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You will find here a huge amount of magic tricks, illusions, moves, techniques and concepts, starting from the earliest descriptions in the 16th century to the latest hot magic tricks performed by the likes of David Copperfield, Criss Angel or David Blaine. Regardless of if you want to find out more about Houdini or study the latest developments in mentalism, this is the page to bookmark. Make sure to also drill down into the subcategories to find what you are looking for.

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Three Publicity Trix

Howard P. Albright

Three Publicity Trix by Howard P. AlbrightAs a thank you for supporting Magic World Publishers, we are pleased to offer a free PDF digital manuscript, containing three top-notch gems of mystery by Howard P. Albright. Good tricks in themselves, yet they also get you free advertising each time you perform them.

CLUB SPECIAL - A sure-fire sensation; leaves the audience with a quantity of tokens that advertise you in unique fashion.

TALK OF THE TOWN - An uncanny mystery; your name, etc., appeals on several initialed cards from an ordinary deck. These are left with the audience so they always have your contact information at hand. ...

2017 / 10 / 16

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Zauberbutike Routinensammlung 20

Eckhard Böttcher

Zauberbutike Routinensammlung 20 by Eckhard Böttcher
  • Universal-Kartenstativ
  • Universal Münzengerät
  • Universal Tücherbox
  • Universal Zauberglas
  • Universal-Box
  • Universal-Zauberröhre
  • Universal Münzen-Kelle
  • Unsichtbare Nähmaschine
  • Die unsichtbare Serviette
  • Unsichtbarer Münzenflug
  • Unsichtbares Kartenspiel
  • Utopische Ringbefreiung
  • Variationen zum "Schaf-Diebstahl"
  • Verbrecher-Würfel
  • Verdrehte Flaschen
  • Die "verdrehten" Asse
  • Verdrehtes Feuerzeug
  • Das verhexte Kartenetui
  • Verhexte Pillen-Flasche
  • Verhexte "Rahmenhandlung"
  • Verhexte Taschenlampe
  • Verhexte Würfel
  • Verhexter Bilderrahmen
  • Verhexter Kartenrahmen
  • Verhexter Würfelturm ...
2017 / 10 / 13

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Zauberbutike Routinensammlung 19

Eckhard Böttcher

Zauberbutike Routinensammlung 19 by Eckhard Böttcher
  • Teufelstuch 'NEU'
  • Teufelstuch 'plus'
  • Teufelstuch
  • Tibetanisches Amulett
  • Tien Tse-Fou
  • Tierschau
  • Time Special
  • Tipsy Wand
  • Tischlein deck' Dich! - "klein"
  • Tischlein deck Dich!
  • Tony's "Neue Geistertafel"
  • Tony's Kartensteiger
  • Der 'Tote Punkt'
  • Transparent Minds
  • Transparente Fingerguillotine
  • Transparente Kartenbox
  • Transparente Kartenwunder-Box
  • Traum des Spielers
  • Traum eines Falschspielers
  • Trauma
  • Traumdeutung
  • Das Traumspiel
  • Tresorknacker Karten
  • Tricky Business
  • Trnka-Tamburin
  • Tschangs CD-Scheiben
  • Tseng Tjeng
  • Tsengs merkwürdiges Testament
  • Tuch-Zauberstab
  • Tücher-Journal ...
2017 / 10 / 13

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The Mindreader's Packet

Robert A. Nelson

The Mindreader's Packet by Robert A. NelsonHere is a collection of twenty (yes, 20) choice mental and psychic presentations, most of which may be performed impromptu with little or no preparation. The Mindreader's Packet will enable you to demonstrate your apparent amazing mental and psychic abilities that will long linger in the minds of your audience.

Here are descriptions of just a few of the twenty effects contained in this ebook:

MENTAL CARDOLOGY - The mentalist correctly divines the name of a selected playing card, which is placed in his hand behind his back. May be immediately repeated. Ordinary unprepared cards are used...

2017 / 10 / 11

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Hands Off ESP

Maurice Janssen

Hands Off ESP by Maurice JanssenDIFFICULTY: 1
ANGLES: spectators across from you
RESET: none (impromptu)
REPETABLE: yes different outcome every time

Here is a nice little effect you can perform with any five cards. In this adaptation, we are using the five ESP symbols. Cards are shown, inspected, shuffled and one symbol selected, by the participant, while you are turned away. They mix the symbols (face down) some more and then deal the cards face down, again while you are still turned away. They pick up their cards, hold them on their palm (still face down) as you begin to sense their symbol, yup you...

2017 / 10 / 11

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Our Mysteries

Al Baker & Roy Benson & Al Flosso & Robert Harbin & Leo Horowitz & "Think-a-Drink" Hoffman & Eugene Laurant & Magini & Miaco & Russell Swann

Our Mysteries by Al Baker & Roy Benson & Al Flosso & Robert Harbin & Leo Horowitz & "Think-a-Drink" Hoffman & Eugene Laurant & Magini & Miaco & Russell SwannA wonderful selection of tricks illustrated by Harlan Tarbell with an introduction by John Mulholland. For each author a short biographical sketch is included at the end of the book.

THE FINGER KNOWS—AND TELLS (Al Baker) A truly amazing example of mind reading.

THE GLASS TRICK (Roy Benson) An instantaneous, and seemingly impossible, disappearance of a handkerchief.

SEVEN COINS (Al Flosso) A clever sleight to cause several coins to go from one hand to the other.

THE PIERCED CARDS (Robert Harbin) An excellent manipulative method by which selected cards are caused to appear on a ribbon.

DUO-FLIGHT (Leo Hartz;...

2017 / 10 / 11

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Magic for Minors

Hugh Miller

Magic for Minors by Hugh Miller
  • Little Miss Muffett
  • Spot The Silks
  • Candy Cascade
  • Over The Rainbow
  • A Giant For Christmas
  • Miraculous Penetration
  • Five Interludes
  • Fancy That!
  • The Banger
  • Smarties
  • The Great Gold Robbery
  • Two Novel Silk Vanishes
  • Red And Green Rabbits
  • Animal Speller
  • Travelling Tube
  • The Magic Word
  • I'll Do It Again
  • Mysto
  • Paper Tearing
  • The Ribbon Egg
  • The Magic Poster
  • Turkish Delight
  • Fly-Over Silks
  • A Letter For The Conjuror
  • Matinee If Wet
  • Dis-A-Bell
  • Yogi Dresses Up
  • Tie Tactic
  • Growing Tassel
  • Growing Rope
  • The Presentation Of Magic For Minors

1st edition 1967, 87 pages; 1st digital edition...

2017 / 10 / 10

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Ireland Magic Catalog No. 17

Frances Marshall

Ireland Magic Catalog No. 17 by Frances MarshallThe Ireland Magic Company was founded in 1926 by the late Laurie Lowell Ireland. The first retail advertisement appeared in The Sphinx and The Linking Ring for March 1929. The first trick was the clever Ireland Button Trick.

1st edition 1962, 224 pages.

2017 / 10 / 9

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Seance Magazine

Scott Davis

Seance Magazine by Scott DavisSeance Magazine - a quarterly magazine devoted to spirit magic - was published from fall 1988 until summer of 1991, a total of 12 issues. This is a facsimile reproduction including every published page and every tipped in sheet of advertisement.

This magazine is considered one of the best publications on theatrical seances with contributions by legends such as Eugene Burger, Tony Andruzzi, Phil Goldstein (Max Maven), T.A. Waters, Punx, Bob Baker, Lee Earle, Jim Magus, and others, and of course Scott Davis himself. It is a great source for performances during Halloween and other spooky or bizarre performances. ...

2017 / 10 / 8

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Scripted #14: The Penrose Knot

Larry Brodahl

Scripted #14: The Penrose Knot by Larry BrodahlThe magician ties a rope into a chain of 30 knots. Each knot appears identical.

The spectator grabs one of the knots. The magician now pulls on the ends of the rope, and every knot dissolves - except - the knot the spectator selected. That knot proves to be a common overhand knot.

The Penrose knot was published in Karl Fulves' Self Working Rope Tricks, but the description was less-than-clear, and the effect is quite strange.

Well, the author of How To Write A Script shows how he used his methodology to write a script that successfully explains and entertains with the Penrose knot. He's even worked out a "in-the-hands"...

2017 / 10 / 8

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Birthday Calender

Unknown Mentalist

Birthday Calender by Unknown MentalistThis includes physical products, a set of 4 business card size gimmicks, which will be shipped to you. The ebook can be downloaded instantly from your digital shelf. Once the initial set of gimmicks is gone this will only be available as PDF without any mailed gimmicks.

A powerful combination of methods makes this a versatile tool for birthday divinations. You can always carry this set of 4 cards in your wallet. Any participant's exact birthday (date and month) can be divined using any of the dozen combo methods built into the cards. The range of different methods enables one to repeat this...

2017 / 10 / 8

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PDF & softcover

Theatre of Blood

Dr. Doom

Theatre of Blood by Dr. DoomMake your next Halloween party or haunted house an event to remember!

Dr. Doom reveals secrets of his Theatre of Blood professional haunted house attraction. Illusions, effects, costuming, makeup, sound effects and more are discussed. Everything you need for a successful and scary house of horrors.

Newly revised, with nearly 20 pages of new content, including new sections on merchandising, new scenes and attractions and more.

Here's a partial look at the contents:

  • Visible Cremation Illusion
  • Crepe Hair
  • Rotting Mummy
  • Products of Interest
  • Power Saw Through Girl
  • Incredible Needle...
2017 / 10 / 8

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Mind and Magic Miracles (German)

Ted Lesley

Mind and Magic Miracles (German) by Ted LesleyTed Lesleys Seminarklassiker mit großartigen Ideen für den Mentalkünstler. Das PDF enthält die genaue Erklärung vieler Kunststücke und Prinzipien, vom Daumenschreiber bis zur Mentaltafel, die ein Mentalkünstler für die Bühne benötigt. Hier ist ein Auszug:
  • Stacked Deck
  • Daumenschreibereien
  • Decisions! Decisions!
  • Dream Deck Kombination
  • Hello
  • Mr. Bill Tube
  • Kismet Combination
  • David Hoy's Sensation
  • The Working Performer's Marked Deck
  • Gedanken zu Premonition
  • Meine Version von Eddie Joseph's New Premonition
  • Slate-Sational
Dieses Seminar war lange nicht zu erhalten und wurde vollkommen überarbeitet....
2017 / 10 / 7

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Zauberbutike Routinensammlung 18

Eckhard Böttcher

Zauberbutike Routinensammlung 18 by Eckhard Böttcher
  • Springende Hasen
  • Der "Springende Punkt"
  • Squeeze-away Block
  • Squeeze-away "Gigant"
  • Stahl durch Glas
  • Slate of Mind
  • Stehauf - Vasen
  • Der Stein des Pharaos
  • Sternen-Blumen-Tuch
  • Sternenkapsel
  • Strahlenvision
  • Steichholz zu Rose
  • Streichholz-Drawer
  • Streichzeug
  • Magiros Streifen-Färbemaschine
  • Such die Dame!
  • Super Billard Bälle
  • Super Chip-Lift
  • Super Fingermagnet
  • Super Gimmick IV
  • Super Gimmick "NEU"
  • Super Gimmick
  • Super Kugelröhre
  • Super Okitoglas
  • Super Penetration
  • Der Super Punxtest
  • Super Ultimate Cards To Wallet
  • Super Verschwinde-Gimmick
  • Surprise Karte
  • Svengali (Bicycle) ...
2017 / 10 / 6

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Zauberbutike Routinensammlung 17

Eckhard Böttcher

Zauberbutike Routinensammlung 17 by Eckhard Böttcher
  • Schwarz-weiß-rot Färbemesser
  • Schwebende Postkarten-Dame
  • Schwebendes Glas
  • Schwebendes Streichholz
  • Schweinerei 'und mehr'
  • Scotch und Soda
  • Sechs magische Pärchen
  • Sechs mal Sex
  • Sechsfacher Zauberstab
  • Sechs-Karten-Trick
  • Seelöwen Dressur
  • Seidenraupen-Magazin
  • Seidenring-Wunder
  • Seidentuch-Kabinett
  • Seifenblasen-Billard
  • Seil - Brief
  • Seil-Karten-Trick
  • Sensationelle Ringbefreiung
  • Sensationelle Faltmünze
  • Sepa-Ring
  • Sexy Hexy
  • Sexy-Färbe-Spiel
  • Sichtbare Geldscheindurchdringung
  • Sichtbarer Kartendurchbruch
  • Sidewalk Shuffle
  • Siebenfach-verschlossen
  • Siegel der Verschwiegenheit ...
2017 / 10 / 6

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Bob Farmer

Cyclops by Bob FarmerOne-Ball cups and balls routine

One large ball and three cups are examined by the spectators. The magician's hands are empty - so are his pockets.

  • Covered by a cup, the ball vanishes
  • It jumps from cup to cup
  • It penetrates the bottom of a cup
  • It jumps from pocket to cup
  • It appears under any cup the spectator picks
  • It multiplies to three balls, one under each cup
  • No special equipment required
  • Performable under almost any conditions: close-up, standing, sitting, kneeling - even begging
  • 5 second reset
  • Do it in your (or someone else's) underwear
  • Short, easy-to-follow,...
2017 / 10 / 3

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Dead Cut

Steven Palmer

Dead Cut by Steven PalmerA very fooling close-up routine using playing cards with progressively more impossible stages. Using minimum sleight of hand and a normal deck this has been a favourite prelude to show how the performer gained his intuitive abilities.

Luke Jermay Prelude from the full-length book Method:

My personal pick is "Dead Cut," which is not only very well constructed and cleverly composed but I am certain will be the perfect piece for many magicians who wish to bridge the worlds of the magic they have become known for and mentalism. This routine alone will be worth ten times the price paid for this book to...
2017 / 10 / 2

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Q&A Evolution

Scott Creasey

Q&A Evolution by Scott Creasey
"Just watched Q&A Evolution again. Man, is it packed with subtleties and insights from someone who has been doing Q&A for 20 years. Also made up a set of the Evolution cards and have been practicing the moves. It doesn't take long at all to get the moves down smoothly. Everything takes place in your hands, right in front of the audience. And in the case of a one-on-one reading, literally right under their noses. The combination of the Q&A Evolution System cards and the readings framework Scott teaches allows you to do unique, one-on-one readings for one person, or many. The more I work with...
2017 / 10 / 2

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MP4 (video)

The Black Art or Magic Made Easy

Author Unknown

The Black Art or Magic Made Easy by Author Unknown
    1. How To Make The Pass
    2. The Long Card
    3. To Produce a Particular Card without Seeing the Pack
    4. To Call for Any Card in the Pack
    5. The Changeable Ace
    6. The Convertible Aces
    7. The Gathering of the Clans
    8. Everybody's Card
    9. Forcing a Card
    10. The Card hit upon by Guess
    11. Ups and Downs
    12. To Tell The Card That A Person Has Touched With His Finger
    13. The Card Discovered by Touch or Smell
    14. Confederate Cards
    15. The Ten Duplicates, or Cards in Couples
    16. The Turn-Over Feat
    17. The Nerve Feat
    18. To Tell The Number Of Cards By The Weight
    19. To Change the Card by Word of Command
    20. The Card in a Mirror
    21. The...
2017 / 9 / 30

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Selling the Tough Stuff

Wesley James

Selling the Tough Stuff by Wesley JamesMr. James has been an underground secret. During his many years as a professional he refused to lecture for magicians or publish the effects he used in his professional performances. Now, Mr. James has largely retired from performing and has begun to lecture for magicians. Selling the Tough Stuff are the lecture notes from his 2nd lecture series.

Larry Jennings, Ken Krenzel, Jim Patton and Gordon Bruce would agree. They all attended his past lecture.

Wesley's first new set of lecture notes in almost 15 years. Packed with 10 new effects, routines or sets straight from his working repertoire. This is...

2017 / 9 / 30

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