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Truth is often stranger than fiction. Life writes the most fantastic and unbelievable stories. Read here the cases that occupied TV prime time and the ones that have fascinated mankind for decades.

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Blood & Volume: Inside New York's Israeli Mafia

Blood & Volume: Inside New York's Israeli Mafia by Dave CopelandBlood & Volume reads like fiction but is absolutely all true. With the help of a few associates, Ron Gonen ran a multi-million dollar drug distribution and contract murder syndicate in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. Closest in comparison is Henry Hill's story which was made into the movie, Goodfellas. Gonan was manipulative and charismatic, traveling between Tel Aviv and New York, doing deals until it all unraveled. After his arrest, he exchanged information for the witness protection program.
Dave Copeland13 Apr 2014$22.00

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Blood Aces: The Wild Ride of Benny Binion, the Texas Gangster Who Created Vegas Poker

Blood Aces: The Wild Ride of Benny Binion, the Texas Gangster Who Created Vegas Poker by Doug SwansonThe astonishing story of Benny Binion-a rip-roaring saga of murder, money, and the making of Las Vegas

Benny Binion was many things: a cowboy, a pioneering casino owner, a gangster, a killer, and founder of the hugely successful World Series of Poker.

Blood Aces tells the story of Binion's crucial role in shaping modern Las Vegas. From a Texas backwater, Binion rose to prominence on a combination of vision, determination, and brutal expediency. His formula was simple: run a good business, cultivate the big boys, kill your enemies, and own the cops.

Through a mix of cold-bloodedness, native intelligence,...

Doug Swanson6 Nov 2014$27.95

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Blood Ambush

Blood Ambush by Sheila Johnson
Sheila Johnson13 Feb 2012$5.99

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Blood and Granite: True crime from Aberdeen

Blood and Granite: True crime from Aberdeen by Norman AdamsBlood and Granite is a chronicle of the most notorious homicides committed in Aberdeen over the last hundred years. Written by Norman Adams, a journalist who reported on many of the chilling crimes he now recalls so vividly, it is compelling reading for those who are too young to remember - and those who cannot forget. All are human tragedies from the dark side of life, including: • The grudge that ended in death in an East End pub when butcher James Harrow brutally stabbed two workmates in 1901. • The grisly discovery of a woman's arm on the Torry shore in 1945 that signalled the start of a...
Norman Adams16 Apr 2013$2.90

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Blood Bath

Blood Bath by Susan D. Mustafa & Tony Clayton & Sue Israel
They Knew He Was Out There

He took his time. He watched his victims and chose carefully. Then he struck--each attack more brutal than the last. By the time detectives arrived, all they found were gruesome crime scenes of bloodied, brutalized bodies. . .

They Knew He Would Strike Again

For more than ten years in South Louisiana the killings went on. Task forces were formed. The killer even spent time in jail. But that wouldn't stop the bloodshed. One victim was stabbed with a screwdriver 83 times. . .

But They Couldn't Stop Him--Until Was Too Late

He was a father. A husband. A co-worker. And a killer....

Susan D. Mustafa &
Tony Clayton &
Sue Israel
6 May 2012$5.59

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Blood Betrayal

Blood Betrayal by Sheila JohnsonCrazy Kills

"The worst I've ever seen" - that's how Sheriff Cecil Reed described the July 7, 1995 slayings of Carolyn Headrick, 44, and her mother Dora Ann Dalton, 62. The two were found in their home in rural DeKalb County, Alabama, where they'd been shot, stabbed and then even speared by a Native American style lance. Randy Headrick, Carolyn's husband, was the beneficiary of $325,000 in insurance money. But he swore he'd been at work when the murders were committed--and the police couldn't break his alibi.

Bad News

Headrick was a troublemaker who'd spent four years in a Texas prison for possession...

Sheila Johnson10 Apr 2014$5.99

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Blood Brother

Blood Brother by Anne Bird

What happens if, after being given up for adoption in childhood, you reestablish contact with your biological family -- only to discover that your newfound brother is a killer?

Anne Bird, the sister of Scott Peterson, knows firsthand.

Soon after her birth in 1965, Anne was given up for adoption by her mother, Jackie Latham. Welcomed into the well-adjusted Grady family, she lived a happy life. Then, in the late 1990s, she came back into contact with her mother, now Jackie Peterson, and her family -- including Jackie's son Scott Peterson and his wife, Laci. Anne was welcomed into the family, and...

Anne Bird23 Mar 2014$13.99

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Blood Frenzy

Blood Frenzy by Robert Scott
He Used A Claw Hammer. . .

Frankie Cochran knew her boyfriend, David Gerard, was possessive, controlling, and prone to violent rages. When she tried to break up with him, Gerard threatened her with a hammer. One week later, he used it to club her in the head. Again. And again. Then he stabbed her in the throat--and left her for dead. . .

And A Sharp Knife. . .

Miraculously, Frankie survived--but cops began to suspect Gerard of other vicious crimes. One of his previous girlfriends had died in a house fire, along with her children and her mother. A local prostitute's brutalized body was found in...

Robert Scott9 Apr 2012$5.99

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Blood From Stones: The Secret Financial Network of Terror

Blood From Stones: The Secret Financial Network of Terror by Douglas FarahIn the aftermath of 9/11, President Bush froze all terrorist assets in traditional financial institutions and money channels. But Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups have long followed a diversification strategy that has rendered the crackdown by the U.S. and other governments almost useless. Blood from Stones is the first book to uncover, through on-the-ground reporting, the interlocking web of commodities, underground transfer systems, charities, and sympathetic bankers that support terrorist activities throughout the world.

As a foreign correspondent and investigative reporter for The Washington...

Douglas Farah3 Nov 2014$24.95

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Blood Highway

Blood Highway by Sheila JohnsonDead Wrong

On January 23, 2000, already battered by an ice storm, the rural Alabama resort town of Mentone was about to be struck by an even more terrifying freak catastrophe. Hurtling down the highway in a Lincoln Town Car was Hayward Bissell, a 400-pound madman on a murder rampage. Ramming the pickup truck of Don and Rhea Pirch, Bissell lured Don Pirch on to the road, running him down with his car.

Dead Reckoning

Bissell next targeted the home of James and Sue Pumphrey. After stabbing James Pumphrey in the stomach, Bissell was thwarted by two family dogs, who gave their lives to protect their...

Sheila Johnson3 May 2014$5.99

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Blood in the Sand: A Shocking True Story of Murder, Revenge, and Greed in Las Vegas

Blood in the Sand: A Shocking True Story of Murder, Revenge, and Greed in Las Vegas by Clifford L. LinedeckerThe Seductress
Sexy siren Amy DeChant had a lifelong habit of finding men-- rich men-- who would take care of her. And when the money ran out, so did Amy. When she met wealthy bookie Bruce Weinstein at a poker room in Las Vegas, she had found the perfect prey...

The Bookie
300-pound Bruce Weinstein was the most successful sports bookie in Las Vegas. When he met the red-haired, blue-eyed Amy DeChant, he was smitten. Amy immediately moved in with Bruce and he showered her with expensive gifts. But cars, furs and jewelry didn't hold a candle to the horde of cash Bruce had stashed in a hole in the...

Clifford L. Linedecker19 May 2015$8.99

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Blood in the Snow: The True Story of a Stay-at-Home Dad, his High-Powered Wife, and the Jealousy that Drove him to Murder

Blood in the Snow: The True Story of a Stay-at-Home Dad, his High-Powered Wife, and the Jealousy that Drove him to Murder by Tom Henderson

***Please note that the photos that appear in the print edition of the title do not appear in the e-book.***

Washington Township, Michigan: Valentine's Day, 2007. Stephen Grant filed a missing person's report on his beloved wife, Tara. The stay-at-home father of two was beside himself with despair. Why would Tara abandon him and their family? Was she involved with another man?

Stephen's frantic, emotional search for Tara made national headlines, and the case was featured on Dateline among other television shows and news outlets. But key elements in Stephen's story still weren't adding up: Why...

Tom Henderson19 May 2015$8.99

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Blood in the Streets: Racism, Riots and Murders in the Heartland of America

Blood in the Streets: Racism, Riots and Murders in the Heartland of America by Daniel L. Baker & Nalls GwenIn the midst of a nation suffering through riots and racial stife in the 1965-1975 era, which was one of the most violent periods in urban American history, a racist sniper roamed the streets of Dayton, Ohio. He stalked and killed black men as a vigilante determined to stop federal court-ordered public school desegregation and the mixing of races. During this period, the city endured multiple riots. The story is told via experiences of the authors, one a rookie police officer who became a homicide detective, and the other author who grew up during that period in the segregated city. The story...
Daniel L. Baker &
Nalls Gwen
15 Jan 2014$7.99

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Blood In, Blood Out: The Violent Empire of the Aryan Brotherhood

Blood In, Blood Out: The Violent Empire of the Aryan Brotherhood by John Lee BrookFor the first time, ex-convict John Lee Brook subjects the Aryan Brotherhood to a devastating exposé, revealing how the notorious white supremacist prison gang has become perhaps the most powerful criminal organization in America, an achievement much more remarkable considering that the majority of its members remain behind bars, and its infamous Commission-the folkloric threesome, Thomas ‘Terrible Tom' Silverstein, Tyler ‘the Hulk' Bingham and Barry ‘the Baron' Mills-are kept in maximum-security solitary confinement, as the US government makes...
John Lee Brook29 Nov 2013$19.95

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Blood Justice

Blood Justice by Tom Henderson

In 1991, flight attendant Nancy Ludwig checked in to an airport hotel near Detroit. The next morning she was found gagged, raped, and tortured-her throat slit with such rage that she was nearly decapitated. Her husband Arthur never gave up hope that the future would bring enough evidence to close the case. But it was the past that held the clue.

In 1985, fifty-five-year old Margarette Eby, a music professor, met the same grisly death at her cottage in Flint, Michigan. The case went cold-until six years later when the victim's son Mark came upon the story of Nancy Ludwig's slaying. With nothing...

Tom Henderson29 Aug 2015$7.99

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Blood Lust

Blood Lust by Sheila JohnsonHis Victims Were Uncounted. . .

From the time he was a teenager, Jeremy Bryan Jones had let his violent passions run wild: attacking, raping, and mutilating. Then, in Mobile County, Alabama, Jones's rampage was stopped. But no one knew how many bodies were in his past.

His Evil Was Unmeasured. . .

Convicted and sentenced to die for the brutal murder of Lisa Nichols, an Alabama mother of two children, Jones shocked authorities with the story of his life--and his claims of snuffing out over a dozen victims in thirteen years. But was he telling the truth, or was he simply taunting his captors?


Sheila Johnson24 Apr 2014$5.99

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Blood Money: Bikies, terrorists and Middle Eastern gangs

Blood Money: Bikies, terrorists and Middle Eastern gangs by Clive Small & Tom GillingA meticulously researched and revealing expose of the new players in organised crime.
Clive Small &
Tom Gilling
17 Dec 2012$22.72

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Blood Money: The Du Pont Heir and the Murder of an Olympic Athlete

Blood Money: The Du Pont Heir and the Murder of an Olympic Athlete by Carlton SmithThe story of an Olympic wrestler allegedly murdered by the wealthy heir to the Du Pont fortune, Blood Money takes readers inside the bizarre owrld of a multi-millionaire, and lays bare the brutal shooting and tense police siege that riveted the nation.
Carlton Smith16 Feb 2016$8.99

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Blood on the Altar

Blood on the Altar by Tobias Jones

One Sunday morning in 1993 a 16-year-old girl named Eliza Claps goes missing from a church in the centre of Potenza, Italy. Shortly before her disappearance, Elisa had met Danilo Restivo, a strange local boy with a fetish for cutting women's hair on the back of buses. Elisa's family are convinced that Resitvo is responsible for their daughter's disappearance, but he is protected by local big-wigs: by his Sicilian father, by a doctor with links to organised crime, by a priest who had vices of his own. Years went by and Elisa's family could find only false leads.

2002, and Restivo is now living...

Tobias Jones16 Nov 2014$10.19

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Blood on the Cobbles: A Victorian True-Murder Casebook

Blood on the Cobbles: A Victorian True-Murder Casebook by Grahame FarrellAs a follow-up to his first two very popular books, A Mix of Murders and Gaslight Villainy, Grahame Farrell's Blood on the Cobbles is a true gem. If you liked Gaslight Villainy, you will love Farrell's third work in which he treats us to another broad-spectrum helping of factual Victorian homicide. Here we are party to in-depth and detailed accounts of murder most foul in the form of thirteen superbly researched and written chapters, with Farrell's ever clear, readable and articulate style portraying Victorian times vividly. This book is one for all true-crime readers seeking a taste of murders...
Grahame Farrell21 Jan 2015$2.99

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