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You will find here a huge amount of magic tricks, illusions, moves, techniques and concepts, starting from the earliest descriptions in the 16th century to the latest hot magic tricks performed by the likes of David Copperfield, Criss Angel or David Blaine. Regardless of if you want to find out more about Houdini or study the latest developments in mentalism, this is the page to bookmark. Make sure to also drill down into the subcategories to find what you are looking for.

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    Insane Cube Act by Pablo Amirá    Stomp by Ralf Rudolph (Fairmagic)    Stomp (German) by Ralf Rudolph (Fairmagic)    Magic of the Introduction by Scott Xavier    Future Forces by Jason Messina    Wi by Jason Messina    Free Money by Brian T. Lees    Magicseen No. 69 by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw    52.13 ACAAN by Unknown Mentalist    The Milky Way by Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick Grant    The Hierophant 5 and 6 by Jon Racherbaumer    The Hierophant 3 and 4 by Jon Racherbaumer    The Hierophant 1 and 2 by Jon Racherbaumer    C Through by Sandeep    Le Tour Du Fil Hindou by Lewis Ganson    ESP Ruler by Maurice Janssen    A Thought Stumbled Upon by Abhinav Bothra    22 Impossible Cards by Ralf Rudolph (Fairmagic)    Untraceable by Raphaël Czaja    Performance Investment by Brian T. Lees    Abraca-Poof August 2016 by Brian T. Lees    Encyclopedia of Dove Magic by Marian Chavez    Golf Ball in Glass by Ralf Rudolph (Fairmagic)    Der Golfball im Glas by Ralf Rudolph (Fairmagic)    Visions of Tomorrow by Robert A. Nelson    A Night with the Moon by George Munro    VCL Prediction by Maurice Janssen    Chandra Mind Reading Act by James S. Harto    Bill S Kill by Unknown Mentalist    Let's Take A Breather by Paul A. Lelekis    B'Cards by Pablo Amirá    Parata by Rachel Colombini & Aldo Colombini    Super Easy Bookings by Jesse Lewis    Just Think by G. W. Magnuson & Devin Knight    Entertaining with Hypnotism by Calostro    Deck in Hand by Laszlo Rothbart    Four Ace Intros by Ken de Courcy    Am Musing: 54 years inside the magic circle by Gregg Webb    Winnebago: an experiment in remote viewing by Simon Caine    Ask Pythagoras by Robin Gillett    Star Signature by Unknown Mentalist    ESP @ Any # by Maurice Janssen    Trick Tac by Sandeep    Scripted #4: The 21 Card Trick by Larry Brodahl    Thinking of an Assistant by Brian T. Lees    Mastering Stage Hypnosis by Jesse Lewis    Ostrakinda by Gerard Zitta    Ostrakinda (French) by Gerard Zitta    One Man Mental Magic by Milbourne Christopher    The Gambler's Palm Revisited by Daniel MacMillan

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Insane Cube Act

Insane Cube Act by Pablo AmiráInsane Cube Act features 3 effects that are completely modular and pocket space friendly that will be added in your repertoire - I am sure.

First, your participant rolls a regular casino die and places it inside the black container. You can instantly know the thought of number. (No transparency as the old classic one. A new simple method that you will love!)

Second, you can TEACH your audience how to read thoughts and THEY will know a new thought of number. No Instant Stooge or Dual Reality.

Third, a new "invisible die" is used to select a number, which you had as a prediction from...

Pablo Amirá23 Jul 2016$25.00

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Stomp by Ralf Rudolph (Fairmagic)Let someone choose a card, and then put the card back in the deck. The spectator himself can shuffle the cards, and then lay them on the ground, face down. You now claim to find the card, without your hands touching them. Now you step on the cards on the floor, and show the spectator a card, which is underneath your shoe. But It is not the card the spectator has chosen. But no problem. You step a second time on the floor, lift up your shoe, and now the card has turned into the one, chosen by the spectator!

You require:

  1. A Reel with a break
  2. Some double sided scotch tape
  3. Some magician...
Ralf Rudolph (Fairmagic)22 Jul 2016$7.00

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Stomp (German)

Stomp (German) by Ralf Rudolph (Fairmagic)Sie lassen eine Spielkarte wählen und geben diese in das Spiel zurück. Der Zuschauer selbst darf das Kartenspiel mischen und auf dem Boden mit der Bildseite nach unten Ausbreiten. Sie geben nun vor die Karte ohne mit ihren Händen zu Berühren zu finden. Nun treten Sie mit ihrem Schuh fest auf die ausgebreiteten Karten und präsentieren dem Zuschauer eine Spielkarte welche sich unter ihrer Schuhsohle befindet. Doch leider handelt es sich nicht um die vom Zuschauer gezogene Karte. Doch kein Problem. Ein zweites Mal stampfen Sie mit ihrem Fuß auf dem Boden und heben ihren Schuh erneut hoch....
Ralf Rudolph (Fairmagic)22 Jul 2016$7.00

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Magic of the Introduction

Magic of the Introduction by Scott XavierBehind every great magician is an amazing business created character. In this ebook I show the 50 foundations I use to become a more engaging performer. Clients want to hire from their friends, so I have created 50 steps in magic to engage with your clients and sell more!

1st edition 2016, 5 pages

Scott Xavier22 Jul 2016$7.00

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Future Forces

Future Forces by Jason MessinaWhat is Future Forces?

I'll start off by telling you what it isn't. It isn't just another trick. It's the framework for an experience you create for a spectator. Built on solid magic principles, you will build a once in a lifetime experience for a spectator. You get to peek behind the thought process that led to creating Future Forces and a few tips on how to create your own "flow state."

Did we mention it's completely FREE? It's yours to read, share and perform. You just can't modify it or resell it. That's all I ask.

1st edition 2016, 11 pages.

Jason Messina21 Jul 2016$0.00

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Wi by Jason MessinaFirst came TUBE and now Wi. You write something down on a piece of paper, give it to them and ask them what kind of food they would eat if they could eat anything. They say French food. When they open up the paper there is a phone number written on it. You tell them to call the number. When they do they reach a French restaurant. A real French restaurant, not your friend trying to pretend to be a French restaurant! It's really that simple and can be adapted to tons of different types of predictions. Like TUBE, this is more of a principle then a straight trick. And the great thing is you don't...
Jason Messina21 Jul 2016$4.95

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Free Money

Free Money by Brian T. LeesWorking on tips, fund raising and ticket sales are sources to generate free money. The term free identifies no contract/invoice. But it doesn't mean you do not have to work for it. This text gets you started with these approaches. It is nice to have the guaranteed income of a contract. However, in the proper situations, locations and with a professional touch the income with these activities is unlimited.
  • Everything old still around
  • Fear
  • Apply yourself
  • Working for tips
  • Working on tickets
  • Taking it to those in need
  • Wrapping it up

1st edition 2016, 20 pages.

Brian T. Lees21 Jul 2016$10.00

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Magicseen No. 69

Magicseen No. 69 by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil ShawVol. 12, No. 3, July 2016; 60 pages
Cover: Randolph Tempest
  1. Editor's Letter
  2. What's Inside - contents
  3. Randolph Tempest: Out Of Work & Out Of This World! - cover article/interview by Graham Hey
  4. Letters
  5. Live Review - Sean Alexander UK Tour - Neil Ewart
  6. Making Magic With The Masses: Crowdfunding Conpaiagns for Conjurors - Eoin Smith
  7. Mandy Muden: The Queen of Clubs - interview
  8. In The Phonebox with: ... Natalie Burn
  9. On The Psychiatrist's Couch with ... Chad Long - Dr. William Phipps-Clarke
  10. Breathe Magic - Jay Fortune
  11. Nothing Conventional
    1. 4Fs - A Phenomenon - Chris Payne
    2. SAMS...
Mark Leveridge &
Graham Hey &
Phil Shaw
20 Jul 2016$5.00

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52.13 ACAAN

52.13 ACAAN by Unknown MentalistI am happy to offer my 52nd release in about 13 months for just $6, with my humble gratitude and heartfelt gratefulness to all of you. You just need to already own Klear Fate or buy along with this.

You will be able to perform the following routines by using the Klear Fate principle/technique. So you already need to know the Klear Fate process.

ACAAN is a very popular plot in card magic and card mentalism. This is a collection of 8 ACAAN routines which are very novel, entertaining and stunning but at the same time extremely easy to perform. Although some of these are not strictly ACAAN in a true...

Unknown Mentalist19 Jul 2016$18.00

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The Milky Way

The Milky Way by Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick GrantAn extremely rare and little-known U. F. Grant manuscript that is nearly impossible to find nowadays. Devin Knight has taken the original text, revised it and updated it with various annotations for today's performers. He explains and deals with issues that Grant failed to mention in the original release.

This e-book teaches you three great U. F. Grant tricks with a glass of milk! The methods are typical of Grant's thinking.

1-Here & There: A homing milk effect. Show a glass of real milk, cover it with a paper tube. Pour the milk back into a pitcher. When the tube is removed, the glass...

Devin Knight &
Ulysses Frederick Grant
19 Jul 2016$6.00

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The Hierophant 5 and 6

The Hierophant 5 and 6 by Jon RacherbaumerIssue 5:
  • Publisher's Palaver
  • Hurley's Automatic Boston Box
  • Coin Concatenation
  • Ambush
  • An Easy Ambush
  • A Clean Ambush
  • Let's Ambush and Kill "The Collectors"
  • Dingle's "Collectors"
  • All You Had To Do Was Watch And Still You're Not Happy
  • "Collect Double"
  • Marlo's Visual Retention Change
  • Marlo's Technical Variation of the Veeser Concept
  • Almost Like Trick Cards
  • Estimations
    • The "Too Perfect" Theory
    • Dunbury's Delusions
    • Riffs of Henry Christ
    • A Dialogue with Merritt
  • The Satiricon
    • Further Cardmanship - part two
Issue 6:
  • Notes on a Miracle
  • Have Another Sandwich
  • Variation...
Jon Racherbaumer19 Jul 2016$15.00

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The Hierophant 3 and 4

The Hierophant 3 and 4 by Jon RacherbaumerIssue 3:
  • Major Arcana
    • Hurley's Chinese Enigma
    • Repeat Signed Card To Case
    • Signature Transposition
    • Simplex or Comples
  • Minor Arcana
    • Cervon's Dealing the Flush
    • Allan Ackerman's The Fickle Card's Fingered Fate
    • The Professor's Incubus
    • Card-Nundrums
    • Roy Walton's Friendly Persuasion
    • 3 to the power of 2 Deal Duplicated
  • The Satiricon
    • La Fleury, Pagan Cardicienne
    • Dove Droppings From All Over
    • Ask the Millwright
  • Olram Returns
    • Convincing Control
    • Marlo on the Charlier Pass
    • Variant of Hit Second Deal
    • The Surprise Packet
    • Signed Card In ...
    • No-turn Triumph
    • Tilt Collectors ...
Jon Racherbaumer19 Jul 2016$15.00

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The Hierophant 1 and 2

The Hierophant 1 and 2 by Jon RacherbaumerIssue 1:
  • Proem
  • Marlo Handles the Open Prediction (10 Variations, 15 Methods)
  • Addition to Marlo's "Matching Miracle"
  • Heldman's out of this World Clean-Up
  • Estimations: Faro Fantasy, Finagling, and Paul Swinford
  • The Satiricon
    • Cardmanship
    • Footnote to Ferris
    • Mirabile Dictu
    • Excerpt from a Dialogue Overheard at a Convention
  • Postscript
Issue 2:
  • New Fangled Glimpse Anthology
    • If Glimpse
    • Fi Glimpse
    • Spring Glimpse
    • Neo-Piquant Glimpse
    • Marlo's Beveled Deck Glimpse
    • Turn Around Center Glimpse
  • Marlo Stalks the Ultimate Sandwich
    • Marlo's "Collectors"
    • Alternatives for the "Collectors" ...
Jon Racherbaumer19 Jul 2016$15.00

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C Through

C Through by SandeepC Through is an effect where you visually push a torn off corner of a spectator's selected card into an empty tic tac box. The spectator can check the corner to confirm that it matches their card.
  1. No gimmicks
  2. Visual and direct
  3. Everything is examinable
  4. The spectator can hold the box and can keep it after the effect
  5. You can also do it with bills
  6. Easy to do
  7. Quick reset

1st edition 2016, length 7min 44s

Sandeep19 Jul 2016$6.00

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Le Tour Du Fil Hindou

Le Tour Du Fil Hindou by Lewis GansonLe tour du Fil gypsy fait partie de ces effets classiques dans la même lignée que les anneaux chinois et les balles et gobelets. Un fil est cassé en plusieurs petits morceaux, puis il est magiquement reconstitué en un long morceau de fil. Bon nombre des meilleurs magiciens ont intégré le Fil gypsy à leurs spectacles : Fred Kaps, Dany Ray, Ricky Jay, Billy McComb, Ali Bongo, Hans Trixer, Marconick et Eugene Burger pour n'en citer que quelques-uns. Lewis Ganson enseigne ici en détail avec du texte, des photos et des illustrations les tenants et les aboutissants de cette routine.


Lewis Ganson18 Jul 2016$7.00

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ESP Ruler

ESP Ruler by Maurice JanssenYou show a pack of ESP cards and have a volunteer select two symbol cards (face down), place these aside for a moment. Next, you introduce an narrow strip of ESP/ZENER symbols and have the participant place each of their index fingers at each end. You instruct them to close their eyes for a brief moment, while they slowly move their fingers towards the center. They can stop when ever they desire. Have them open their eyes and look at the symbols their fingers rest upon. You have them turn over their cards and it's an exact match.

This is just one way of performing this effect, I reveal a...

Maurice Janssen18 Jul 2016$4.00

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A Thought Stumbled Upon

A Thought Stumbled Upon by Abhinav BothraA couple of people are invited to participate in a trick - any 4 of a kind gets chosen, one of the 4 cards is then given to Participant no. 1 by Participant no. 2. Participant 1 who has no knowledge of the card in his hand correctly deduces the suit and then the value of the card.
  • Borrowed and Shuffled Deck.
  • No Forces.
  • Easy to do.
Honest Notes:
  • This needs a table or a working surface.
  • A fact (stated twice in the patter), a phrase and the casualness of the performer's is what makes this possible.
  • Included in here is the script (fully customizable) and a short video (download from...
Abhinav Bothra18 Jul 2016$5.00

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22 Impossible Cards

22 Impossible Cards by Ralf Rudolph (Fairmagic)This is a collection of 22 impossible cards created by Ralf Rudolph. For each card you will get a photo of the finished (cut and folded) card, as well as a template to make the necessary cuts. You will NOT get the folding instructions. This means you have to be familiar with the basic folds to create impossible cards. A good place to start is Complete Guide to Impossible Foldings.

The cards included in this collection are:

  1. 2 Framed Card
  2. 3 Framed Card
  3. 4 Way Trapdoor Card
  4. Celtic Knot
  5. Circlo Cross
  6. Clover Circle
  7. Criss Cross Link
  8. Heart Henge
  9. Hex Box
  10. Latice
  11. Opti Knot
  12. Ribbon
  13. Rounded Link
  14. Simply Squared
  15. Square Knot ...
Ralf Rudolph (Fairmagic)18 Jul 2016$12.00

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Untraceable by Raphaël CzajaThe descriptions below are purposely very detailed so you have an accurate transcription of what is seen by the spectator. Note that he can genuinely shuffle the deck as he wants (overhand, riffle, hindu, etc). No sleight or secret move from the magician. No marking system. No gaff or any hidden gimmick. Only use a regular deck.

EFFECT #1: While shuffling a deck of cards, you proclaim to have a sixth sense that enables you to feel things around you without the need for seeing, hearing or touching them; like detecting pulse beats from a close distance. To prove it, you invite a spectator to...

Raphaël Czaja18 Jul 2016$7.95

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Performance Investment

Performance Investment by Brian T. LeesEver wonder why some magicians always seem to get hired over others? Do you want to get your quote higher in the piles of those being considered? If you position your quote with a return on investment approach you will have more success. Skills and performance content is important. But those who suggest better returns in terms of value are those who get hired. This ebook identifies the “value add” elements that, if included in your quote, helps push your information to the top of the list.
  • Preface
  • The Buyers Side
  • Disqualified Proposals
  • Value by Definition
  • Value Adds
  • Structure the...
Brian T. Lees18 Jul 2016$10.00

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