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Psychology Applied to Work, 11th Edition by Paul M. Muchinsky & Satoris S. CulbertsonTimo DanteCard College Lightest by Roberto GiobbiMagicseen Magazine
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The most popular tricks are card tricks. Take a pack of cards and perform a miracle. Some of the masters whoes work you will find here are Dai Vernon, Tony Slydini, Roberto Giobbi and many many more. A pack of cards with its 52 pasteboards allows a shear infinite number of combinations and variations of card tricks. A philosophical question to ask would be if there are a finite number of card tricks possible or an infinite number. Looking at the amount of published card tricks it appears to be for all practical purposes infinite. Nevertheless the classic themes remain extremely popular and effective. It is hard to top a good ambitious card routine, card warp, oil and water, card to wallet (or other impossible locations), or torn and resored card etc. But occasionally we are blessed with the grace of a genius who gives us the gift of a completely new trick, concept or principle.

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Product Name Author Price+ 
Injog ObtainerDavid Walsh$0.00
Limitless: more than 50 effects using the Romero BoxAntonio Romero$0.00
FinkKyle MacNeill$0.00
The Art of Remembering and Placing Multiple Key CardsNick Conticello$0.00
4 MostPeter Duffie$0.00
Almost Perfect Card PredictionPablo Amirá$0.00
Sticky TripMatthew Leatherbarrow$0.00
Theory of Sequential DecksUnknown Mentalist$0.00
DeckologyUnknown Mentalist$0.00
Karma Deck StoryUnknown Mentalist$0.00
Card Shark Issue 1Kyle MacNeill$0.99
Fake Center DealAllan Ackerman$1.00
Fan GlimpseAllan Ackerman$1.00
Show Stoppers with CardsJean Hugard &
Fred Braue
Clever Card TricksMaxwell$1.50
Laplantif Spelling SystemFlorian Laplantif$1.50
Little Noise for Double LiftAllan Ackerman$1.50
Some Card Effects and Magical TalksGeo DeLawrence$2.00
Herrman's Tricks with CardsProfessor Hoffmann$2.00
Ten New Impromptu Card TricksCharles Thorton Jordan$2.00
Ten New Prepared Card TricksCharles Thorton Jordan$2.00
Ten New Sleight of Hand Card TricksCharles Thorton Jordan$2.00
The Stripper Deck - Miracle Methods No. 1Jean Hugard &
Fred Braue
Vernon Top PalmAllan Ackerman$2.00
Multiple Top PalmAllan Ackerman$2.00
Berg PalmAllan Ackerman$2.00
Covering Palming AnglesAllan Ackerman$2.00
Slydini Fan StealAllan Ackerman$2.00
Gambler's Cop: Holding & ReplacingAllan Ackerman$2.00
Gambler's Cop From TiltAllan Ackerman$2.00
Gambler's Cop: StandardAllan Ackerman$2.00
Gen PalmAllan Ackerman$2.00
Bluff ControlAllan Ackerman$2.00
Side Steal To BottomAllan Ackerman$2.00
Side Steal To TenkaiAllan Ackerman$2.00
Turnover Palm ReplacementAllan Ackerman$2.00
Marlo's Tenkai ReplacementAllan Ackerman$2.00
Tenkai Fan ReplacementAllan Ackerman$2.00
Scoop ReplacementAllan Ackerman$2.00
Vernon Tenkai ReplacementAllan Ackerman$2.00
Push Off Second Deal VariationAllan Ackerman$2.00
Push Off Second As ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.00
Second Deal CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
Movie Second DealAllan Ackerman$2.00
Bottom Deal ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.00
Bottom Deal Snap ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.00
Bottom Deal CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
Open Double DealAllan Ackerman$2.00
One-Handed Open Double DealAllan Ackerman$2.00
PIP Center DealAllan Ackerman$2.00
Top, Second, Center, BottomAllan Ackerman$2.00
Marlo BreakAllan Ackerman$2.00
Klaus Breakout DisplayAllan Ackerman$2.00
All Around Square Up GlimpseAllan Ackerman$2.00
Kick Count To CrimpAllan Ackerman$2.00
Automatic JogAllan Ackerman$2.00
Keep Jog While DribblingAllan Ackerman$2.00
Hofzinser Control To TopAllan Ackerman$2.00
Mock PassAllan Ackerman$2.00
One-Handed Overhand ShuffleAllan Ackerman$2.00
One-Handed Faro ShuffleAllan Ackerman$2.00
Charlier Cut with a SomersaultAllan Ackerman$2.00
Erdnase One-Handed CutAllan Ackerman$2.00
3-Packet One-Handed CutAllan Ackerman$2.00
5-Packet One-Handed CutAllan Ackerman$2.00
Slap ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.00
Color ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.00
Double Lift Outjog SubtletyAllan Ackerman$2.00
Square-Up BreakAllan Ackerman$2.00
Obtaining BreakAllan Ackerman$2.00
Pop-Over Double LiftAllan Ackerman$2.00
Marlo's Throw DoubleAllan Ackerman$2.00
Schwarzman's Long TossAllan Ackerman$2.00
Double Double TossAllan Ackerman$2.00
Wipe ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.00
Throw ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.00
Beam Change or ShapeshifterAllan Ackerman$2.00
Tabled Snap ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.00
Miracle ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.00
Rubberband CardAllan Ackerman$2.00
Back RiseAllan Ackerman$2.00
Shank ShuffleAllan Ackerman$2.00
Sideways Shank ShuffleAllan Ackerman$2.00
Tabled Fake CutAllan Ackerman$2.00
Stover Fake CutAllan Ackerman$2.00
Ose Fake CutAllan Ackerman$2.00
Triple Fake CutAllan Ackerman$2.00
Off-The-Bottom Strip Fake CutAllan Ackerman$2.00
Incomplete Faro With JogAllan Ackerman$2.00
Automatic Placement ControlAllan Ackerman$2.00
Getting Packets the Same SizeAllan Ackerman$2.00
Faro DividerAllan Ackerman$2.00
Reverse FaroAllan Ackerman$2.00
OPEC CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
Jordan CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
3-4-3 CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
3-5-4 CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
2-X-2 CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
2-4-4 CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
Olram SubtletyAllan Ackerman$2.00
Displaying 1 to 100 (of 1707 products) Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...  > 

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