomas
Project Thirian

It's wonderful redesigning a planet all of your very own with the profits it could bring in, and just in time, too, as fortune would have it, but satisfaction is short-lived as 'lightning' strikes twice ...
Kevin Lomas30 Jul 2014$0.99

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How Don Q. Stood at Bay by K. Prichard
How Don Q. Stood at Bay

This novelet features Don Quebranta Huesos, a grim Spanish criminal who is "vicious toward the rich and evil but kind to the poor and good" (Steinbrunner and Penzler). Don Q. may have helped inspire Johnston McCulley's "Zorro" character. Indeed, there
K. Prichard30 Jul 2014$0.99

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Seeing The Life by Sophie Dawson
Seeing The Life

The life of Yeshua the Messiah as you've never seen it before From the moment of his birth until past his resurrection, Micah and Dassa witness the life of Yeshua the Messiah. The young couple were friends with Joseph and Mary while they lived in Bethlehem.
Sophie Dawson30 Jul 2014$3.99

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Dp by Arthur Dekker Savage

Once upon a time life was perfection. Government made sure its citizens were supplied with every comfort and pleasure. But sometimes perfection breeds boredom and ...
Arthur Dekker Savage30 Jul 2014$0.99

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Unfinished Business by Patrick M. Ohana
Unfinished Business

With time to no end at his disposal-over 60 years repeating endlessly-Louis Sasportas, a man forever obsessed by the Shoah, sets out to avenge the six million Jews that were annihilated along with the progeny that could never come to be. What if Ken Grimwood's
Patrick M. Ohana30 Jul 2014$9.99

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Take Me by Maisey Yates
Take Me

In this Fifth Avenue prequel by USA TODAY bestselling author Maisey Yates, enter the exclusive world of New York's scandalous elite…where everything is about to change

Take Me

Where it all began…

As the son of a high-powered attorney,

Maisey Yates30 Jul 2014$1.99

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The Maiden's Progress by Fiona Pitt-Kethley
The Maiden's Progress

The Maiden's Progress is an allegory about the loss of virginity and a woman's search for sex, told totally in double entendres. It was conceived and written when author Fiona Pitt-Kethley was just 19, and a student at the Chelsea School of Art.
Fiona Pitt-Kethley30 Jul 2014$8.74

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Lullaby by Stefano Fornacciari

the bedroom of a child of seven years... a safe place... or so it should be... but every night that Timmy goes to bed in his room something happens that frightens him... until the final epilogue...
Stefano Fornacciari30 Jul 2014$3.99

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The Sword or the Stone by GrinOlsson
The Sword or the Stone

This story is a very suspenseful story set in ancient days that detail the events that happen to a young warrior and his family when he invokes an ancient custom known as The Sword Or The Stone in an effort to remove one of the ruling Chieftains, Archibald
GrinOlsson30 Jul 2014$1.99

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Moscardino by Enrico Pea

A small masterpiece, Pea's lyrical autobiographical novel paints a fiery and intimate portrait of an old man through the bold brushstrokes of his grandson. The passions and tensions between the old eccentric and his brothers play themselves out in mythical
Enrico Pea30 Jul 2014$14.00

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Desmond Pucket and the Mountain Full of Monsters by Mark Tatulli
Desmond Pucket and the Mountain Full of Monsters

 Desmond Pucket is back, and this time he has a posse.

 Desmond has been waiting his whole life for this day. It is the sixth-grade field trip to Crab Shell Pier, home to the world's most awesomely fantastic ride, and Desmond has one goal: convince
Mark Tatulli30 Jul 2014$9.99

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The Land of the Blue Flower by Frances Hodgson Burnett
The Land of the Blue Flower

This allegorical tale of a saintly king who moves heaven and earth for the good of his people is another winner for young audiences from Frances Hodgson Burnett, the author of the beloved children's book The Secret Garden. Easy to understand and full

Frances Hodgson Burnett30 Jul 2014$2.99

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The Prophetic Camera by John McGreevey
The Prophetic Camera

Joey knew the old man had somehow faked his pictures; after all, nobody could photograph the future. But then the future began to happen!
John McGreevey30 Jul 2014$0.99

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