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    Making Globalization Work by Joseph E. Stiglitz    Edge of the Lagoon by K. Paramothayan    Global Communications: Toward a Transcultural Political Economy by Yuezhi Zhao    Money Changes Everything: How Global Prosperity is Reshaping Our Needs, Values, and Lifestyles by Peter Marber    Democracy and Democratization: Processes and Prospects in a Changing World, Third Edition by Georg Sorensen    Gendering the State in the Age of Globalization: Women's Movements and State Feminism in Postindustrial Democracies by Melissa Haussman    Who Really Runs the World? The War Between Globalization and Democracy by Alex Games & Thom Burnett    The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives by Zbigniew Brzezinski    An Investigation into the Role of the World Bank in relation to the Privatisation of Public Services with respect to the Washing by Vicki Preibisch    America Speaks Out: Collected Essays from Dissident Writers - John H. Brand, Meria Heller, John Kaminski, Norman D. Livergood, W by Dandelion Books    Expolitics: Political Implications Of The Extraterrestrial Presence, by Michael E. by Michael E. Salla    The Bering Strait Crossing by James A. Oliver    Leadership and Negotiation in the European Union by Jonas Tallberg    Modernization of Japan by Gbingba T. Gbosoe    "China and the New World Order: How Entrepreneurship, Globalization, and Borderless Business Are Reshaping China and the World" by George Zhibin Gu    Global Issues for Global Citizens: An Introduction to Key Development Challenges by Vinay K. Bhargava    China's Global Reach: Markets, Multinationals, and Globalization (Revised and Updated Edition) by George Zhibin Gu    Territoriality Conflict Era Global by Miles Kahler    Global Future Labour Law by John D. R. Craig    Cross-Cultural Interaction: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications by Information Reso Management Association    Identity, Citizenship, and Political Conflict in Africa by Edmond J. Keller    Global South to the Rescue: Emerging Humanitarian Superpowers and Globalizing Rescue Industries by Paul Amar    European Union by Jeremy Richardson    Intimacies and Cultural Change: Perspectives on Contemporary Mexico by Daniel Nehring    The Bright Continent: Breaking Rules and Making Change in Modern Africa by Dayo Olopade    The Bright Continent: Breaking Rules and Making Change in Modern Africa by Dayo Olopade    Global Social Transformation and Social Action: The Role of Social Workers: Social Work-Social Development Volume III The Role o by Sven Hessle    China Wave, The: Rise Of A Civilizational State by Wei-Wei Zhang    Globalization And Localization: The Chinese Perspective by Zhenglai Deng    Struggling With Success: Challenges Facing The International Economy by Anne O. Krueger    Asian Economic Systems by Steven Rosefielde    New Economic Growth Engine For China, A: Escaping The Middle-income Trap By Not Doing More Of The Same by Wing Thye Woo    Japan's Strategic Challenges In A Changing Regional Environment by Purnendra Jain    Prevention And Crisis Management: Lessons For Asia From The 2008 Crisis by Steven Rosefielde    Global Economy In Transition, The: Debt And Resource Scarcities by Joergen Oerstroem Moeller    Globalized Knowledge Flows and Chinese Social Theory by Xiaoying Qi    Retooling Global Development and Governance by Rob Vos & Manuel Montes    Globalizing Boxing by Kath Woodward    Conflict, Crime, and the State in Postcommunist Eurasia by Svante Cornell    Globalization: What's New? by Michael M. Weinstein    Globalization: The Key Concepts by Thomas Hylland Eriksen    China as a Rising World Power and its Response to by Ronald C. Keith    Illness Is a Weapon: Indigenous Identity and Enduring Afflictions by Eirik Saethre    Critical Theories, IR and 'the Anti-Globalisation Movement' by Catherine Eschle    The Global Compact, Corporate Social Responsibility and Textile and Garment Companies in the Philippines by Patrick Bolte    Debt Crisis in the Third World by Yanhui Zhang    Does globalisation represent a triumph of the 'Lockean Heartland'? by Jan Fichtner    The role of London as an offshore financial centre in the liberalisation of international finance since the Second World War by Jan Fichtner    The Fantasy of Globalism: The Latin American Neo-Baroque by John V. Waldron    The Geopolitical Power Shift in the Indo-Pacific Region: America, Australia, China, and Triangular Diplomacy in the Twenty-First by Randall Doyle
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The WTO by Lori Wallach & Michelle Sforza

In this groundbreaking pamphlet, directors of Ralph Nader's Public Citizen group examine the first five years of the World Trade Organization's track record, demonstrating how the WTO aims to create a new global economic system that increases corporate
Lori Wallach &
Michelle Sforza
3 Apr 2012 $5.95


THE DAWN OF GLOBAL SENSE: Awakening to the Rising Global Consciousness Now Changing Our Lives by Judah Freed
THE DAWN OF GLOBAL SENSE: Awakening to the Rising Global Consciousness Now Changing Our Lives

In these dark times that try our souls, your life choices can make global sense. Against a backdrop of climate change, political upheaval and economic instability, The Dawn of Global Sense reveals how authority addiction and alpha male rule have driven
Judah Freed 28 Oct 2013 $5.99


The Declaration of Global Civilization by Shaohua Zhang & Vincent Law
The Declaration of Global Civilization

In a global world, highly integrated human society is in a dark age of civilization-based chaos. We are at the historical turning point where we could either evolve to a universal brotherhood or to be destroyed by unavoidable chaos. The choice is ours-not

Shaohua Zhang &
Vincent Law
11 Nov 2009 $6.00


Towards a Competitive Malaysia by M. Bakri Musa
Towards a Competitive Malaysia

Malaysia's foremost challenges are the fragmentation of its society and deterioration of its institutions. Social stability is a prerequisite for economic growth, and effective institutions for optimizing it. The deepening polarization of Malays poses

M. Bakri Musa 14 Nov 2009 $6.00


Can I Help You? by Faroque Quazi
Can I Help You?

Every nation has the right to freedom. Unfortunately, the citizens of many countries still cower under inhumane governments and ruthless dictators. Author Faroque Quazi offers a proposal to the United Nations to help solve this worldwide crisis.


Faroque Quazi 14 Jan 2010 $6.00


Earth Is Overpopulated Now by David E. Christensen
Earth Is Overpopulated Now

The population of the world was about 2 billion when I was born in 1921, and it is 6.5 billion this year (2006). With about 120 million now being added each year, the population of the world is expected to reach 7 billion by 2010.

The Earth simply cannot

David E. Christensen 11 Feb 2010 $6.00


Global Transformation by Wade Hudson
Global Transformation

In 2000, Wade Hudson took a break from community organizing to consider with colleagues how the progressive movement might be more effective.
This book summarizes his conclusions.
From the Preface:
My hope is to encourage progressive individuals and

Wade Hudson 7 Mar 2010 $6.00


Modernization of Japan by Gbingba T. Gbosoe
Modernization of Japan

The Japanese are a diligent people, constantly working to ensure institutional success. The Japanese have an innate ability to copy foreigners. In their effort to build a strong country, the Japanese sought knowledge from abroad; and perfected these learnings

Gbingba T. Gbosoe 4 Apr 2014 $6.00


Edge of the Lagoon by K. Paramothayan
Edge of the Lagoon

With a mature intellectual tradition and intensive educational provision since the sixteenth century, Jaffna had an edge over the rest of the country, not only in the matter of educational attainment, but also in other inter-related areas, such as a favourable

K. Paramothayan 20 Apr 2014 $6.00


Public Power in the Age of Empire by Arundhati Roy
Public Power in the Age of Empire

In her major address to the 99th annual meeting of the American Sociological Association on August 16, 2004, "Public Power in the Age of Empire," broadcast nationally on C-Span Book TV and on Democracy Now! and Alternative Radio, writer Arundhati Roy brilliantly
Arundhati Roy 7 Apr 2012 $7.95


Accountability Denied: The Global Biofuel Blunder by Douglas A. L. Auld
Accountability Denied: The Global Biofuel Blunder

THE IDEA that a nation could significantly reduce its reliance on fossil fuels by converting biomass into fuel is an attractive one especially if the use of these biofuels contributes to a reduction in green house gases. With little reflection and even
Douglas A. L. Auld 8 Jun 2013 $7.99


After Occupy: What Next for the World? by Frank Sykes
After Occupy: What Next for the World?

In light of the predatory practices employed by massive corporations-some of which are even bigger than nations-and their wealthy owners, a movement arose from among the people known as the 99 percent, those who are not among the wealthiest 1 percent of
Frank Sykes 15 Nov 2013 $7.99


10 Reasons to Abolish the IMF & World Bank by Kevin Danaher
10 Reasons to Abolish the IMF & World Bank

A veritable "Globalization for Dummies," 10 Reasons to Abolish the IMF & World Banklays bare the most common myths of globalization in a clear and understandable way. Looking with hope to grassroots movement-building on a global scale, Danaher presents
Kevin Danaher 6 Apr 2012 $8.95


Global Governance by Kristin Dawkins
Global Governance

In Global Governance, policy analyst Kristin Dawkins offers a refreshingly hopeful and astute roadmap towards a democratic future, framing the respective roles and accomplishments of corporations, governments, and citizen activists in light of the day-to-day
Kristin Dawkins 6 Apr 2012 $9.95


Understanding the Global TV Format by J. Malbon & A. Moran
Understanding the Global TV Format

Recent years have seen an astonishing growth in the adaptation of program formats in television systems across the world. Under the new market conditions of the multi-channel cluster brought about by new technologies and increased privatisation of service,
J. Malbon &
A. Moran
6 Oct 2008 $10.00


Environmental Policies and Strategic Communication in Iran: The Value of Public Opinion Research in Decision Making by Daniele Calabrese & Fabio Santucci & Elena Stanghellini
Environmental Policies and Strategic Communication in Iran: The Value of Public Opinion Research in Decision Making

Air pollution in Tehran has become a major problem in recent years, due to the geographical position of the town, industries, and traffic. Most private and public vehicles are old and have no emission control systems. The Municipality of Tehran and the
Daniele Calabrese &
Fabio Santucci &
Elena Stanghellini
6 Jan 2011 $10.00


The Bering Strait Crossing by James A. Oliver
The Bering Strait Crossing

The Bering Strait Crossing is the epic story of the Intercontinental Divide. The ancient waterway - when the fog clears over the Diomede Islands - is among the world's most stunning vistas. This is where the 53-mile wide strait, named for Danish explorer
James A. Oliver 8 Apr 2014 $10.00


Real England by Paul Kingsnorth
Real England

We see the signs around us every day: the chain cafés and mobile phone outlets that dominate our high streets; the disappearance of knobbly carrots from our supermarket shelves; and the headlines about yet another traditional industry going to the wall.
Paul Kingsnorth 11 Apr 2012 $11.12


The Soros Lectures: At the Central European University by George Soros
The Soros Lectures: At the Central European University

In a series of lectures at the Central European University in Budapest in October of 2009, George Soros provided a broad overview of his thoughts on economics and politics. The lectures are the culmination of a lifetime of practical and philosophical reflection.
George Soros 24 Mar 2010 $11.99


Africa and Arabia: Collaboration or Conflict? (African Renaissance vol 1 nol 1 2004) by Jideofor Patrick Adibe
Africa and Arabia: Collaboration or Conflict? (African Renaissance vol 1 nol 1 2004)

For our maiden edition, we have chosen to examine the relations between Africa and Arabia. We brought together professionals and authorities of different persuasions, and asked them to approach the theme as they saw fit. What we have is a rich menu, which
Jideofor Patrick Adibe 30 Nov 2009 $12.00


Displaying 1 to 20 (of 326 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 ...  [Next >>] 

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