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Who doesn't like to play games? Even more fun than playing is winning. Many of our ebooks will help you play better, win more, learn new strategies and acquire a deeper understanding and appreciation of chess, bridge and several other games.

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    Ancient Egyptians at Play: Board Games Across Borders by Walter Crist & Anne-Elizabeth Dunn-Vaturi & Alex de Voogt    A Guide to Contract Bridge - A Collection of Historical Books and Articles on the Rules and Tactics of Contract Bridge by various    The Lazy Man's Sicilian: Attack and Surprise White with the Basman-Sale Variation by Valeri Bronznik & Steve Giddins    Mastering Chess Middlegames: Lectures from the All-Russian School of Grandmasters by Alexander Panchenko    The Double Queen's Gambit: A Surprise Weapon for Black by Alexey Bezgodov    The Exploits and Triumphs, in Europe, of Paul Morphy, the Chess Champion by Frederick Milnes Edge    Game Play: Paratextuality in Contemporary Board Games by Paul Booth    Taming Wild Chess Openings: How to Deal with the Good, the Bad and the Ugly over the Chess Board by John Watson    Winning Chess Manoeuvres: Strategic Ideas that Masters Never Fail to Find by Sarhan Guliev    How to Win Games and Beat People: Demolish Your Family and Friends at over 30 Classic Games by Tom Whipple    Reaching the Top?! A Practical Guide to Playing Master-Level Chess by Peter Kurzdorfer & Cyrus Lakdawala    Opening Originals: Strong Sidelines for Club Cats by Daniel Lowinger & Lars Bo Hansen    Chess Opening Essentials, Volume 1: The Complete 1.e4 by Dimitri Komarov & Stefan Djuric    Finding Bobby Fischer: Chess Interviews by Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam    The Modern Bogo 1.d4 e6: A Complete Guide for Black by Dejan Antic & Branimir Maksimovic    Endgame Tactics - New, Improved and Expanded Edition: A Comprehensive Guide to the Sunny Side of Chess Endgames by Ger van Perlo    Basic Chess Openings for Kids: Play like a Winner from Move One by Charles Hertan    Chess is Child's Play: Teaching Techniques That Work by Laura Sherman & Bill Kilpatrick    Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual by Mark Dvoretsky    The Anti-War Wargame: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Origins of the Game of Chess 1989-1990 by Henry Greenberg    Bridge at a Glance Expanded Version by Audrey Grant    How To Beat Anyone At Chess: The Best Chess Tips, Moves, and Tactics to Checkmate by Ethan Moore    Recognizing Your Opponent's Resources: Developing Preventive Thinking by Mark Dvoretsky    The Stewart Simplified Method of Mimicry and Parlor Amusement by George (Steamboat) Stewart    For Friends and Colleagues: Volume 2 - Reflections on My Profession by Mark Dvoretsky    My First Book of Chess Tactics by David MacEnulty    A History of Chess: The Original 1913 Edition by H. J. R. Murray    Liquidation on the Chess Board: Mastering the Transition into the Pawn Ending by Joel Benjamin    Petrosian vs the Elite: 71 victories by the master of manoeuvres 1946-1983 by Ray Keene    Go Fundamentals: Everything You Need to Know to Play and Win Asian's Most Popular Game of Martial Strategy by Shigemi Kishikawa    Chess Training Pocket Book: 300 Most Important Positions (Third Revised Edition) by Lev Alburt    Chess Training Pocket Book II: 320 Key Positions for players of all levels by Lev Alburt & Al Lawrence    The Chess Artist: Genius, Obsession, and the World's Oldest Game by J. C. Hallman    The Inner Game of Chess: How to Calculate and Win by Andrew Soltis    Thinking with Chess: Teaching Children Ages 5-14 by Alexey Root    The Czech Benoni in Action by Asa Hoffmann & Gregory Keener    Mah Jong for Beginners: Based on the Rules and Regulations of the Mah Jong Association of Japan by Shozo Kanai & Margaret Farrell    Bridge's Strangest Hands by Andrew Ward    Draw! The Art of the Half-Point in Chess by Leonid Verkhovsky & Mikhail Tal    My Best Games of Chess 1905-1954 by Savielly Tartakower & Andy Soltis    How to Read Your Opponents' Cards: The Bridge Experts' Way to Locate Missing High Cards by Mike Lawrence    The Art of Checkmate: new translation with algebraic chess notation by Georges Renaud & Victor Kahn    Chess Tactics by Paul Littlewood    Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual by Mark Dvoretsky    New Art of Defence in Chess: chess defence tactics classic by Andrew Soltis    The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played: 62 masterly games of chess strategy by Irving Chernev    Murder in the Menagerie by Victor Mollo    Jon Speelman's Best Games by Jon Speelman    Victor Mollo's Bridge Quiz Book: The Shortest Cut To Expert Play by Victor Mollo    Tony Miles: It's Only Me: England's First Chess Grandmaster by Geoff Lawton

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For Friends and Colleagues: Volume 2 - Reflections on My Profession

For Friends and Colleagues: Volume 2 - Reflections on My Profession by Mark DvoretskyThe Journey Continues! Mark Dvoretsky has long been considered one of the premier chess coaches and trainers in the world. He is renowned for taking talented masters and forging them into world-class grandmasters and champions. His literary achievements are also quite distinguished. For example, Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual, now in its fourth edition, established itself as the sine qua non of endgame theory from the moment it appeared over a decade ago. In this second volume of his highly-acclaimed autobiographical work, the author focuses on his early development as a player, issues which challenge chess coaches, as well...
Mark Dvoretsky5 Oct 2015$29.95

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Forcing Chess Moves: The Key to Better Calculation

Forcing Chess Moves: The Key to Better Calculation by Charles HertanAWARDED: ChessCafe 2008 Book of the Year!

Why is it that your brain so often refuses to consider winning chess tactics? Every chess fan marvels at the wonderful combinations with which famous masters win games. How do they find those fantastic moves? This rich ebook on chess tactics proposes a revolutionary method for finding winning moves. Charles Hertan has made an astonishing discovery: the failure to consider key moves is often due to human bias. Your brain tends to disregard many winning moves because they are counter-intuitive or look unnatural. We can no longer deny it, computers...

Charles Hertan15 Feb 2014$18.99

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French Defense: The Solid Rubinstein Variation

French Defense: The Solid Rubinstein Variation by Hannes LangrockA Complete Black Repertoire against 1.e4

Built around the Super-solid Rubinstein! The solid Rubinstein Variation of the French Defense despite its having been played by world champions and elite grandmasters, it has never been subjected to detailed study. The author, German International Master Hannes Langrock, has produced a book with complete coverage of this line, along with solid recommendations for Black should White deviate on the second or third move.

"I never realized that Black could take such active measures in the Rubinstein Variation without significant drawbacks. This book...

Hannes Langrock6 Dec 2014$24.95

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Game of Kings: A Year Among the Oddballs and Geniuses Who Make Up America's Top HighSchool Chess Team

Game of Kings: A Year Among the Oddballs and Geniuses Who Make Up America's Top HighSchool Chess Team by Michael WeinrebA year with the boy geniuses of the nation's top high school chess team, now as ebook with a new afterword

Edward R. Murrow High School has long been one of New York's public-education success stories, a school where there are no varsity sports, and the closest thing to jocks is found on the powerhouse chess team.

Award-winning sportswriter Michael Weinreb follows the members of the Murrow chess team through an entire season. Weinreb delves into the history of chess in America, following the stories of greats such as Bobby Fischer, for whom the world within the chessboard is as easy to comprehend...

Michael Weinreb7 Dec 2008$15.00

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Game Play: Paratextuality in Contemporary Board Games

Game Play: Paratextuality in Contemporary Board Games by Paul BoothThe 21st century has seen a board game renaissance. At a time when streaming television finds millions of viewers, video games garner billions of dollars, and social media grows ever more intense, little has been written about the rising popularity of board games. And yet board games are one of our fastest growing hobbies, with sales increasing every year. Today's board games are more than just your average rainy-day mainstay. Once associated solely with geek subcultures, complex and strategic board games are increasingly dominating the playful media environment.

The popularity of these...

Paul Booth18 Nov 2015$25.99

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Gary's Adventures in Chess Country

Gary's Adventures in Chess Country by Igor SukhinFor centuries, chess has been the world's most popular board game. But did you know that it can also improve your child's ability to learn? Studies have shown that by focusing on basic chess concepts, children as young as four can improve their reasoning and develop their problem-solving abilities. Gary's Adventures in Chess Country is designed to help children delve into the world of chess through an engaging adventure story. Spirited away by a mysterious young girl on a magic tricycle, Gary is taken to Chess Country, where he learns the rules of chess and the fundamentals of chess tactics.
Igor Sukhin23 Sep 2010$0.99

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Gelfand-Anand 2012: Match for the World Chess Championship

Gelfand-Anand 2012: Match for the World Chess Championship by Karsten MüllerAn Intense Title Tilt! When World Champion Viswanathan Anand squared off in the 2012 championship match against Boris Gelfand, he was a heavy favorite to win. But, to the surprise of many worldwide, the match was a very tough fight. On paper, the world champion was a clear favorite against the challenger; his Elo rating (2791) was much higher than Gelfand's (2727) and he had not lost to Gelfand since 1993. But this was deceptive. Boris Gelfand had prepared very well for the match and put all his energy into it. He had prepared many opening surprises especially for this match. This must have...
Karsten Müller1 Dec 2013$3.99

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Giocate! by D. Angelo FerriThis ebook is a study of the classic Italian card games: Scopa, Quindici, Briscola, and Tresette. The author's interest in playing cards dates back to childhood, his grandparents, his family … they loved to play cards; so does he.

In addition to rules, you will find beginner to advanced playing strategies and Ferri's method for secretly signaling your partner as to what cards you hold. This is based on the system he learned from one of his early influences - the great John Scarne.

In addition to be being one of the greatest manipulator of playing cards and perhaps the greatest card mechanic of...

D. Angelo Ferri23 Jan 2012$6.95

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Go and Go-Moku

Go and Go-Moku by Edward LaskerBest introduction in English to a great Japanese game. Detailed instructions provide valuable information on basic patterns, strategy, tactics, analyzed games. Used as text by generations of Americans, Japanese. 72 diagrams.
Edward Lasker1 Feb 2014$14.95

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Go Basics: Concepts and Strategies for New Players (Downloadable Media Included)

Go Basics: Concepts and Strategies for New Players (Downloadable Media Included) by Peter ShotwellIt's not surprising that Go is one of the oldest games still being played today; it's also one of the most challenging, stimulating, and fascinating games around. Go Basics provides a simple but thorough introduction that's perfect for beginners. With its easy to follow instructions and over 600 diagrams showing examples of how to play, you'll be ready to enjoy this classic game right away.

It starts by focusing on smaller 9 x 9 games, making it easier to understand basic Go tactics and strategies, and introduces fundamental strategies such as invading, sacrificing, using ko, and thinking...

Peter Shotwell4 Oct 2014$16.95

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Go Figure!

Go Figure! by Clint BrookhartA unique and engaing collection of everyday imponderables, Go Figure! provides simple mathematical stepping stones to help you answer "unanswerable" questions.
Clint Brookhart8 Oct 2008$14.95

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Go Fundamentals: Everything You Need to Know to Play and Win Asian's Most Popular Game of Martial Strategy

Go Fundamentals: Everything You Need to Know to Play and Win Asian's Most Popular Game of Martial Strategy by Shigemi KishikawaGo Fundamentals is the easy-to-follow guidebook explaining the fundamental principles of the ancient Asian game of Go, the oldest game in the world.

Go is a game played by two contestants. The game is played with black and white "stones" on a checkered board. The players are usually classed as strong and weak, based upon degree of knowledge and skill. The stronger player takes the white stones and the weaker player takes the black stones. Handicaps are given the weaker players by mutual agreement before commencement of the game. The game of go may be one of the most difficult to learn, but...

Shigemi Kishikawa12 Jul 2015$14.95

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Grandmaster Chess Strategy: What Amateurs Can Learn from Ulf Andersson

Grandmaster Chess Strategy: What Amateurs Can Learn from Ulf Andersson by Jürgen Kaufeld & Guido KernWhat Amateurs Can Learn from Ulf Andersson's Positional Masterpieces

One of the most effective ways to improve your chess is to take a world class-player as your example. By collecting his games, studying his choices and examining his style, you will understand what made him rise to the very top. This is what Guido Kern and Jürgen Kaufeld have done with Swedish chess legend Ulf Andersson, a positional genius with a crystal-clear style, who rose to the number 4 spot of the FIDE world rankings. Kaufeld and Kern have selected 80 of Andersson's games and grouped them into 15 thematic strategy...

Jürgen Kaufeld &
Guido Kern
15 Jan 2015$22.99

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Grandmaster's Opening Laboratory 2: Advanced Chess Openings Course

Grandmaster's Opening Laboratory 2: Advanced Chess Openings Course by Igor SmirnovAdvance your opening play to the level of Masters and Grandmasters! Learn the general principles of opening play. Get a powerful opening repertoire.

What determines your WIN/LOSS in a chess game? Whether or not you win or lose is determined by your opening preparation, your middlegame skills, and your endgame technique. At the same time, the opening phase is MORE important because if you don't play it well, you will lose sooner than you can demonstrate your middlegame/endgame skills.

How do you play an opening properly? In order to play the opening properly, a lot of people believe that...

Igor Smirnov9 Oct 2014$98.00

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Grandmaster's Opening Laboratory 2: Advanced Chess Openings Course - Bonus Pack

Grandmaster's Opening Laboratory 2: Advanced Chess Openings Course - Bonus Pack by Igor SmirnovWhile studying the opening courses, The GM's Openings Laboratory and The GM's Openings Laboratory 2, students sent me their questions. I've prepared a detailed answer to every query.
  • In reply to questions about general opening rules, I've recorded a couple of video lessons (with additional rules and explanations).
  • As for specific opening questions, I've added more *.pgn files (chess databases) with specific lines, analyses, instructive games, etc.
All these materials were united and integrated into the Bonus Pack. What will it give you?
  • You will get answers to most of your opening questions.
  • It will help you to digest fully the opening rules...
Igor Smirnov9 Oct 2014$25.00

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Grandmaster's Opening Laboratory: Chess Openings Course

Grandmaster's Opening Laboratory: Chess Openings Course by Igor SmirnovDo you want to win chess games before they even begin? Then this chess course was designed for you.

It will give you a complete opening repertoire on the GM's level and will make your pre-game preparation extremely effective. There is no guarantee that you will always win, but with this course your chances are guaranteed higher.

In modern chess, computers have made opening preparation a very powerful and even decisive factor. Strong players spend most of their training time on opening analysis. There are serious reasons for doing that. Every chess player can recollect the following situation: ...

Igor Smirnov5 Oct 2014$53.00

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Hacking Up the King

Hacking Up the King by David EgglestonThe ability to determine when conditions are suitable for attacking the opposing king is critical to successful chess play. Readers will hone this skill while learning valuable techniques to force the enemy monarch out of his fortress.
David Eggleston11 Aug 2014$14.99

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Horror Rules: The Simply Horrible Roleplaying Game

Horror Rules: The Simply Horrible Roleplaying Game by Chris WeedinA fun, fast paced, easy-to-learn horror-comedy roleplaying game, Horror Rules is a great way to lose your marbles (or your life) and keep your sense of humor! Based on popular horror movies such as Tremors, The Evil Dead and 8-Legged Freaks and packed with all your favorite characters, cliches and cut-ups, it's great for experienced and novice gamers alike. Liven up any party or just kill a few hours with your friends. Even non-gamers will find it a fun read and an excellent addition to any horror collection. The basic rulebook is packed with cool artwork, sample Bad Guys, Character Sheets,...
Chris Weedin6 Feb 2009$7.99

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How Good Is Your Chess?

How Good Is Your Chess? by Daniel KingInstructive, amusing test-yourself guide by a grandmaster asks readers to predict their opponent's moves and helps improve their game by studying the plans and ideas of the best players.
Daniel King2 Feb 2014$7.95

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How Magnus Carlsen Became the Youngest Chess Grandmaster in the World: The Story and the Games

How Magnus Carlsen Became the Youngest Chess Grandmaster in the World: The Story and the Games by Simen AgdesteinAt the age of 13 years, 4 months and 26 days, Magnus Carlsen became the youngest chess grandmaster in the world. The press raved about the prodigy from Norway. The Washington Post called him 'the Mozart of chess'. Ten years on Magnus Carlsen is the number one in the world rankings and a superstar. Time Magazine listed him as one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2013.
Simen Agdestein13 Oct 2013$12.99

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