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101 Lessons I Taught My Son

Paul Lawrence

101 Lessons I Taught My Son by Paul Lawrence

101 Lessons I Taught My Son is a not too cleverly disguised personal development manual. More than just the lessons taught by one man to his son, 101 Lessons offers life lessons to all readers, irrespective of sex or age. Written from the male point of view, it offers tips and hints on how parents can equip their children and how adults can equip themselves.

101 Lessons I Taught My Son explores a number of key themes like race, religion and, of course, women. If you need tried and tested strategies for successful personal development, this is the book for you.

2017 / 3 / 23

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Nationalism: History and Theory

Paul Lawrence

Nationalism: History and Theory by Paul Lawrence

Massive changes have taken place in the way nations and nationalism are thought about. From being viewed enthusiastically by historians as a force for beneficial change before the First World War, today appeals to 'national' sentiment are viewed as far more complex and problematic.

This book looks at how historians (and others, such as sociologists and political theorists) have explained the development, and enduring importance, of national identities from c.1850 to the present day. It compares and contrasts a wide range of different theories, and will be useful for anyone wanting to equip themselves...

2016 / 9 / 30

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The Books of Moses Revisited

Paul Lawrence

The Books of Moses Revisited by Paul LawrenceWho wrote the first five books of the Bible? Does it really matter who did? The Books of Moses Revisited explores this question by comparing the covenants of Exodus/Leviticus and Deuteronomy with the inter-state treaties of the late second millennium BC. Some compelling similarities come to light, both in the pattern adopted and in many small details. Lawrence clearly demonstrates this with many examples and diagrams, yet without assuming that readers possess a detailed knowledge of ancient history and linguistics. Despite the entrenchment of the widely held theory--the so-called Documentary...
2015 / 6 / 7

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Leading Change: How Successful Leaders Approach Change Management

Paul Lawrence

Leading Change: How Successful Leaders Approach Change Management by Paul LawrenceIt is often claimed that 70% of organizational change efforts fail, despite the popularity of linear change models. However these linear approaches to change are often based on the premise that change is predictable and straightforward, when actually change is complex, with the 'human' element often changing the functioning of the organizational system as a whole. Leading Change provides the practical framework that allows leaders to actively engage with a complex adaptive system to bring about successful organizational change. Supported by academic research, and grounded with a range of examples...
2014 / 12 / 2

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Crime and Justice since 1750

Barry Godfrey & Paul Lawrence

Crime and Justice since 1750 by Barry Godfrey & Paul Lawrence

This book provides a comprehensive, introductory text for students taking courses in crime and criminal justice history. It covers all of the key historical topics central to an understanding of the current criminal justice system, including the development of the police, the courts and the mechanisms of punishment (from the gallows to the prison). The role of the victim in the criminal justice system, changing perceptions of criminals, long-term trends in violent crime, and the rise of surveillance society also receive detailed analysis. In addressing each of these issues and developments,...

2014 / 11 / 28

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Hearts of Darkness

Paul Lawrence

Hearts of Darkness by Paul Lawrence

1666. London is recovering from the Great Plague which has now slithered out of the City to breed elsewhere. The village of Shyam responds to the pestilence by closing its borders, allowing no one to leave until the disease has run its course. But this is where Harry Lytle and his reluctant colleague, David Dowling, are ordered to go; to track down a traitor and bring him out alive. Refusing Lord Arlington's demands is not an option and following their every move is a merciless killer.

The road to Shyam is long and dangerous, and the story that awaits them will turn their world upside down ....

2014 / 8 / 23

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A Plague of Sinners

Paul Lawrence

A Plague of Sinners by Paul Lawrence

July, 1665. As the great plague rages rampant outside London's city walls, pestilence exerts an ever stronger grip on the population. But Harry Lytle is forced to venture into some of the most diseased parishes in search of a serial killer.

A grisly death starts Harry off on the trail and it's not long before his familiar accomplice, Dowling the butcher, joins him on the case. Their master, Lord Arlington, tasks them with uncovering the name and motive of the murderer – but there will be plenty more deaths and scrapes for Harry before the name is revealed. And things take a turn for the worst...

2014 / 8 / 12

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What Government Does: How Political Executives Manage

Mark A. Abramson & Paul Lawrence

What Government Does: How Political Executives Manage by Mark A. Abramson & Paul LawrenceIn this book, Paul Lawrence and Mark Abramson build on their extensive interviews with 42 Obama Administration political executives over the past four years. Political executives from numerous federal agencies were interviewed about the challenge of managing in government and the activities undertaken by their agencies.
2014 / 2 / 23

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The Sweet Smell of Decay

Paul Lawrence

The Sweet Smell of Decay by Paul Lawrence

Restoration London, 1664, brought vividly to life, with all the sights, sounds and smells of a teeming city, and loaded with intrigue and crawling with treachery

Harry Lytle has just discovered he has a young cousin, Anne Giles. But he's had the pleasure of meeting her for the first time as a corpse. With some robust assistance from David Dowling, a witty, impressively well-built, but hygiene-deficient, butcher, Harry sets out to track down Anne's killer.

Together they follow a trail of blood, conspiracy and corruption that takes them to the dark and murky corners of London, featuring a great...

2014 / 1 / 12

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Crime and Justice 1750-1950

Barry Godfrey & Paul Lawrence

Crime and Justice 1750-1950 by Barry Godfrey & Paul LawrenceThis book provides an introductory text for students taking courses in recent criminal justice history. Chapters cover the key issues central to an understanding of the historical background to the current criminal justice system, covering the crime of murder, the emergence, establishment and development of the police, crime and criminals, criminals and victims, the courts and punishment, women and children, and surveillance and the workplace.

In addressing each of these issues and developments the authors explore a range of historiographical and criminological debates that have arisen, looking...

2013 / 7 / 1

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Paths to Making a Difference

Paul Lawrence & Mark Abramson

Paths to Making a Difference by Paul Lawrence & Mark Abramson

To understand the challenges of political leadership and how top executives succeed in accomplishing an administration's objectives, business in government experts Paul R. Lawrence and Mark A. Abramson present the findings of a two year's study of top political appointees in the Obama administration.
The participants—deputy secretaries and agency heads—provide case studies of how each approaches the management challenges and achieves the mission of their organization. Full of behind-the-scenes insights and practical advice from government political executives on how they face management challenges...

2012 / 2 / 26

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