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Book Tests

A book test is one of the classic mentalism effects. A spectator chooses a book or magazine, selects a page and a word or sentence and the performer reads the spectator's mind.

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50 Shades Blue

Nic Holson

50 Shades Blue by Nic Holson[Note: This book test uses adult material.]

Nic Holson brings you a comedy book test unlike any other based upon the literary success of EL James 50 Shades of Grey and the soon to be released film of the same title.

A thought reading demonstration seems to have gone hilariously wrong - yet despite the odds being against you, all comes good when you show the very same prediction to your spectator with no switching!

  • Method can be adapted to other book tests
  • Close up, Parlor, Stage
  • Comedy script included
  • Un-gimmicked books used

1st edition 2015, 37 pages.

2015 / 1 / 17

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A.W.A.P. Book Test

David Bui

A.W.A.P. Book Test by David BuiThis is a totally impromptu book test. It requires no gimmicks and can be done with virtually any book (hard cover or soft cover). There is also no setup. You do not need to have access to the book beforehand. And still you can reveal Any Word on Any Page.

Picture somebody choosing any book, from their own bookshelf. Then they open their book to any page they please and freely select any word. There are no forces and the choice of page and word is entirely free. That's what A.W.A.P. stands for. Any word any page.

You amaze them by revealing the word one letter at a time! This is a very...
2007 / 9 / 16

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Amazing Unfaked Book Test

Val Andrews

Amazing Unfaked Book Test by Val Andrews
"A brilliant and versatile principle that has stood the test of time." Ian Rowland
This is an unbelievable book test. Just imagine taking a modern book; perhaps a best seller in the bookshops right now. The book is genuine and is completely unfaked in any way. You can even ask a member of the audience or perhaps someone on a radio show that you will be talking to, to bring along a copy of the Da Vinci Code or whatever you choose to use. Or you could do this impromptu with any book as long as you have a couple of minutes private time with the book.

You have the book examined and you ask...

2015 / 10 / 22

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Bookworm: The Ultimate Impromptu Book Test Act

David Devlin

Bookworm: The Ultimate Impromptu Book Test Act by David DevlinHere is the act exactly as the audience sees it:

The performer asks for the loan of three paperback novels, a piece of paper, and a pen or pencil. The performer says, "I have a feeling about one of you, and I think I have a pretty good idea about something that is going to be significant to you a little later on." The performer then writes something on the paper, folds it up, and hands it to one of the audience members.

Three audience members are now selected to participate in the tests. Participant #1 selects a book, opens it up to a random page and remembers a word. The other participants,...

2012 / 3 / 25

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Ulrich von Etzenbach

Canastos by Ulrich von EtzenbachCanastos is one of these few book test predictions, which you can perform anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Once you have learned Canastos, you can perform an impromptu miracle wherever you go.

The performer invites a spectator to take part in his experiment. The performer hands a spectator an envelope and asks them to make sure it is never touched by the performer again. The spectator is also given a book to inspect and to make sure that every page is different with nothing else written down except the text itself.

The performer takes the book back and riffles through the pages until...

2015 / 6 / 10

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David Devlin

Contact by David DevlinBook tests are a staple in the repertoires of mentalists and are very effective in a performance of mentalism (see David's Bookworm Act). However, for magicians the effect can be rather lack luster as nothing visual happens. There is very little or even no "magic" when it comes to a standard book test.

David Devlin's Contact is not a book test in the traditional sense. It is a book test designed for the magician. It is a book test of sorts with a séance themed presentation. It is through the book itself that the performer will make contact with the "spirits". The presentation is rather spooky; however...

2014 / 9 / 3

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Direct Book Test

Pablo Amirá

Direct Book Test by Pablo AmiráYou pass a poetry book to a participant. Ask him to look ANY WORD on ANY PAGE (just that, no restrictions). You can immediately start to reveal his thought, finishing with the chosen word!
  • Self contained
  • No Stooges
  • Nothing written down
  • A professional routine for serious performers/students
  • A new devilish approach to the book test effect
In this eBook you will find the devious secret of the Direct Book Test, so you can print a copy in your own language, with your own custom characteristics. Once you learn the principles, you can apply them.


"Just finished to read this...
2014 / 6 / 17

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Double Coincidence

Devin Knight

Double Coincidence by Devin KnightMake It Yourself with this PDF.

Mentalist tells the audience that before the show, he gave a lady a dictionary, a red crayon and an envelope. He asked her to secretly circle a word and to seal the dictionary in the envelope. She was instructed to tell nobody the word, nor let anyone tamper with the envelope. He says this envelope is still in the audience.

When it's time to perform this effect, the Mentalist calls two people on stage.

The sealed envelope with dictionary is then retrieved by one of the spectators who holds on to it in full view. The Mentalist picks up a 300 page book...

2012 / 4 / 24

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Dracula Ebook Test: for iPhones

Alan Rorrison

Dracula Ebook Test: for iPhones by Alan Rorrison
"The easiest and most portable book test to date!" - Erik Jansson
The iPhone has loads of apps designed to do magic in the app store but there is one problem. None of them really are organic. As soon as you performed one of these effects with the phone everyone screams: "Its an app! Very clever but its an app". So here is one of the most organic apps on the market.

You show the spectator an ebook on your phone and run through how it works (scrolling etc,) for them... You let them see that every single page is different before you have a page randomly selected. You hold the phone face...

2010 / 1 / 27

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Hitting the Headlines

Eddie Joseph

Hitting the Headlines by Eddie JosephYou will involve five spectators with various tasks. Two persons are first called up. We shall refer to them as 'A' and 'B'. A pack of cards is dropped between them. 'A' is asked to cut the pack and 'B' is told to take half for himself by actual count. 'A' retains the other half.

From this point the mentalist turns his back on the spectators and does NOT face them again until AFTER everything is over.

The two persons are told to deal together from their respective portions of the pack. A THIRD person is asked to act as umpire and to stop the dealing at any point. As an added precaution...

2015 / 6 / 14

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J. Prager

Liebrary by J. PragerThis is an ebook test. Yes, not a book test done with actual paper copies, but rather a book test done with ebooks, PDF ebooks that is. The advantage here is that you can perform it wherever you have your smartphone, tablet or iPad with you. (For another ebook test see Dracula Ebook Test.)

Effect: A spectator selects any one of seven ebooks, turns to the page of his/her choice as you look away. The spectator concentrates on one word and you name it, even though you don't know the page and there is no fishing.

You will get the following ebooks:

  • "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens
  • "Around the World...
2011 / 4 / 3

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Magic of the Mind

Lewis Ganson

Magic of the Mind by Lewis GansonThis is a wonderful collection of some of the best mental magic published in The Gen.


Section One - Predictions

  • The 100% Prediction (Punx)
  • Total Prediction (Gerald Kosky)
  • The Direct Prediction (John Rice)
  • Note and the Jar (Tom Sellers)
  • Phenomenal Forecast (Jack Cook)
  • The One-man Full-Vu Prediction (Ken De Courcy)
  • Mental Flashes (Dr. Stanley Jaks)
  • The Patient Telepath (Peter Warlock)
  • Novelty Dice Prediction (Tom Sellers)
  • Predicted From the Papers (Tom Sellers)
  • Super Forethought (Cyro)
Section Two - Book Tests
  • Unique Book Test (Harry Stanley)
  • Magazine Test (Ali Bongo)
  • Danson's Book Test (Ted Danson)
  • A Telephone Directory Test (Eric...
2015 / 5 / 19

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PYO Book Test

Dee Christopher

PYO Book Test by Dee Christopher
"Dee shared with me this concept and I must say that is really something smart and revolutionary. Being able to spark your own creativity and let the book fit your persona as performer and not in reverse. I did this years ago with my own book tests (in Spanish) but in here Dee is giving you all that work and much more. I recommend without a doubt this great release." - Pablo Amira (Mentalism Author)

"You should be charging WAY more for this!!" - Alan Rorrison (Consultant for Dynamo & Troy TV shows)

The book test is a classic in mentalism and mental magic. Every professional show demonstrating the power of mind...
2015 / 5 / 3

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Reach Beyond the Sun

Art Vanderlay

Reach Beyond the Sun by Art VanderlayThe Prophecy Principle - This is a principle that can be applied to almost any book that allows the apparent choice of a free choice of any word on any page in an un-gimmicked book whilst still limiting their selection to just a few words - Updated & expanded.

My Mind Or Yours - This is a way to be able to predict anything or read anyone's mind at any time just using business cards. It uses a very old and classic method but with a nice added layer of deception.

Emotional Fire Bending - Whilst subtly demonstrating your abilities to manipulate fire, you are to reveal the name of someone's...

2013 / 9 / 15

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RhymeTime Sublime

Dr. Bill Cushman

RhymeTime Sublime by Dr. Bill CushmanGenesis: In the beginning there was Mick Ayres' award winning RhymeTime.

In 2002, Mick Ayre’s won a Linking Ring Award for Mentalism from the International Brotherhood of Magicians for his effect RhymeTime:

You openly display a list of common words. A guest is asked to mentally choose any word and then to create a word in her mind that rhymes with her selection. Without hesitation you name the word she just created in her mind! You may repeat RhymeTime immediately with another guest and reveal a completely different word.
At the end (of his wonderful manuscript), Mick wrote: “I...
2011 / 3 / 27

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Simplex Magazine Test

Devin Knight

Simplex Magazine Test by Devin KnightThis routine has been part of my act for the last 20 years. An easy and novel way of performing a magazine test without any specially printed magazines, duplicate pages, external cue lists, or memory work. All you need are two magazines that you can get in any grocery store. A spectator chooses one of them and another spectator calls out a page number. He turns to the page and notes the first word on the page. The performer then reveals the word with NO FISHING or can show it was previously predicted on a white board. No secret peeks or sleights, it's self-contained and so easy to do. You will...
2015 / 5 / 26

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Leo Boudreau

Skullduggery by Leo BoudreauAfter reading this ebook you will be able to divine the words selected at random from any borrowed dictionary or book; deal four straight winning hands of Blackjack without sleight of hand; teach anyone how to read minds convincingly in just 30 seconds; sense colors merely thought of; transform a borrowed pack of cards into a bizarre impression device.

Several effects in this ebook require what Leo calls The Nothing Book. It is a hard cover book with empty pages. You can also use an empty notebook.

first edition, 1989, The Rustic Press, Arlington; 128 pages.

Table of Contents

2005 / 9 / 6

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Test Conditions

Art Vanderlay

Test Conditions by Art VanderlayImagine someone attempts to hand you a book that you have never seen before, you stop them and propose a different kind of challenge. Taking the book off them you look at two words on a page, you write them down onto a business card for the spectator to hold. You then attempt to send these two words to the spectator who is able to correctly tell you what they are! You then ask the spectator to look at two random words, with nothing written down you are able to reveal the two words they are merely thinking of!
  • No need to see or touch the book beforehand
  • Can be ANY book
  • The spectator will...
2014 / 8 / 12

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The Book of Book Tests

Rachel Colombini

The Book of Book Tests by Rachel ColombiniA unique and popular subject like the Book Test is analyzed here in 20 routines by such great contributors as: Ian Adair, Howard Adams, Len Belcher, Tan Hock Chuan, Rachel Colombini, Tom Craven, Maurice Fogel, Karrell Fox, Karl Fulves, Richard Himber, Arthur Setterington, Walter Sleight and Nick Trost.

In the standard effect (sometimes done as a prediction) a spectator opens a book to a page and concentrates on a word (or three words or a full line). The mentalist, standing some distance away, is able to reveal the word the spectator is thinking of. Of course, as per many classics, variations abound and Rachel has tried to keep this variety...

2010 / 3 / 30

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The Book of Book Tests 2

Rachel Colombini

The Book of Book Tests 2 by Rachel ColombiniCONTRIBUTORS:
  • MAGAZINE TEST (Someeran)
  • FORCED SIGNAL (Rachel Colombini)
  • ASTRO BOOK TEST (Rex Taylor)
  • NEWSPAPER MIRACLE (Arthur Carter)
  • BOOK - BELL - CANDLE (Floyd Shotts)
  • THE ROVI BOOK TEST (Ivor Parry)
  • PAGE 98 - 14TH LINE (Werner Miller)
  • THE TURN-OVER BOOK TEST (Stephen Tucker)
  • THE S.R.R. BOOK TEST (Arthur Setterington)
  • SIX-SELECTION (Paul Daniels)
  • DIRECT BOOK TEST (Arthur Carter)
2010 / 8 / 13

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