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    Rendezvous with Death: The Americans Who Joined the Foreign Legion in 1914 to Fight for France and for Civilization by David Hanna    Somme 1916: Success and Failure on the First Day of the Battle of the Somme by Paul Kendall    The Bedford Triangle: Undercover Operations from England in World War II by Martin W. Bowman    The Rabbi Saved by Hitler's Soldiers: Rebbe Joseph Isaac Schneersohn and His Astonishing Rescue by Bryan Mark Rigg    War! Hellish War! Star Shell Reflections 1916-1918: The Illustrated Diaries of Jim Maultsaid by Jim Maultsaid & Barbara McClune    Lincoln in the Great War by Louise Blackah    Operation LUSTY: The Race for Hitler's Secret Technology by Graham M. Simons    Don't Give an Inch: The Second Day at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863 by Chris Mackowski & Kristopher D. White & Daniel T. Davis    The First Day on the Somme: Revised Edition by Martin Middlebrook    The Royal Armoured Corps in the Cold War 1946 - 1990: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives by M. P. Robinson & Robert Griffin    The Supermarine Spitfire Mk. VIII: The British by Phil H. Listemann    Judgment At Istanbul: The Armenian Genocide Trials by Vahakn N. Dadrian & Ak    The Mystery of Isabella and the String of Beads: A Woman Doctor in WW1 by Kirkwood Katrina    The Book of Samurai by Antony Cummins & Yoshie Minami    Why Air Forces Fail: The Anatomy of Defeat by Robin Higham    City of London in the Great War by Stephen John Wynn    The Military Conquest of Prairie: Native American Resistance, Evasion and Survival, 1865-1890 by Tore Petersen    Hitler's French Volunteers by Legu    24 Hours at the Somme by Robert Kershaw    Ludlow in the Great War by Julie Phillips    The Campaign of Waterloo: The Classic Account of Napoleon's Last Battles by John Fortescue    Marching to the Drums: Eyewitness Accounts of Battle from the Crimea to the Siege of Mafeking by Ian Knight    Privatizing War: A Moral Theory by William Feldman    The Origins of the Second World War by Richard Overy    US Special Ops: The History, Weapons, and Missions of Elite Military Forces by Fred Pushies    The Victoria Cross at Sea: The Sailors, Marines and Naval Airmen awarded Britain's Highest Honour by John Winton    Verdun 1916: The Renaissance of the Fortress by J. E. Kauffman & H. W. Kauffman    Keswick in the Great War by Ruth Mansergh    Eyes All Over the Sky: Aerial Reconnaissance in the First World War by James Streckfuss    The Spy in Hitler's Inner Circle: Hans-Thilo Schmidt and the Allied Intelligence Network that Decoded Germany's Enigma by Paul Paillole & Curtis Key    Airwar over the Atlantic by Manfred Griehl    Denny Day: The Life and Times of Australia's Greatest Lawman - the Forgotten Hero of the Myall Creek Massacre by Terry Smyth    Fighter Leaders of the RAF, RAAF, RCAF, RNZAF & SAAF in WW2 by Phil H. Listemann    Arming the Western Front: War, Business and the State in Britain 1900-1920 by Roger Lloyd-Jones & M. J. Lewis    Almighty: Courage, Resistance, and Existential Peril in the Nuclear Age by Dan Zak    When Tigers Ruled the Sky: The Flying Tigers: American Outlaw Pilots over China in World War II by Bill Yenne    Lady Lucy Houston DBE: Aviation Champion and Mother of the Spitfire by Miles Macnair    Morpeth in the Great War by Craig Armstrong    The Second World War Through Soldiers' Eyes: British Army Life 1939-1945 by James Goulty    The First Hundred Thousand by Ian Hay    The Naked Soldier by Jesse M. Baltazar    Panting For Glory: The Mississippi Rifles in the Mexican War by Richard Bruce Winders    The Blood Tub: General Gough and the Battle of Bullecourt 1917 by Jonathan Walker    Military Power: Explaining Victory and Defeat in Modern Battle by Stephen Biddle    C.W. Hunt's High-Flying Adventures 2-Book Bundle: Dancing in the Sky / Whisky and Ice by C. W. Hunt    Eve of a Hundred Midnights: The Star-Crossed Love Story of Two WWII Correspondents and Their Epic Escape Across the Pacific by Bill Lascher    Scott on Waterloo by Walter Scott    Storm Over Leyte: The Philippine Invasion and the Destruction of the Japanese Navy by John Prados    The Eastern Front Air War 1941-1945: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives by Anthony Tucker-Jones    Agent in Italy: A Memoir of a Spy in World War II by S. k.

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The Secret Battle: A tragedy of the First World War

The Secret Battle: A tragedy of the First World War by . A. P. HerbetIn The Secret Battle A. P. Herbert tells the story of an idealistic, young officer called Harry Penrose. First in Gallipoli, then in the trenches of France, he is tested and brought to breaking point as he battles to retain the ideals of military glory, duty and courage amidst the daily grinding miseries of the trenches. It lays bare the real horrors of the First World War without melodrama, or sensationalism. The author tells his tale not with indignant protest, but with a sad resignation making this a haunting and deeply moving book. Despite the glowing accolades it would later receive, when...
. A. P. Herbet23 May 2014$12.99

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Handbook of Enemy Ammunition: German Ammo for Guns, etc., Italian Grenade, etc., Hungarian Mine: War Office Pamplet No. 8

Handbook of Enemy Ammunition: German Ammo for Guns, etc., Italian Grenade, etc., Hungarian Mine: War Office Pamplet No. 8 by 1943 The War OfficeThese handbooks were issued to all field units in contact with the enemy in Europe and Africa, and were intended for use by all personnel to help them recognise enemy ammunition. Specialist personnel were then trained to handle and disarm/destroy the ammunition so found. Each pamphlet covers a number of items, and this issue covers German ammunition for guns and howitzers (7.5cm., 7.62cm Russian, 105cm., 15cm and 21 cm shell), the Tellermine and its fuses, the Italian SRCM handgrenade and hollow charge 75.27 shell, plus the Hungarian variable pressure mine. See also the other pamphlets in this...
1943 The War Office30 Apr 2016$12.49

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The Auckland Regiment

The Auckland Regiment by 2/Lieut. O. E. BurtonA good general history of a regiment raised in one of New Zealand's largest cities to take part in the Great War. The author - who won the Military Medal and the French Medaille D'Honneur for his military exploits, - has written a fluent and readable account. The three battalions of the Auckland Regiment trained in Egypt for the coming Gallipoli campaign in 1915. They assembled at Lemnos, took part in the landing and fighting at Cape Helles and Sari Bair, sustaining severe losses, and were then evacuated back to Egypt. They were first stationed at Armentieres, before seeing action on the Somme...
2/Lieut. O. E. Burton4 Aug 2012$25.99

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9th Heavy Battery R.G.A.: 1914-1919

9th Heavy Battery R.G.A.: 1914-1919 by 9th Heavy Battery R. G. A.The battery was formed on 26th August 1914 as a 4-gun 4.7in battery. It went to France in May 1915 with the 9th (Scottish) Division which it left within a few days to join H.A.Reserve and went into action near Armentieres. Subsequently it joined 16th H.A.Brigade and in January 1917 it was re-equipped with 60 pdrs.. This account is based on the Battery Log but the record is not complete in detail prior to 27th May 1918 a great deal of the necessary information having been lost due to enemy action. Details that are there include the dates of movements with locations from arrival in France to the...
9th Heavy Battery R. G. A.5 Aug 2012$8.99

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Women Who Spied

Women Who Spied by A. A. HoehlingFrom the Biblical days of Delilah to modern times there have been women who ventured at their peril as spies into the conflicts of armed men. Recounted in this fascinating history are dramatic incidents of feminine espionage in the United States and abroad from the time of the American Revolution to the present day. Learn about Lydia Darragh who alerted General Washington to the British plans for surprise attack on Valley Forge. Who was the agent in New York during World War II who used a doll repair shop to communicate with Japan? And who was the only woman in England to win the George Cross?
A. A. Hoehling23 Apr 2013$15.99

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Captured Soviet Generals: The Fate of Soviet Generals Captured in Combat 1941-45

Captured Soviet Generals: The Fate of Soviet Generals Captured in Combat 1941-45 by A. A. MaslovThe true story of the fate of the captured Russian Generals after World War II, explaining how these officers endured horrific prison conditions and were then tried and executed when they returned home.
A. A. Maslov10 Nov 2013$168.00

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Among the Dead Cities: Is the Targeting of Civilians in War Ever Justified?

Among the Dead Cities: Is the Targeting of Civilians in War Ever Justified? by A. C. GraylingIs it ever right to target civilians in a time of war? Or do the ends sometimes justify the means? The twentieth century - the age of 'total war' - marked the first time that civilian populations came to be seen as legitimate military targets. At this policy's most terrible extreme came the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki but it is an issue that remains relevant today with the needs of the 'War on Terror' used to justify the use of drone strikes. In Amongst the Dead Cities, A.C. Grayling explores these moral issues in all their complexity with a detailed examination of...
A. C. Grayling20 Nov 2014$20.99

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Unsung Valor: A GI's Story of World War II

Unsung Valor: A GI's Story of World War II by A. Cleveland Harrison

Thirty riveting months in the life of a common infantryman, one among the "citizen soldiers" who took the Allies to victory

When drafted into the army in 1943, A. Cleveland Harrison was a reluctant eighteen-year-old Arkansas student sure that he would not make a good soldier. But inside thirty months he manfully bore arms and more. This book is his memoir about becoming a soldier, a common infantryman among the ranks of those who truly won the war.

After the Allied victory in 1945, books by and about the major statesmen, generals, and heroes of World War II appeared regularly. Yet millions of...

A. Cleveland Harrison12 Oct 2012$70.00

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King Robert the Bruce

King Robert the Bruce by A. F. MurisonThis in-depth historical account focuses on the life, accomplishments and influence of Robert I, also known as Robert the Bruce, who was the king of Scots in the period 1306-1329. Offering a detailed and even-handed look at the king, Murison's remarkable feat of scholarship will reward those with an interest in the period.
A. F. Murison6 Aug 2015$3.99

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The Battlefields of England

The Battlefields of England by A. H. BurneEngland's battlefields bear witness to dramatic turning-points in the country's history. At Hastings, Bosworth Field, Flodden and Naseby, the battles fought were to have an enormous effect on English life. This double volume, containing Burne's famous "Battlefields of England" and "More Battlefields of England" make it possible for readers to follow the course of 39 battles from AD 51 to 1685, as if they were on the battlefields themselves.
A. H. Burne9 Jun 2014$7.99

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The Scaremongers (Rle the First World War): The Advocacy of War and Rearmament 1896-1914

The Scaremongers (Rle the First World War): The Advocacy of War and Rearmament 1896-1914 by A. J. a. MorrisThis revealing book illustrates how the passion for war was fostered and promoted. The author provides detailed evidence of how and why an image of Germany as a nation determined upon world hegemony was deliberately promoted by a group of British newspaper editors, proprietors and journalists. This book examines the role of these 'scaremongers'. Were they as influential as their critics claimed? Did they influence the minds of their readers and shape events? Were they guilty of creating a climate of opinion that ensured that their prophecies of inevitable Anglo-German war became fact in 1914?
A. J. a. Morris21 Aug 2014$175.00

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Reporting the First World War

Reporting the First World War by A. J. a. MorrisCharles Repington was Britain's most influential military correspondent during the first two decades of the twentieth century. From 1914 to 1918, Repington's commentary in The Times, 'The War Day by Day', was read and discussed by opinion-shapers and decision-makers worldwide who sought to better understand the momentous events happening around them, and his subsequently published diaries offered a compelling portrait of England's governing class at war. This is the first major study of Repington's life and career from the Boer War to the end of the Great War. A. J. A. Morris presents unique...
A. J. a. Morris3 Mar 2016$80.00

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Louisbourg: Past, Present, Future

Louisbourg: Past, Present, Future by A. J. B. Johnston

Now a national historic site, the fortified military settlement of Louisbourg was once a colonial jewel desired by both the French and English monarchies, traded with yet feared by the Anglo-Americans, and highly regarded by the Mi'kmaq. Home to Canada's first lighthouse, Louisbourg became the capital of ÃŽle-Royale (Cape Breton Island) in 1720, and was an economically viable fishery, military stronghold, and strategic naval base for centuries.

In the newest addition to the Stories of our Past series, Louisbourg: Past, Present, and Future, historian A. J. B. Johnston explores the complex past...

A. J. B. Johnston24 Jul 2013$10.99

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The Arsenal of Democracy: FDR, Detroit, and an Epic Quest to Arm an America at War

The Arsenal of Democracy: FDR, Detroit, and an Epic Quest to Arm an America at War by A. J. Baime

The story of the dramatic transformation of Detroit from "motortown" to the "arsenal of democracy," featuring Edsel Ford, who rebelled against his pacifist father, Henry Ford, to build the industrial miracle Willow Run, a manufacturing complex capable of producing B-24 Liberator bombers at a rate of one per hour—a crucial component in winning the war.

A. J. Baime21 Nov 2014$14.95

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Fortune Favours the Brave: The Battles of the Hook Korea 1952-53

Fortune Favours the Brave: The Battles of the Hook Korea 1952-53 by A. J. BarkerAll too little remembered today, the Korean War was bitterly fought out under atrocious conditions of weather and terrain. Greatly outnumbered by their Communist Chinese and North Korean enemy, the United Nations forces fought with extraordinary resolve and gallantry. The Hook, the name given to a prominent ridge on the Peninsula, saw more blood spilt than any other feature in this prolonged and grisly war. Not surprisingly it became known as 'the bloody Hood'. The two costliest battles are described in detail in Fortune Favours The Brave, a classic account of the war. Both involved British...
A. J. Barker16 Jun 2014$9.99

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Global Reach: Revolutionizing the Use of Commercial Vessels and Intermodal Systems for Military Sealift, 1990?2012

Global Reach: Revolutionizing the Use of Commercial Vessels and Intermodal Systems for Military Sealift, 1990?2012 by A. J. Herberger & Ken Gaulden & Rolf MarshallGlobal Reach presents a unique view of the fiscal constraints facing the Department of Defense and the U.S. Government. It calls for U.S. policymakers and the general public to understand the message within the book. With this understanding, the United States will ensure its future ability to acquire and maintain the sealift capability to respond to these challenges in the years to come.

The twenty years following the Persian Gulf Conflict (1990-91) saw a revolution in the means by which the United States military deploys and sustains U.S. armed forces worldwide during contingencies. Historically,...

A. J. Herberger &
Ken Gaulden &
Rolf Marshall
6 Jan 2016$47.95

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Rude Mechanicals: An account of Tank Maturity during the Second World War

Rude Mechanicals: An account of Tank Maturity during the Second World War by A. J. SmithersIn this sequel to "An New Excalibur", which examined the development of the tank during World War I and after, Smithers examines the role played by tanks in World War II. At the beginning of the war only the Germans and the Russians had realized the full power of the tank. The British and the Americans were forced to try to catch up. One difficulty was fundamentally a matter of finding the right tool for the right job. In the last year of the war, the Germans relied on the immense King Tigers, which lacked speed and manoeuvrability; while the Allies were confined to Shermans, Cromwells and Churchills,...
A. J. Smithers6 May 2014$9.99

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Cambrai: The First Great Tank Battle

Cambrai: The First Great Tank Battle by A. J. SmithersIt is probably true to say that no land battle of this century passes Cambrai in importance. Up to the winter of 1917 warfare had changed only in degree since the coming of gunpowder. The scenario, with parts for horse, foot and guns, remained essentially the same. All this was part of a world about to disappear for good with the introduction of the tank. The British Army, hammered by years of war and facing almost alone the vastly increasing strength of its enemy, was expected by most observers to be near to going down in defeat. Instead of that, using British designed and built fighting machines...
A. J. Smithers6 May 2014$9.99

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Taranto 1940: A Glorious Episode"

Taranto 1940: A Glorious Episode" by A. J. SmithersIn the long history of the British Isles few years can stand in comparison with 1940 in terms of unrivalled gloom. The fiasco in Norway, the evacuation of the BEF from Dunkirk, the fall of France and the entry of Italy into the war were hardly offset by the success of the Royal Air Force in the Battle of Britain and the failure of the Italian troops in their attempted invasion of Egypt. Near the end of the year, however, there occurred an event which is remarkable not only for its dramatic effect on the course of the war but for the fact that it has virtually disappeared from public memory....
A. J. Smithers16 Jun 2014$11.99

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Honorable Conquests: An account of the enduring work of the Royal Engineers throughout the Empire

Honorable Conquests: An account of the enduring work of the Royal Engineers throughout the Empire by A. J. SmithersThe origin of the Corps of Royal Engineers, now affectionately known as The Sappers but then as the King's Military Engineers, has been traced as far as 1414, though it was not until 1716 that a permanent officer corps of engineers was established by the Board of Ordnance with the title Corps of Engineers.. Being part of the Regular Army it is hardly surprising that the Corps should be associated in the public mind with such tasks as building roads, bridges and defensive works or breaching those of the enemy and scant attention was hitherto been paid to the remarkable achievements of the Corps...
A. J. Smithers16 Jun 2014$11.99

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