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MUK Journal

| €10.91 | CHF 11.62
von Robert Kaldy-Karo & Andreas Swatosch
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MUK Journal by Robert Kaldy-Karo & Andreas Swatosch

The MUK or Museum für Unterhaltungskunst (Museum of Entertainment Arts) in Vienna, Austria, issues an interesting magazine every 6 months. This museum covers mostly magic, circus, and variety, and its publication draws from the holdings of the museum.

Even for people who do not read German this might be interesting, because many historical photos and artifacts are reproduced. For example, issue 2 features an article on Houdini with many fascinating photos, several of which I have never seen before.

You will receive the first three issues: 2007 No. 1, 2007 No. 2, and 2008 No. 3.

182 pages.

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