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The most popular tricks are card tricks. Take a pack of cards and perform a miracle. Some of the masters whoes work you will find here are Dai Vernon, Tony Slydini, Roberto Giobbi and many many more. A pack of cards with its 52 pasteboards allows a shear infinite number of combinations and variations of card tricks. A philosophical question to ask would be if there are a finite number of card tricks possible or an infinite number. Looking at the amount of published card tricks it appears to be for all practical purposes infinite. Nevertheless the classic themes remain extremely popular and effective. It is hard to top a good ambitious card routine, card warp, oil and water, card to wallet (or other impossible locations), or torn and resored card etc. But occasionally we are blessed with the grace of a genius who gives us the gift of a completely new trick, concept or principle.

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    Andrus Deals Again by Jerry Andrus    The Invisible Influence: the no touch card act by Eddie Joseph    O.O.P.S. 4: On Other People's Shoulders by Paul Hallas    Personal Secrets by Harry Lorayne    Biddle Juice by Raphaël Czaja    Cutting Deeper: an exploration of coercive cutting by Jon Racherbaumer    Best of Duffie 6 by Peter Duffie    Best of Duffie 1 by Peter Duffie    The Miser's Miracle by Jerry Andrus    The Doc and His Deck by Jacob Taub    The ACAAN Experience by Nick Conticello    The Card Magic of LePaul by Paul LePaul    Sloka Deck by Unknown Mentalist    Pigment and Pixel by Abhinav Bothra    Sleightly Miraculous by Jerry Andrus    Jumbo Card Tricks by Eddie Joseph    Sleeving from the Deck by Jerry Andrus    Andrus Deals You In by Jerry Andrus    Underhanded Sorcery by Sheldon Waldman    Effective Card Magic by William (Bill) Simon    Bombay by Eddie Joseph    50 Crazy Card Stunts by Ulysses Frederick Grant    The Bottom Collectors by Father Cyprian    The Card Expert by Lynn J. Searles    Sleeve Subway by Ken de Courcy    Stage Filler: Mental Cards Across With A Twist by Dave Arch    Karma Deck Story by Unknown Mentalist    Yogik Deck by Unknown Mentalist    Magic To Thrill by Paul A. Lelekis    The Blind Faith Collection by Abhinav Bothra    Card Mastery by Michael MacDougall    Suit Order Systems 2 by Unknown Mentalist    Pyramid Prophecies by Nick Conticello    Basic Card Technique by Anthony Norman    12 Brand New Tricks by Eddie Joseph    Suit Order Systems 1 by Unknown Mentalist    Sub Rosa 9 by Werner Miller    A Thought Well Stolen by (Benny) Ben Harris    Cards in Here by Al E. Smith    The Untouchables by David Devlin    Rasik Deck by Unknown Mentalist    Reveries by Nick Conticello    The Funniest Three Card Monte in the World by Ferry Gerats    Greater Card Tricks by Eddie Joseph    Deck-Sterity by Harry Lorayne    Alpha: signed object to borrowed wallet by Klaud    Deckology Volume 2: Biologic Deck by Unknown Mentalist    Cunning Attractions by Jon Racherbaumer    How To Make Your Own Playing Cards by Chris Wasshuber    84 Card Tricks by Hugh Morris

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Limitless: more than 50 effects using the Romero BoxAntonio Romero$0.00
FinkKyle MacNeill$0.00
The Art of Remembering and Placing Multiple Key CardsNick Conticello$0.00
4 MostPeter Duffie$0.00
Almost Perfect Card PredictionPablo Amirá$0.00
Sticky TripMatthew Leatherbarrow$0.00
Theory of Sequential DecksUnknown Mentalist$0.00
Deckology: Mystic DeckUnknown Mentalist$0.00
Karma Deck StoryUnknown Mentalist$0.00
Card Shark Issue 1Kyle MacNeill$0.99
Fake Center DealAllan Ackerman$1.00
Fan GlimpseAllan Ackerman$1.00
Show Stoppers with CardsJean Hugard &
Fred Braue
Clever Card TricksMaxwell$1.50
Laplantif Spelling SystemFlorian Laplantif$1.50
Little Noise for Double LiftAllan Ackerman$1.50
Some Card Effects and Magical TalksGeo DeLawrence$2.00
Herrman's Tricks with CardsProfessor Hoffmann$2.00
Ten New Impromptu Card TricksCharles Thorton Jordan$2.00
Ten New Prepared Card TricksCharles Thorton Jordan$2.00
Ten New Sleight of Hand Card TricksCharles Thorton Jordan$2.00
The Stripper Deck - Miracle Methods No. 1Jean Hugard &
Fred Braue
Vernon Top PalmAllan Ackerman$2.00
Multiple Top PalmAllan Ackerman$2.00
Berg PalmAllan Ackerman$2.00
Covering Palming AnglesAllan Ackerman$2.00
Slydini Fan StealAllan Ackerman$2.00
Gambler's Cop: Holding & ReplacingAllan Ackerman$2.00
Gambler's Cop From TiltAllan Ackerman$2.00
Gambler's Cop: StandardAllan Ackerman$2.00
Gen PalmAllan Ackerman$2.00
Bluff ControlAllan Ackerman$2.00
Side Steal To BottomAllan Ackerman$2.00
Side Steal To TenkaiAllan Ackerman$2.00
Turnover Palm ReplacementAllan Ackerman$2.00
Marlo's Tenkai ReplacementAllan Ackerman$2.00
Tenkai Fan ReplacementAllan Ackerman$2.00
Scoop ReplacementAllan Ackerman$2.00
Vernon Tenkai ReplacementAllan Ackerman$2.00
Push Off Second Deal VariationAllan Ackerman$2.00
Push Off Second As ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.00
Second Deal CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
Movie Second DealAllan Ackerman$2.00
Bottom Deal ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.00
Bottom Deal Snap ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.00
Bottom Deal CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
Open Double DealAllan Ackerman$2.00
One-Handed Open Double DealAllan Ackerman$2.00
PIP Center DealAllan Ackerman$2.00
Top, Second, Center, BottomAllan Ackerman$2.00
Marlo BreakAllan Ackerman$2.00
Klaus Breakout DisplayAllan Ackerman$2.00
All Around Square Up GlimpseAllan Ackerman$2.00
Kick Count To CrimpAllan Ackerman$2.00
Automatic JogAllan Ackerman$2.00
Keep Jog While DribblingAllan Ackerman$2.00
Hofzinser Control To TopAllan Ackerman$2.00
Mock PassAllan Ackerman$2.00
One-Handed Overhand ShuffleAllan Ackerman$2.00
One-Handed Faro ShuffleAllan Ackerman$2.00
Charlier Cut with a SomersaultAllan Ackerman$2.00
Erdnase One-Handed CutAllan Ackerman$2.00
3-Packet One-Handed CutAllan Ackerman$2.00
5-Packet One-Handed CutAllan Ackerman$2.00
Slap ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.00
Color ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.00
Double Lift Outjog SubtletyAllan Ackerman$2.00
Square-Up BreakAllan Ackerman$2.00
Obtaining BreakAllan Ackerman$2.00
Pop-Over Double LiftAllan Ackerman$2.00
Marlo's Throw DoubleAllan Ackerman$2.00
Schwarzman's Long TossAllan Ackerman$2.00
Double Double TossAllan Ackerman$2.00
Wipe ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.00
Throw ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.00
Beam Change or ShapeshifterAllan Ackerman$2.00
Tabled Snap ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.00
Miracle ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.00
Rubberband CardAllan Ackerman$2.00
Back RiseAllan Ackerman$2.00
Shank ShuffleAllan Ackerman$2.00
Sideways Shank ShuffleAllan Ackerman$2.00
Tabled Fake CutAllan Ackerman$2.00
Stover Fake CutAllan Ackerman$2.00
Ose Fake CutAllan Ackerman$2.00
Triple Fake CutAllan Ackerman$2.00
Off-The-Bottom Strip Fake CutAllan Ackerman$2.00
Incomplete Faro With JogAllan Ackerman$2.00
Automatic Placement ControlAllan Ackerman$2.00
Getting Packets the Same SizeAllan Ackerman$2.00
Faro DividerAllan Ackerman$2.00
Reverse FaroAllan Ackerman$2.00
OPEC CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
Jordan CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
3-4-3 CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
3-5-4 CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
2-X-2 CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
2-4-4 CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
Olram SubtletyAllan Ackerman$2.00
OPOS CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
Gemini CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
Rhythm Count JenningsAllan Ackerman$2.00
Rhythm Count AckermanAllan Ackerman$2.00
Rhythm Count CarpenterAllan Ackerman$2.00
Jiminy Cricket CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
Flushtration CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
Rumba CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
Elmsley Flushtration CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
Ireland's False CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
Carlyle's False CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
Showing Four Aces as FiveAllan Ackerman$2.00
Biddle CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
Veeser ConceptAllan Ackerman$2.00
Vanishing Cards Via BiddleAllan Ackerman$2.00
Here's HockleyAllan Ackerman$2.00
Minch's Biddle ForceAllan Ackerman$2.00
Switch Out CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
Discrepant Switch OutAllan Ackerman$2.00
Marlo's Biddle Switch OutAllan Ackerman$2.00
Using Biddle To Count More Or LessAllan Ackerman$2.00
Hamman CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
Double Deal CountAllan Ackerman$2.00
Vernon Shuffle ReverseAllan Ackerman$2.00
Ackerman Shuffle ReverseAllan Ackerman$2.00
Propelled LapingAllan Ackerman$2.00
Lap Card SwitchAllan Ackerman$2.00
Knuckle Massaging Card TechniquesScott F. Guinn$2.00
Mind FuseMatthew Darwin$2.00
Erdnase Top PalmSteven Youell$2.00
Aced!John Gelasi$2.00
Making WavesJohn Gelasi$2.00
84 Card TricksHugh Morris$2.00
Biddle JuiceRaphaël Czaja$2.00
Palm TransfersAllan Ackerman$2.50
Multiple Top Palm with BreakAllan Ackerman$2.50
Master Move Shuffle PalmAllan Ackerman$2.50
Cornelius Fan StealAllan Ackerman$2.50
Gambler's Cop From ShuffleAllan Ackerman$2.50
Marlo Bottom PalmAllan Ackerman$2.50
Altman's Cut Bottom PalmAllan Ackerman$2.50
Spread Bottom PalmAllan Ackerman$2.50
Side Steal To TopAllan Ackerman$2.50
Clip StealAllan Ackerman$2.50
Movie ControlAllan Ackerman$2.50
Multiple Tenkai StealAllan Ackerman$2.50
Push Off Second DealAllan Ackerman$2.50
One Handed Second DealAllan Ackerman$2.50
Stud Second DealAllan Ackerman$2.50
Mechanical Second DealAllan Ackerman$2.50
Get Ready For Mechanical Second DealAllan Ackerman$2.50
Heirophant ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.50
Cornelius Variation To Heirophant ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.50
Bottom Deal ForceAllan Ackerman$2.50
Bottom Deal SwitchAllan Ackerman$2.50
Stud One-Handed Bottom DealAllan Ackerman$2.50
Push Off One-Handed Bottom DealAllan Ackerman$2.50
Havana Bottom DealAllan Ackerman$2.50
Minus One Bottom DealAllan Ackerman$2.50
Center Deal ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.50
One-Handed Center DealAllan Ackerman$2.50
Side GlideAllan Ackerman$2.50
Double DealAllan Ackerman$2.50
Quick 3-WayAllan Ackerman$2.50
Little Finger BreakAllan Ackerman$2.50
Spectator PeekAllan Ackerman$2.50
Book Break GlimpseAllan Ackerman$2.50
Draun's Fan GlimpseAllan Ackerman$2.50
Fan JogAllan Ackerman$2.50
Fingertip Control ForceAllan Ackerman$2.50
Convincing ControlAllan Ackerman$2.50
Ackerman Convincing ControlAllan Ackerman$2.50
Simon-England Convincing ControlAllan Ackerman$2.50
Hofzinser Card ControlAllan Ackerman$2.50
Hofzinser ForceAllan Ackerman$2.50
Hofzinser Bottom Card ForceAllan Ackerman$2.50
Hofzinser SwitchAllan Ackerman$2.50
Bluff PassAllan Ackerman$2.50
Vernon PassAllan Ackerman$2.50
Draun's Midnight ShiftAllan Ackerman$2.50
Turnover PassAllan Ackerman$2.50
Christ TwistAllan Ackerman$2.50
Vernon Key Card ReplacementAllan Ackerman$2.50
Marlo Key Card ReplacementAllan Ackerman$2.50
D'Amico Multiple ShiftAllan Ackerman$2.50
Marlo Multiple ShiftAllan Ackerman$2.50
Overhand Shuffle ShiftAllan Ackerman$2.50
Charlier CutAllan Ackerman$2.50
Difference Between a Change and a SwitchAllan Ackerman$2.50
Hit Double LiftAllan Ackerman$2.50
Push Off Double LiftAllan Ackerman$2.50
Vernon Push Off Double LiftAllan Ackerman$2.50
Spooky Altman TrapAllan Ackerman$2.50
D'Amico SpreadAllan Ackerman$2.50
Spooky Brother AltmanAllan Ackerman$2.50
Multiple TurnoversAllan Ackerman$2.50
Hartman ChangeAllan Ackerman$2.50
Spread Change RevelationAllan Ackerman$2.50
Benzais Spin OutAllan Ackerman$2.50
Piet Forton's Pop-Out MoveAllan Ackerman$2.50
Faro Block Transfer RevelationAllan Ackerman$2.50
Instant Ace RevelationAllan Ackerman$2.50
Hunter False ShuffleAllan Ackerman$2.50
Erdnase False ShuffleAllan Ackerman$2.50
Pull Through False ShuffleAllan Ackerman$2.50
Pull Through False Shuffle with CutAllan Ackerman$2.50
Slip ShodAllan Ackerman$2.50
Vernon's Two ShuffleAllan Ackerman$2.50
Controlling Top StockAllan Ackerman$2.50
Controlling Bottom StockAllan Ackerman$2.50
Ireland's Red Black ShuffleAllan Ackerman$2.50
D'Amico RevelationAllan Ackerman$2.50
Freeman Kosy RevelationAllan Ackerman$2.50
MGM RevelationAllan Ackerman$2.50
Double Triple Fake CutAllan Ackerman$2.50
Tabled Slip CutAllan Ackerman$2.50
Klause Overhand False ShuffleAllan Ackerman$2.50
Faro CheckAllan Ackerman$2.50
Stacking With The Faro ShuffleAllan Ackerman$2.50
Incomplete Faro ControlAllan Ackerman$2.50
Faro As CullAllan Ackerman$2.50
Counting TerminologyAllan Ackerman$2.50
Fu-Fu SwitchAllan Ackerman$2.50
Secret SubtractionAllan Ackerman$2.50
Vernon Add OnAllan Ackerman$2.50
Quick 3-Way AlternativeAllan Ackerman$2.50
D'Amico Multiple SpreadAllan Ackerman$2.50
Sightless Drop SwitchAllan Ackerman$2.50
Jennings Add OnAllan Ackerman$2.50
Cervon's Cut ReverseAllan Ackerman$2.50
Braue Reversal 1 & 2Allan Ackerman$2.50
Pemper Deck SwitchAllan Ackerman$2.50
Colour SchemeJozsef Kovacs$2.50
Shouting JokersJozsef Kovacs$2.50
Coffee Break Mental Magic #3: Holmes and MoriartyPaul Voodini$2.50
Card Shark Issue 2Kyle MacNeill$2.80
Card Shark Issue 3Kyle MacNeill$2.80
Card Shark Issue 4Kyle MacNeill$2.80
Card Shark Issue 5Kyle MacNeill$2.80
Card Shark Issue 6Kyle MacNeill$2.80
Card Shark Issue 7Kyle MacNeill$2.80
Zauberei mit CreditkartenRobert Kaldy-Karo$3.00
Effects with Cards 1Arthur Buckley$3.00
Howard Thurston's Card TricksHoward Thurston$3.00
Card Tricks and how to do themAugust Roterberg$3.00
The World's Fastest Card TrickJoe Karson$3.00
The Making of Playing CardsLeo Behnke$3.00
Nu Way Out Of This WorldUlysses Frederick Grant$3.00
One Handed Top PalmAllan Ackerman$3.00
AB Bottom PalmAllan Ackerman$3.00
Swing Cut Bottom PalmAllan Ackerman$3.00
Side Steal To PalmAllan Ackerman$3.00
Tabled PalmAllan Ackerman$3.00
Strike Second DealAllan Ackerman$3.00
How To Practice False DealingAllan Ackerman$3.00
Unit Second DealAllan Ackerman$3.00
Push Off Bottom DealAllan Ackerman$3.00
Strike Bottom DealAllan Ackerman$3.00
PIP Bottom DealAllan Ackerman$3.00
Strike Center DealAllan Ackerman$3.00
Push Off Center DealAllan Ackerman$3.00
Controlling Cards to Top or BottomAllan Ackerman$3.00
Maintain Break With FanAllan Ackerman$3.00
Overhand Shuffle ControlAllan Ackerman$3.00
Fingertip ControlAllan Ackerman$3.00
Ackerman Varies KellyAllan Ackerman$3.00
Strip Out Multiple ShiftAllan Ackerman$3.00
CrimpsAllan Ackerman$3.00
Thumb FanAllan Ackerman$3.00
Pressure FanAllan Ackerman$3.00
One-Handed FansAllan Ackerman$3.00
Kosy CutAllan Ackerman$3.00
Marlo's Double Color ChangeAllan Ackerman$3.00
Pinky CountAllan Ackerman$3.00
Strip-Out False ShuffleAllan Ackerman$3.00
Up The LadderAllan Ackerman$3.00
Zarrow ShuffleAllan Ackerman$3.00
Down's Red Black ShuffleAllan Ackerman$3.00
Double UndercutAllan Ackerman$3.00
Block TransfersAllan Ackerman$3.00
Double Ace ProductionAllan Ackerman$3.00
Riffle Shuffle StackAllan Ackerman$3.00
Combining the Faro and Riffle StackAllan Ackerman$3.00
Stay StackAllan Ackerman$3.00
Si Stebbins StackAllan Ackerman$3.00
Any Card At Any NumberAllan Ackerman$3.00
Elmsley Count or Ghost CountAllan Ackerman$3.00
Vernon's ATFUSAllan Ackerman$3.00
Hugard Braue AdditionAllan Ackerman$3.00
Bert Allerton Move & On The Up And UpAllan Ackerman$3.00
Ultra MoveAllan Ackerman$3.00
Curry ChangeAllan Ackerman$3.00
TiltAllan Ackerman$3.00
Classic Force and Hofzinser ForceAllan Ackerman$3.00
Come TogetherAndrew Loh$3.00
Cardini Multiple ShiftSteven Youell$3.00
Thoughts on the Classic ForceSteven Youell$3.00
Erdnase on EdgeSteven Youell$3.00
Top ChangeSteven Youell$3.00
Touch ForceSteven Youell$3.00
Zarrow ShuffleSteven Youell$3.00
Pack3tJohn Gelasi$3.00
Joker' Wave: A killer double-whammy “B’wave”John Gelasi$3.00
Write You Are: A totally unexpected card revelationJohn Gelasi$3.00
The RnB Project: Oddpen PredictionRaphaël Czaja$3.00
The RnB Project: Poker FaceRaphaël Czaja$3.00
The RnB Project: RevolutionRaphaël Czaja$3.00
Flying KissDevin Knight$3.00
Easy Lift: no get ready double liftDevin Knight$3.00
Find The Royal FlushRaphaël Czaja$3.00
Count DownKen de Courcy$3.00
Read, Spell and KillRaphaël Czaja$3.00
LCOR: Linking Card On Rubber BandRalf Rudolph (Fairmagic)$3.00
Progressive DivinationRaphaël Czaja$3.00
Deckology Volume 2: Biologic DeckUnknown Mentalist$3.00
Royal Poker DealJason Sheng$3.50
BreakKevin Schaller &
Philipp Sahner
Ablest ChangeAbhinav Bothra$3.95
A'twistAarsh Shah$3.95
The Soldier's Prayer BookDevin Knight$3.95
Annemann's Card MagicTed Annemann$4.00
Card ManipulationsJean Hugard$4.00
More Card ManipulationsJean Hugard$4.00
The Four Full HandsCharles Thorton Jordan$4.00
Elliott's Last LegacyJames William Elliott$4.00
The Invisible PassJean Hugard &
Fred Braue
Miracle Shuffles and Tricks - Miracle Methods No. 2Jean Hugard &
Fred Braue
Prepared Cards and Accessories - Miracle Methods No. 3Jean Hugard &
Fred Braue
Tricks and Sleights - Miracle Methods No. 4Jean Hugard &
Fred Braue
Ambi-ga-boxBen Morris-Rains$4.00
Out of this WorldPaul Curry$4.00
Types of PalmsAllan Ackerman$4.00
Tabled Faro ShuffleAllan Ackerman$4.00
ATFUSAllan Ackerman$4.00
1-2-3-4 SwitchAllan Ackerman$4.00
Marlo's Repeater Card to PocketAllan Ackerman$4.00
TravelersAllan Ackerman$4.00
Cards AcrossAllan Ackerman$4.00
Benzais Oil & WaterAllan Ackerman$4.00
Stop!Allan Ackerman$4.00
Ace AssemblyAllan Ackerman$4.00
Card Under DrinkAllan Ackerman$4.00
Card in WalletAllan Ackerman$4.00
Larry Jenning's Maestro's Poker DealAllan Ackerman$4.00
Three Sided CardAllan Ackerman$4.00
Mayhew Poker DealAllan Ackerman$4.00
Mechanical Ace RevelationAllan Ackerman$4.00
Anyone from AnywhereAllan Ackerman$4.00
Next Stop HavanaAllan Ackerman$4.00
Stop AcesAllan Ackerman$4.00
Order of MerlinAllan Ackerman$4.00
Charlie Miller's Stop TrickAllan Ackerman$4.00
No Throw MonteAllan Ackerman$4.00
Downers & UppersAllan Ackerman$4.00
Don't Think Out LoudAllan Ackerman$4.00
Roy Walton's Think of a CardAllan Ackerman$4.00
Professional Ace CuttingAllan Ackerman$4.00
Blank Thought DeckAllan Ackerman$4.00
Ackerman's All BacksAllan Ackerman$4.00
Card Through TableAllan Ackerman$4.00
Poker Deal with Color Changing DeckAllan Ackerman$4.00
Cutting Aces & KingsAllan Ackerman$4.00
Vernon's TriumphAllan Ackerman$4.00
Marlo's Spade RoutineAllan Ackerman$4.00
Acrobatic AcesAllan Ackerman$4.00
AcetamationAllan Ackerman$4.00
The GunAllan Ackerman$4.00
Marlo's Matching RoutineAllan Ackerman$4.00
Faro Mental DisplacementAllan Ackerman$4.00
Twisting the AcesAllan Ackerman$4.00
Evapor-ace-tionAllan Ackerman$4.00
TwinsAllan Ackerman$4.00
No Palm TravelersAllan Ackerman$4.00
Deceptive PerceptionAllan Ackerman$4.00
Ten Card TrickAllan Ackerman$4.00
Spectator Cuts the AcesAllan Ackerman$4.00
Ace Assembly VariationAllan Ackerman$4.00
Variant's VariantAllan Ackerman$4.00
Devilish MiracleAllan Ackerman$4.00
Easy Off PipsAllan Ackerman$4.00
Dunbury DelusionAllan Ackerman$4.00
Cannibal KingsAllan Ackerman$4.00
Longitudinal Fingertip StealGary Kurtz$4.00
Oh, Calcutta ShuffleJohn Cornelius$4.00
Application of Marlo's Spread ChangeRafael Benatar$4.00
The Slippery Double DropRafael Benatar$4.00
Airing the Pull-OutRafael Benatar$4.00
Rupert Howard Magic Course: Lesson 07: Advanced Card MagicRupert Howard$4.00
Rupert Howard Magic Course: Lesson 06: More Tricks with CardsRupert Howard$4.00
Rupert Howard Magic Course: Lesson 05: Sleight of Hand with CardsRupert Howard$4.00
Fasteal 1Peter Duffie$4.00
Fasteal 2Peter Duffie$4.00
Fasteal 3Peter Duffie$4.00
Blink ChangePeter Duffie$4.00
Block Center PalmPeter Duffie$4.00
Fan PassPeter Duffie$4.00
Palm Add BottomPeter Duffie$4.00
Palm Add TopPeter Duffie$4.00
No Table SecondPeter Duffie$4.00
Palm to PalmPeter Duffie$4.00
Riffle PopPeter Duffie$4.00
Explosion PopPeter Duffie$4.00
Ace Production 1Peter Duffie$4.00
Ace Production 2Peter Duffie$4.00
Rotary TransformationPeter Duffie$4.00
Classic PassPeter Duffie$4.00
Ace Production 3Peter Duffie$4.00
Flush CutPeter Duffie$4.00
Multable ShiftPeter Duffie$4.00
Riffle Force TouchPeter Duffie$4.00
Spread PassPeter Duffie$4.00
Spread ControlPeter Duffie$4.00
TriumphPeter Duffie$4.00
Peek StealPeter Duffie$4.00
Shuffle PalmPeter Duffie$4.00
Spread SwitchPeter Duffie$4.00
Center DoublePeter Duffie$4.00
DapeekoPeter Duffie$4.00
Waterfall ControlPeter Duffie$4.00
Blind CutPeter Duffie$4.00
Ace Production 4Peter Duffie$4.00
Second Deal LappingPeter Duffie$4.00
Strike Second Deal (Duffie)Peter Duffie$4.00
LePaul Second DealPeter Duffie$4.00
Bottom DealPeter Duffie$4.00
Riffle Pass BasicPeter Duffie$4.00
Riffle Pass VariantsPeter Duffie$4.00
Shaded Herrmann PassPeter Duffie$4.00
Peek A PooPeter Duffie$4.00
Insta ReversePeter Duffie$4.00
Two Color ChangesPeter Duffie$4.00
Invisible CardPeter Duffie$4.00
Riffle LapPeter Duffie$4.00
Spin Cut LapPeter Duffie$4.00
One To FivePeter Duffie$4.00
PausPeter Duffie$4.00
False CutsPeter Duffie$4.00
Scoop SwitchPeter Duffie$4.00
Under SwitchPeter Duffie$4.00
Toss SwitchPeter Duffie$4.00
Two Bottom PalmsPeter Duffie$4.00
Double FlightPeter Duffie$4.00
Deck SwitchPeter Duffie$4.00
About MovesPeter Duffie$4.00
The Coolest Ace Trick in the WorldJeff Stone$4.00
Jacked UpJeff Stone$4.00
King-Side CastlingJeff Stone$4.00
A Real PredictionMike Maxwell$4.00
Learning to Palm CardsSteven Youell$4.00
Perfect Table Faro ShuffleSteven Youell$4.00
Spread Side StealSteven Youell$4.00
Stanley Collins ForceSteven Youell$4.00
JamesosophyStewart James$4.00
Fit For KingsJohn Gelasi$4.00
PremonitionEddie Joseph$4.00
Magic with a Marked DeckSam Dalal$4.00
Kaps on KardsFred Kaps$4.00
Guilty as Sin AcesDavid Devlin$4.00
Running Cut ForceDevin Knight$4.00
I Ching Oracle Divination CardsMichael Daniels$4.00
The Novena EnigmaKen de Courcy$4.00
ACAANBrian Kennedy$4.00
Photographic Memory ExperimentMike Kempner$4.00
Face Up Face Down MentalismMike Kempner$4.00
The Fairest Hands-Off Open PredictionMike Kempner$4.00
A Set-Up ResetGeorge Blake$4.00
The FlyDavid Devlin$4.00
Impossible Foldings Volume 2 (Part 1)Ralf Rudolph (Fairmagic)$4.00
Impossible Foldings Volume 2 (Part 2)Ralf Rudolph (Fairmagic)$4.00
4 Ace ProductionsKlaud$4.00
Advantage Card PlayingF. R. Ritter$4.00
Never In A LifetimePaul Curry$4.00
Premonition: an amazing mental card routineGeorge Armstrong$4.00
Zens Card MiracleM. F. Zens$4.00
12 Brand New TricksEddie Joseph$4.00
Basic Card TechniqueAnthony Norman$4.00
Card MasteryMichael MacDougall$4.00
The Card ExpertLynn J. Searles$4.00
The Bottom CollectorsFather Cyprian$4.00
BombayEddie Joseph$4.00
Jumbo Card TricksEddie Joseph$4.00
The Miser's MiracleJerry Andrus$4.00
The Invisible Influence: the no touch card actEddie Joseph$4.00
Card SamplerJohn Gelasi$4.25
Write You Are 2John Gelasi$4.25
DuplexKevin Schaller$4.95
The Black and Red SeparationSteve Pellegrino$4.95
Behind My BackAbhinav Bothra$4.95
50 Crazy Card StuntsUlysses Frederick Grant$4.95
The Expert at the Card TableS. W. Erdnase$5.00
The Royal Road to Card MagicJean Hugard &
Fred Braue
Der Moderne KartenkünstlerFriedrich W. Conradi$5.00
Card ControlArthur Buckley$5.00
Magic with Giant CardsFred Castle$5.00
Proudlock's Egg Bag and Four Ace PresentationsEdward Bagshawe$5.00
Fake Card TricksLeo Behnke$5.00
Mental Cases with CardsWarren W. Wiersbe$5.00
Card in Bottle TechniquesRon Jaxon$5.00
UnmarkedTony Chapparo$5.00
The Neyhart HouletteArthur P. Neyhart$5.00
Three Card MonteAudley V. Walsh &
John Scarne
Tricks with a One Way DeckUlysses Frederick Grant$5.00
Magicseen No. 20Mark Leveridge &
Graham Hey &
Phil Shaw
BloodDaniel Madison$5.00
Fan FinaleLewis Ganson$5.00
In-Hand Faro ShuffleAllan Ackerman$5.00
"Outs" Precautions and ChallengesCharles H. Hopkins$5.00
Popular Card TricksWalter Gibson$5.00
Pretty Attractive: a sandwich effectStefan Olschewski$5.00
Master of the GameDavid Britland$5.00
Controlled MiraclesWilliam (Bill) Simon$5.00
Sleightly SensationalWilliam (Bill) Simon$5.00
Letter CardsAndrew Turnham$5.00
Number CardsAndrew Turnham$5.00
Timely DepartureJohn Bannon$5.00
Annemann's $50 Manuscript: Exclusive Secrets of Annemann's ConceptionTed Annemann$5.00
AnimalogicAlain Nu$5.00
ESP Cards with Bicycle Back$5.00
DreamworkJon Racherbaumer$5.00
Lipstick TracesJon Racherbaumer$5.00
Fibonacci PrincipleMaciej Dziegielewski$5.00
Thirty Years Ago: Contributions to the New PentagramJon Racherbaumer$5.00
Real-Gone AcesJon Racherbaumer$5.00
Olram AcesJon Racherbaumer$5.00
Ladies on the LooseJon Racherbaumer$5.00
Hofzinser's Lost Ace-ProblemJon Racherbaumer$5.00
Hands Hof!Kyle MacNeill$5.00
Gene Castillon's Redoubling the Double CutJon Racherbaumer$5.00
Modern Card ManipulationCharles Lang Neil$5.00
Sealed MysteriesBurling Hull$5.00
BeKyle MacNeill$5.00
Cards to Card CaseTommy Wonder$5.00
Torn and Restored CardTommy Wonder$5.00
Master SpellerVictor Farelli$5.00
Dr. StrangetrickMichael Close$5.00
Dancers at the End of TimeMichael Close$5.00
The Shrinking Fan of CardsTommy Wonder$5.00
The Frog PrinceMichael Close$5.00
InventionsKyle MacNeill$5.00
The Really, Really Perfect Blackjack DealMickey Mace$5.00
Rubber Bands for Shuber Plates (5 pieces)Chris Wasshuber$5.00
Gyrater: Floating and Spinning DeckDevin Knight$5.00
Simple ACAANIan Baxter$5.00
Poker TellsDevin Knight$5.00
Excalibur Forcing DeckDevin Knight$5.00
Back LashDavid Devlin$5.00
3: Techniques for Natural Card HandlingsPablo Amirá$5.00
Blind DateDavid Devlin$5.00
Insight: another clever ACAANDevin Knight$5.00
Dream Poker with a KickerHerb Rungay &
Ken de Courcy
SoloPeter Duffie$5.00
Ken de Courcy Discusses "The World's Fastest Card Trick"Ken de Courcy$5.00
Foundations 1Roger Crosthwaite$5.00
Take the Plunge(r): Tiny Plunger MagicRaymonde Crow$5.00
Card CapriceJack Yates$5.00
Queens QuartetRonald Wood$5.00
Extreme PickpocketingMats G. Kjellstrom$5.00
Ken on Kards: Card Magic for Non-Card-MenKen de Courcy$5.00
ImpossibleRonald Wood$5.00
A Case For CardsKen de Courcy$5.00
Pocket RiserRalf Rudolph (Fairmagic)$5.00
RCTW: Card Through WindowRalf Rudolph (Fairmagic)$5.00
OverboardDavid Devlin$5.00
TRX: Signed Card Under CellophaneRalf Rudolph (Fairmagic)$5.00
The 52 Wonders: Cards Manipulated by ScienceC. H. Wilson$5.00
Stand Alone Volume 4Raphaël Czaja$5.00
Two Person Code For One PersonChris Wasshuber$5.00
Ninja ControlKlaud$5.00
Sand WitchKlaud$5.00
Visual ACRKlaud$5.00
Sandwich PassRaymonde Crow$5.00
Triumphal ColorKlaud$5.00
Simplex Card To BoxKlaud$5.00
Everyone Picks The AcesRonald Wood$5.00
Magic With Jumbo CardsHarry Stanley$5.00
Stage Filler: Mental Cards Across With A TwistDave Arch$5.00
Sleeve SubwayKen de Courcy$5.00
Pigment and PixelAbhinav Bothra$5.00
Personal SecretsHarry Lorayne$5.00
Andrus Deals AgainJerry Andrus$5.00
The Art of MagicThomas Nelson Downs$5.50
Dynamic DuoJohn Gelasi$5.50
Alida: Little Winged One(Benny) Ben Harris$5.95
The Guatemalan MiracleMichael Close$5.95
Lucky AcesLynn J. Searles$5.95
Self-Working Card TricksKarl Fulves$5.95
ABhyaas ChangeAbhinav Bothra$5.95
The Blind Faith CollectionAbhinav Bothra$5.95
Weight a SecondStefan Olschewski$5.99
Expert Card TechniqueJean Hugard &
Fred Braue
Hofzinser's Card ConjuringJohann Nepomuk Hofzinser &
Ottokar Fischer
Encyclopedia of Card TricksJean Hugard$6.00
The Big EdgeMike Porstmann$6.00
Moe's MiraclesMoe Seidenstein$6.00
Phoenix RisingJames Watkins$6.00
Cut!R. Shane$6.00
Impossible MattersR. Shane$6.00
Patterns of MagicR. Shane$6.00
The Classic Cider SwindleR. Shane$6.00
Royal HighnessAndrew Loh$6.00
TransprintRaphaël Czaja$6.00
EZ Torn & Restored CardKenton Knepper$6.00
Waving the AcesGuy Hollingworth$6.00
The Card in the BoxTommy Wonder$6.00
No-Palm Repeat Card To PocketAldo Colombini$6.00
Psychic InfluenceMark Strivings$6.00
Tradeshow TranspositionPaul Green$6.00
Cards to SlimfastCarl Cloutier$6.00
Vernon's VariantJohnny Thompson$6.00
Losing DiamondsJoshua Jay$6.00
A Sharper SharpedMartin Lewis$6.00
Bottoms UpR. Paul Wilson$6.00
Impromptu Card CodeWhit Haydn$6.00
Kicked in the FaceAndrew Wimhurst$6.00
Presto Attracto CardDaryl Easton$6.00
Heading NorthDavid Regal$6.00
PhotocopyPaul Gertner$6.00
Signature TransferSimon Lovell$6.00
Darwin's AcesDarwin Ortiz$6.00
The Lucky DeckDarwin Ortiz$6.00
A Logical ConclusionLarry Jennings$6.00
The Pacoima SolutionLarry Jennings$6.00
The Lie DetectorLarry Jennings$6.00
A New GameMike Maxwell$6.00
The Lazy Man's Interlocking Setup IIMike Maxwell$6.00
Reassembled FinaleAllan Ackerman$6.00
Jacks or Better (Ortiz)Darwin Ortiz$6.00
Angel Card Rise PlusDavid Britland$6.00
Remember & ForgetGary Kurtz$6.00
Tearing a Lady in TwoDavid Britland$6.00
Royal TwistLarry Jennings$6.00
Window of OpportunityPaul Harris$6.00
New Tens RoutineDarwin Ortiz$6.00
Blind AcesDarwin Ortiz$6.00
Three-in-OneJack Carpenter$6.00
A Hard Ace To FollowMartin A. Nash$6.00
Ten PeeksMichael Skinner$6.00
Wild with the LadiesR. Paul Wilson$6.00
Fair is FairRich Marotta$6.00
The Invisible PalmLarry Jennings$6.00
Homing CardSteven Youell$6.00
The GleanerJozsef Kovacs$6.00
Wave TrioJohn Gelasi$6.00
EmbellishedPeter Duffie$6.00
Covert AssemblyPeter Duffie$6.00
Trimpromptu Card MagicRaphaël Czaja$6.00
Card College 1: Chapter 01Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 1: Chapter 02Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 1: Chapter 03Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 1: Chapter 04Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 1: Chapter 05Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 1: Chapter 06Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 1: Chapter 07Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 1: Chapter 08Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 1: Chapter 09Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 1: Chapter 10Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 1: Chapter 11Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 1: Chapter 12Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 1: Chapter 13Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 2: Chapter 14Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 2: Chapter 15Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 2: Chapter 16Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 2: Chapter 17Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 2: Chapter 18Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 2: Chapter 19Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 2: Chapter 20Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 2: Chapter 21Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 2: Chapter 22Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 2: Chapter 23Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 2: Chapter 24Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 2: Chapter 25Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 2: Chapter 26Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Card College 2: Chapter 27Roberto Giobbi$6.00
Wild Color TwistJohn Gelasi$6.00
Three Jacks BetteredIan Baxter$6.00
Three For AllIan Baxter$6.00
I Wouldn't Like To Play Cards With You!Harry Stanley$6.00
Holistic HammanJon Racherbaumer$6.00
Monte's Double: A Three Card Monte EffectSteve Sanders$6.00
Knockout Tossed OutDevin Knight$6.00
The VisitationDavid Devlin$6.00
Lucky 13David Devlin$6.00
Lewis Ganson ManipulationLewis Ganson$6.00
Dub Dub CountPeter Pellikaan$6.00
Black HolePeter Pellikaan$6.00
CrossesPeter Pellikaan$6.00
No KingsPeter Pellikaan$6.00
Wild JazzPeter Pellikaan$6.00
Ultimate JacksPeter Pellikaan$6.00
Xerox SpreadPeter Pellikaan$6.00
Small JacksPeter Pellikaan$6.00
Simple ElevatorPeter Pellikaan$6.00
Oil And WaterPeter Pellikaan$6.00
Tri-UnisonNick Conticello$6.00
Daley's Ultimate Last TrickKlaud$6.00
Effective Card MagicWilliam (Bill) Simon$6.00
Sleeving from the DeckJerry Andrus$6.00
Sleightly MiraculousJerry Andrus$6.00
Open PredictionTommaso Guglielmi$6.50
The Other Color MysteryGerard Zitta$6.50
Simplest ACAANGerard Zitta$6.50
ColorationJohn Gelasi$6.50
Mark of the Devil: Six Slick Routines with a Marked DeckPaul Voodini$6.50
Lager SwitchAlexander de Cova$6.50
Jacks Union: a visual sandwich card effectAndrew Loh$6.90
Lord of the RingsAndrew Loh$6.90
This and That(Benny) Ben Harris$6.95
5th Corner(Benny) Ben Harris$6.95
Superflip and S.F.U.C.(Benny) Ben Harris$6.95
Comedy ala CardKarrell Fox$6.95
The Invisible Deck: and other card tricksBob Longe$6.95
Two Second DealsRussell T. Barnhart$6.95
Card Tricks for BeginnersWilfrid Jonson$6.95
Classic Card TricksEdward Victor$6.95
HallucinationAndrew Loh$6.99
Signed Card in Spectator's Pocket: SCISPZach Allen$7.00
The Last Word on CardsRufus Steele$7.00
52 Amazing Card TricksRufus Steele$7.00
50 TricksRufus Steele$7.00
V.I.P. Very Impossible PossibilityDavid Bui$7.00
Card TricksRufus Steele$7.00
AIR Almost Impromptu RiserDave Forrest$7.00
Sixteen Card Index GemsMax Andrews$7.00
Card Fans Teach-InLewis Ganson$7.00
Three Card Monte as Entertainment Teach-InLewis Ganson$7.00
Rovi Reveals Teach-InLewis Ganson &
Matching the Cards Teach-InLewis Ganson$7.00
BustedErick Castle$7.00
Knowing The Rising Cards (Know-How Series)Will Ayling$7.00
36 Tricks With Fa-Ko CardsRonald Haines$7.00
Card Tricks for BeginnersHarry Baron$7.00
An Impulsive PremonitionJack Carpenter$7.00
PrimerDaniel Madison$7.00
The Forrest TriumphDave Forrest$7.00
Reform: a self-working torn and restored cardDave Forrest$7.00
Forecast: a prediction deckDave Forrest$7.00
Pretext: make impossible predictionsDave Forrest$7.00
ACAAN AgainDave Forrest$7.00
IdiomDave Forrest$7.00
Staple: a stunning transpositionDave Forrest$7.00
Do You Like Scary Movies?Raphaël Czaja$7.00
Card SharpersJean Eugene Robert-Houdin &
William John Hilliar
DuplicityDave Campbell$7.00
Sine WaveJohn Gelasi$7.00
The Turnstile PassIan Baxter$7.00
A Lady Through and ThroughDavid Britland$7.00
Parallax: a topological miracleDavid Britland$7.00
Cutting RemarksDavid Britland$7.00
Boromian LinkTerri Rogers$7.00
Star GateTerri Rogers$7.00
A Card In SevenKen de Courcy$7.00
Round the World with a Pack of CardsKen de Courcy$7.00
DuetPeter Duffie$7.00
The Cards Will Back You UpErivan Vazquez$7.00
WindowXRalf Rudolph (Fairmagic)$7.00
Fit For Kings, TooJohn Gelasi$7.50
CCARN: Chosen Card At Random NumberJozsef Kovacs$7.50
Lois or LiseJozsef Kovacs$7.50
Addicted to Power and Mystical SandwitchJozsef Kovacs$7.50
Printing BlankPeter Pellikaan$7.50
Simple CollectorsPeter Pellikaan$7.50
HolePeter Pellikaan$7.50
In The HolePeter Pellikaan$7.50
Totally TwistedDavid Devlin$7.50
Working Nine To Five For GilbreathArt Vanderlay$7.50
Fifty Ways to use a Card BoxDon Tanner$7.95
Lessons in DishonestyLaurie Ireland$7.95
The Master PalmRussell T. Barnhart$7.95
Miracle Card ChangesEdward Marlo$7.95
Canadian Card ControlTom Batchelor$7.95
Card Tricks French StyleJean Fare$7.95
Faro Notes: Revolutionary Card Technique - Chapter 7Edward Marlo$7.95
Fingertip Control: Revolutionary Card Technique - Chapter 3Edward Marlo$7.95
My Favorite Sucker Card TricksGeorge B. Anderson$7.95
Getting Ambitious With Color MonteSteve Pellegrino$7.95
The Mystery Card To PocketRichard Paddon$7.95
Seeking: a triple predictionAlexander Anthony$7.95
Handbook of Card SleightsAl Leech$7.95
Double FatalityRaphaël Czaja$7.95
Instant TranspositionAndrew Loh$7.99
CasusMichael Kociolek$7.99
Thirty Card MysteriesCharles Thorton Jordan$8.00
The Card PunkRicky Kinosa$8.00
Scarne on Card TricksJohn Scarne$8.00
Meltdown CardboxAndrew Loh$8.00
Burning AngelJohn Rivav$8.00
How Gamblers Win - Secrets of Advantage PlayingGerritt M. Evans$8.00
DagwoodBen Highway$8.00
Accidental SandwichNicholas Uusitalo$8.00
Jumbo Card ManipulationDariel Fitzkee$8.00
ValentineJamie Daws$8.00
S.C-A.R-E.DJamie Daws$8.00
Final CountdownRaphaël Czaja$8.00
SCAMP: Spectator's Card At Magician's Predicted NumberRaphaël Czaja$8.00
ACOCAVANRaphaël Czaja$8.00
Not So BoxedChris Stolz$8.00
The RnB ProjectRaphaël Czaja$8.00
Nate Leipzig's Card StabVictor Farelli$8.00
ReorderCameron Francis$8.00
Dissolving AcesDevin Knight$8.00
The Working Professional's Ambitious CardJim Sisti$8.00
Maxi Twisto ReTwistedDavid Devlin$8.00
Prediction ImpossibleRaphaël Czaja$8.00
B'yond the WaveRaphaël Czaja$8.00
Basic, Basic Card MagicPaul Hallas$8.00
2D ACAINRaphaël Czaja$8.00
Mixing It UpJohn Gelasi$8.00
Ideas with the Invisible DeckCristian Vidrascu$8.00
Boxed TranspositionAlexander de Cova$8.00
Quartet: four exclusive card effectsPeter Duffie$8.00
Detour: an incredible double prediction effectRaphaël Czaja$8.00
The Bart Harding Secretmisdirects$8.00
Triple ImpactPaul A. Lelekis$8.00
TrioPeter Duffie$8.00
Theta WavesDavid Devlin$8.00
The Holy Dixie CupDavid Devlin$8.00
Side StebbinMystic Alexandre$8.00
Psych-GoDavid Devlin$8.00
A Topological TrioPaul A. Lelekis$8.00
Brainstorming with B'WaveCristian Vidrascu$8.00
Six Easy-To-Do Card MiraclesPaul A. Lelekis$8.00
Powerhouse RoutinesPaul A. Lelekis$8.00
Plan 9David Devlin$8.00
Criss-Crossings: Unleashing the X-ForceJon Racherbaumer$8.00
ReveriesNick Conticello$8.00
Cutting Deeper: an exploration of coercive cuttingJon Racherbaumer$8.00
ConFindPeter Duffie$8.50
Spirit LevelPeter Duffie$8.50
Collins ExtremePeter Duffie$8.50
Stranger in a Gangsta's ParadisePeter Duffie$8.50
2 As 4 CountPeter Pellikaan$8.50
Cannibal CardsPeter Pellikaan$8.50
Collectors Card CaseAndrew Loh$8.80
Oil and Water Delux(Benny) Ben Harris$8.95
Solid Gold Easy Action(Benny) Ben Harris$8.95
My Best Self-Working Card TricksKarl Fulves$8.95
Card Manipulations (Dover edition)Jean Hugard$8.95
Re-AttachedLance Ackerman$9.00
Mental Magic with CardsJean Hugard$9.00
Double DeckerDave Forrest$9.00
HolesDave Forrest$9.00
QuickfireDave Forrest$9.00
A Gambler's DreamRoberto Giobbi$9.00
Liquid SignatureNathaniel$9.00
Astound Your Audience Vol. 1Verrall Wass$9.00
Final WaveAlan Rorrison$9.00
25 Rising Card TricksUlysses Frederick Grant$9.00
Routine in Major DJuan Tamariz$9.00
Kollectors RevisitedAndrew Loh$9.00
Just Cards Volume 1John Gelasi$9.00
PneumaPablo Amirá$9.00
DumbfoundedDevin Knight$9.00
Phoenix ResurrectionHarrismatic$9.00
Auto-Spell DeckDevin Knight$9.00
Real LinkedRalf Rudolph (Fairmagic)$9.00
Low Vision Marking SystemDr. Hans-Christian Solka$9.00
Alpha: signed object to borrowed walletKlaud$9.00
The Card Magic of LePaulPaul LePaul$9.00
Out Of HandKyle MacNeill$9.49
What's in a Name?Stefan Olschewski$9.50
Dai Vernon's Inner Secrets of Card MagicLewis Ganson &
Dai Vernon
Dai Vernon's Further Inner Secrets of Card MagicLewis Ganson &
Dai Vernon
SnatchDave Forrest$9.91
Principles and Deceptions (Duffie)Peter Duffie$9.95
Zoom(Benny) Ben Harris$9.95
Enlightenment Book 1(Benny) Ben Harris$9.95
Fandango(Benny) Ben Harris$9.95
6 HallucinationsEdward Marlo$9.95
Bands of Gold(Benny) Ben Harris$9.95
Mach2(Benny) Ben Harris$9.95
Embellished + Covert Assembly (bundle)Peter Duffie$9.95
Acrobatic CardsEdward Marlo$9.95
Charlie Miller on the Card IndexCharlie Miller$9.95
The Expert at the Card Table: The Classic Treatise on Card Manipulation (Dover edition)S. W. Erdnase$9.95
Deep Fry 2(Benny) Ben Harris &
J. J. Zappatta
Jazzy Transposition 2Jim Sisti$9.95
Digital Video DeckRichard Paddon$9.95
Improved Invisible DeckDevin Knight$9.95
C.I.A: Challenging and Intensive ACAANAbhinav Bothra$9.95
Improved Brainwave DeckDevin Knight$9.95
The Card Magic of Bro. John Hamman S. M.Paul LePaul &
Bro. John Hamman
Thumb FunDevin Knight &
Sid Lorraine
Greater Card TricksEddie Joseph$9.95
The King Has Left the Building ... with AmnesiaJeff Pierce$9.99
Triu2phAndrew Loh$9.99
Magic Aces: A Complete Routine Of Amazing Card TricksStuart Lee$9.99
The Ultimate Magic Square (That's Magic)Chris Wasshuber$10.00
OvationStephen Minch &
Martin A. Nash
Kings IncognitoStephen Minch &
Martin A. Nash
Jacks or BetterStephen Minch &
Martin A. Nash
Colors on the MarchStephen Minch &
Martin A. Nash
FalloutTom Richardson$10.00
FFFF Lecture 2003Boris Wild$10.00
WrappedRon Jaxon$10.00
That's a Fact!Peter Duffie$10.00
The Circle FanRicky Kinosa$10.00
Magic Print NotesKyle Schofiled$10.00
Healing PortalAndrew Loh$10.00
Second GuestDave Forrest$10.00
Polaroid MemoriesDaniel Young$10.00
Ripped & RepairedDave Forrest$10.00
Route 1Dave Forrest$10.00
Trap-easeDave Forrest$10.00
Sweet CardNefesch$10.00
Troublemakers: A Strange Printing EffectCameron Francis$10.00
The Loh of AttractionAndrew Loh$10.00
DupedCameron Francis$10.00
18: A Powerhouse Prediction EffectCameron Francis$10.00
JumperAlan Rorrison$10.00
Instantly Healed: Torn & Restored CardRay Hengeveld$10.00
Card Tricks and the Way they are PerformedSi Stebbins$10.00
SketchersCameron Francis$10.00
T.A.GJamie Daws$10.00
Black MarkAlan Rorrison$10.00
In FlightAlan Rorrison$10.00
StretchAlan Rorrison$10.00
Card ProblemsArthur Buckley$10.00
The Key to Your CardStefan Olschewski$10.00
The Count's CountStefan Olschewski$10.00
FrierCameron Francis$10.00
Easy DiaryBarry Ray$10.00
A Cut Above The RestAldo Colombini$10.00
A Cut DeeperAldo Colombini$10.00
SqueezeTroels Holm &
Tommy Wonder
Anytime Anyplace Anywhere: with a deck of cardsAldo Colombini$10.00
A Set-Up With AldoAldo Colombini$10.00
Baroque CardsAldo Colombini$10.00
Card JournalAldo Colombini$10.00
Card ShadowsAldo Colombini$10.00
ConvergenceCameron Francis$10.00
Card TripsAldo Colombini$10.00
Vortex: an incredible routine using two regular decks of cardsAldo Colombini$10.00
To Die ForAldo Colombini$10.00
Snake EyesAldo Colombini$10.00
That'll Be The Day!Aldo Colombini$10.00
Perpetual Calendar: Eight Routines Using Playing Cards and a Pocket Diary or CalendarAldo Colombini$10.00
Killer KonceptsAldo Colombini &
Peter Duffie &
Robin Robertson
Fireworks: 12 card revelation routineAldo Colombini$10.00
Final CutAldo Colombini$10.00
Dream PokerGeorge Blake$10.00
Double Decker: Routines with Two Decks of CardsAldo Colombini$10.00
CardsdotcomAldo Colombini$10.00
Cards in ActionAldo Colombini$10.00
Knocked For SixRaphaël Czaja$10.00
Direct HitsAldo Colombini$10.00
Impromptu Card MagicAldo Colombini$10.00
Simply Impromp2Aldo Colombini$10.00
Tested Ten-Card Poker DealAldo Colombini$10.00
A Few Good CardsAldo Colombini$10.00
Against All OddsRachel Colombini$10.00
All Hands On DeckAldo Colombini$10.00
Great Scott's Ambitious Card RoutineScott F. Guinn$10.00
Clairvoyant Joker F. Guinn$10.00
Ted Lesley's Working Performer's Marked Deck (refill)Ted Lesley$10.00
Double Decker TwoAldo Colombini$10.00
McCall of the Wild: A Wild Card RoutineScott F. Guinn$10.00
Can You Hear Me Now?Aldo Colombini$10.00
Card CapersAldo Colombini$10.00
Participant's TriumphScott F. Guinn$10.00
Quicker Than The Eye!Scott F. Guinn$10.00
Red Hot Mama's LipsScott F. Guinn$10.00
Repeat PantspositionScott F. Guinn$10.00
Card FestivalAldo Colombini$10.00
UnfathomableCameron Francis$10.00
Treasure Valley TwistScott F. Guinn$10.00
Down and DirtyAldo Colombini$10.00
The World's Worst Card PlayerScott F. Guinn$10.00
Through the Universe - Backwards(Benny) Ben Harris$10.00
Digital Delirium(Benny) Ben Harris$10.00
Twists of FateAldo Colombini$10.00
Fast Paced CardsAldo Colombini$10.00
Impromptu JourneyAldo Colombini$10.00
Card NotesRoger Crosthwaite$10.00
Knock-OutsAldo Colombini$10.00
Let's GoAldo Colombini$10.00
Packet Trick PicksAldo Colombini$10.00
A.C.E. Anytime Card ExtractionCameron Francis$10.00
Packet Trick TreasuresAldo Colombini$10.00
Self-Working Packet TricksAldo Colombini$10.00
Back To The Future ClassicEdward Marlo &
Jon Racherbaumer
Unlimited 3.0Norm Osborn &
Edward Marlo &
Jon Racherbaumer
Subtle Card MagicAldo Colombini$10.00
The Card Magic of Peter DuffieAldo Colombini$10.00
The Card Magic of Aldo ColombiniAldo Colombini$10.00
The Card Magic of Some of My FriendsAldo Colombini$10.00
The First ElevenJohn Holt$10.00
Holy HofzinserCameron Francis$10.00
Contact ColorsAldo Colombini$10.00
Grand PrixAldo Colombini$10.00
Synergistic SandwichesJon Racherbaumer$10.00
RazzamatazAldo Colombini$10.00
Good TurnsJon Racherbaumer$10.00
ClockworkJon Racherbaumer$10.00
Crazy For CardsAldo Colombini$10.00
Easy Card EffectsAldo Colombini$10.00
Impromptu Gambling RoutinesAldo Colombini$10.00
NailedAldo Colombini$10.00
Compleat K.M. MoveJon Racherbaumer$10.00
Double ScamMichael Daniels$10.00
CardopolisDavid Britland &
Marc Russell
One DeckAldo Colombini$10.00
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