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    From Accidents to Zero: A Practical Guide to Improving Your Workplace Safety Culture by Andrew Sharman    The Changing World of Work: What Should We Ask of Higher Education? by Scott London    Unified We Are a Force: How Faith and Labor Can Overcome America's Inequalities by Joerg Rieger & Rosemarie Henkel-Rieger    Spirit of Rebellion: Labor and Religion in the New Cotton South by Jarod Roll    On Gender, Labor, and Inequality by Ruth Milkman    The Steelworkers' Retirement Security System: A Worker-based Model for Community Investment by Glenn Beamer    Spider Web: The Birth of American Anticommunism by Nick Fischer    Criminal Capital: Violence, Corruption and Class in Industrial India by Andrew Sanchez    Cotton Cultivation and Child Labor in Post-Soviet Uzbekistan by Bilal Bhat    Unions, Change and Crisis: French and Italian Union Strategy and the Political Economy, 1945-1980 by Peter Lange & George Ross & Maurizio Vannicelli    The Politics of West German Trade Unions: Strategies of Class and Interest Representation in Growth and Crisis by Andrei Markovits    The Margins of Citizenship by Philip Cook    The No-Nonsense Guide to Tourism by Pamela Nowicka    Reskilling America: Learning to Labor in the Twenty-First Century by Katherine S. Newman & Hella Winston    Manhood on the Line: Working-Class Masculinities in the American Heartland by Steve Meyer    Conservative Counterrevolution: Challenging Liberalism in 1950s Milwaukee by Tula A. Connell    The Right and Labor in America: Politics, Ideology, and Imagination by Nelson Lichtenstein    Value: The Representation of Labour in Capitalism by Diane Elson    The Pew and the Picket Line: Christianity and the American Working Class by Heath W. Carter    Bondage: Labor and Rights in Eurasia from the Sixteenth to the Early Twentieth Centuries by Alessandro Stanziani    Disaster Citizenship: Survivors, Solidarity, and Power in the Progressive Era by Jacob A. Remes    From South Texas to the Nation: The Exploitation of Mexican Labor in the Twentieth Century by John Weber    Strikebreaking and Intimidation: Mercenaries and Masculinity in Twentieth-Century America by Stephen H. Norwood    Hazards of the Job: From Industrial Disease to Environmental Health Science by Christopher C. Sellers    Grounds for Dreaming: Mexican Americans, Mexican Immigrants, and the California Farmworker Movement by Lori A. Flores    Team and Collective Training Needs Analysis: Defining Requirements and Specifying Training Systems by Dr. John Huddlestone & Dr. Jonathan Pike    Organizational Accidents Revisited by James Professor Reason    Children and AIDS: Sub-Saharan Africa by Dr. Alex Ochumbo    Security Culture: A How-to Guide for Improving Security Culture and Dealing with People Risk in Your Organisation by Hilary Mrs Walton    Making Time: Lillian Moller Gilbreth - A Life Beyond "Cheaper by the Dozen" by Jane Lancaster    The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels    Strike Action and Nation Building: Labor Unrest in Palestine/Israel, 1899-1951 by David De Vries    Diamonds and War: State, Capital, and Labor in British-Ruled Palestine by David De Vries    Supervision and Authority in Industry: Western European Experiences, 1830-1939 by Patricia Van den Eeckhout    Influencing the Quality, Risk and Safety Movement in Healthcare: In Conversation with International Leaders by Kim Asst Prof Sears    Smokestacks in the Hills: Rural-Industrial Workers in West Virginia by Lou Martin    Teachers and Politics in Japan by Donald R. Thurston    Theory of Union Bargaining Goals by Wallace N. Atherton    Chinese in the Woods: Logging and Lumbering in the American West by Sue Fawn Chung    Fighting for Total Person Unionism: Harold Gibbons, Ernest Calloway, and Working-Class Citizenship by Robert Bussel    Building the Golden Gate Bridge: A Workers' Oral History by Harvey Schwartz    Safety Management Systems in Aviation by Carl D. Mr Halford & John J. Mr Goglia & Alan J. Professor Stolzer    Household Workers Unite: The Untold Story of African American Women Who Built a Movement by Premilla Nadasen    Labour and Transnational Action in Times of Crisis by Andreas Bieler    Diamonds in the Rough: Corporate Paternalism and African Professionalism on the Mines of Colonial Angola, 1917-1975 by Todd Cleveland    Immigrants against the State: Yiddish and Italian Anarchism in America by Kenyon Zimmer    Poland, Solidarity, Walesa by Michael R. Dobbs & K. S. Karol & Dessa Trevisan    Free Labor: The Civil War and the Making of an American Working Class by Mark A. Lause    Workplace Equality in Europe: The Role of Trade Unions by Dr. Anna Paraskevopoulou & Sonia Professor McKay    Market Expansion and Social Dumping in Europe by Magdalena Bernaciak

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Youth Employment in Sierra Leone: Sustainable Livelihood Opportunities in a Post-Conflict Setting

Youth Employment in Sierra Leone: Sustainable Livelihood Opportunities in a Post-Conflict Setting by Pia Peeters & Wendy Cunningham & Gayatri AcharyaCreating job opportunities for a large and growing number of young people is a key development challenge for the government of Sierra Leone. Analyzing the supply and demand sides of the labor market, this book asseses the challenges and options for improving sustainable livelihood opportunities for youth in post-conflict Sierra Leone.
Pia Peeters &
Wendy Cunningham &
Gayatri Acharya
28 Mar 2009$25.00

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Adequacy of Retirement Income After Pension Reforms in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe: Nine Country Studies

Adequacy of Retirement Income After Pension Reforms in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe: Nine Country Studies by Robert Holzmann & Ufuk GuvenThe former transition countries of Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe (CESE) inherited defined benefit public pension systems financed on a pay-as-you-go basis. Under central planning, these systems exhibited fiscal strains which worsened during the early years of the transition and became unsustainable under a market economy and projected population aging. All CESE countries introduced reforms that varied but typically focused on issues of sustainability rather than benefit adequacy. Nine case studies-Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Serbia-suggest...
Robert Holzmann &
Ufuk Guven
28 Mar 2009$39.95

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Tunisia's Global Integration: A Second Generation of Reforms to Boost Growth and Employment

Tunisia's Global Integration: A Second Generation of Reforms to Boost Growth and Employment by Ndiame Diop & World BankTunisia's past integration policies have significantly increased FDI flows in the manufacturing sector, triggering a rise of textiles and clothing and mechanical and electrical components exports through participation to EU production networks and increasing productivity, growth, and job creation. In spite of these results, important challenges remain. FDI increases are not accompanied by a rapid increase in domestic investment. The business climate of the domestic market-oriented sector can be further improved. Trade integration largely has bypassed non-tourism service sectors and the structural...
Ndiame Diop &
World Bank
10 May 2009$28.00

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Trade Unions and the State: The Construction of Industrial Relations Institutions in Britain, 1890-2000

Trade Unions and the State: The Construction of Industrial Relations Institutions in Britain, 1890-2000 by Chris HowellThe collapse of Britain's powerful labor movement in the last quarter century has been one of the most significant and astonishing stories in recent political history. How were the governments of Margaret Thatcher and her successors able to tame the unions? In analyzing how an entirely new industrial relations system was constructed after 1979, Howell offers a revisionist history of British trade unionism in the twentieth century. Most scholars regard Britain's industrial relations institutions as the product of a largely laissez faire system of labor relations, punctuated by occasional government...
Chris Howell27 Aug 2009$35.00

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The Chinese Century: The Rising Chinese Economy and Its Impact on the Global Economy

The Chinese Century: The Rising Chinese Economy and Its Impact on the Global Economy by Oded Shenkar

Within 20 years--possibly far sooner--China will have the world's largest economy. Already, China is the #2 economy in the world for direct foreign investment, behind the US.

Worldwide bestseller The Chinese Century reveals how China is restoring its imperial glory by infusing modern technology and market economics into a non-democratic system controlled by the Communist party and bureaucracy. This ebook powerfully demonstrates how China's accelerating growth is leading to a radical restructuring of the global business system. Read it, and you'll discover why the U.S. is most vulnerable to...

Oded Shenkar30 Nov 2009$17.99

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The China Price

The China Price by Alexandra HarneyA landmark eyewitness exposé of how China's factory economy competes for Western business by selling out its workers, its environment, and its future In The China Price, acclaimed Financial Times correspondent Alex Harney uncovers the truth about how China is able to offer such amazingly low prices to the rest of the world. What she has discovered is a brutal, Hobbesian world in which intense pricing pressure from Western companies combines with ubiquitous corruption and a lack of transparency to exact an unseen and unconscionable toll in human misery and environmental damage. In a way, Harney...
Alexandra Harney2 Feb 2010$16.00

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Inclusive States: Social Policy and Structural Inequalities

Inclusive States: Social Policy and Structural Inequalities by Anis A. DaniThe heterogeneity of social structures and cultural identities in many developing countries, together with traditional hierarchies, rivalries, and deep-seated biases, has perpetuated inequities. Inclusive States: Social Policy and Structural Inequalities examines the role of the state and society in addressing structural inequalities and identifies a set of policy recommendations to redress them. This book defines structural inequality as a condition arising from unequal status attributed to a category of people in relation to others, a relationship perpetuated and reinforced by unequal relations...
Anis A. Dani22 Feb 2010$30.00

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Child of the Sit-Downs

Child of the Sit-Downs by Carlton Jackson
Carlton Jackson18 Mar 2010$39.00

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Missing Links in Labour Geography

Missing Links in Labour Geography by Ann C. Bergene
Ann C. Bergene7 Jun 2010$124.95

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Getting a Cut: A Contextual Understanding of Commission Systems

Getting a Cut: A Contextual Understanding of Commission Systems by Richard SeltzerThe perspective of those who receive commissions has been largely ignored, and much of the literature on commissions and bonuses focuses on the concerns of management without regard for the employees or much recognition that understanding the employee perspective contributes significantly to fostering a more productive work environment. Getting a Cut is based on semi-structured interviews with over 450 people between the two volumes. The diverse respondents from across the U.S. provide a people-first perspective on work within commission structures. Understanding what people think about their...
Richard Seltzer21 Oct 2010$79.99

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The Flivver King: The Story of Ford-America

The Flivver King: The Story of Ford-America by Upton SinclairThis novel describes the working class day-to-day struggle for economic justice. The book was written in 1937 to aid the formation of the 'United Auto Workers' (UAW). It is a continuation of Sinclair's famous novel "The Jungle". Again,this novel depicts how alienated work not only brings degradation to workers, but is the motivation for resistance and finally revolt. Great balls of fire - Brothers! The novel turns out to be a historical documewnt of the first four decades of the 20th Century. The story is told from two conflicting views: That of Henry Ford and one of his workers. As we begin...
Upton Sinclair25 Oct 2010$9.75

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The Asssination Burea, Ltd.

The Asssination Burea, Ltd. by Jack LondonThe Assasssination Bureau kills people for cash, but it also has a social conscience. The leader of the Bureaujustifies these murders as to the social good - until he accepts a contract on himself. Truly in Jack London fashionnit is not to be outdone even in these modern days - enough said
Jack London25 Oct 2010$9.75

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Changing the Industrial Geography in Asia: The Impact of China and India

Changing the Industrial Geography in Asia: The Impact of China and India by Shahid Yusuf & Kaoru NabeshimaIndustry;International Economics and Trade; Macroeconomics and Economic Growth
Shahid Yusuf &
Kaoru Nabeshima
28 Oct 2010$14.99

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Shadow Mothers

Shadow Mothers by Cameron Lynne MacdonaldShadow Mothers shines new light on an aspect of contemporary motherhood often hidden from view: the need for paid childcare by women returning to the workforce, and the complex bonds mothers forge with the "shadow mothers" they hire. Cameron Lynne Macdonald illuminates both sides of an unequal and complicated relationship. Based on in-depth interviews with professional women and childcare providers- immigrant and American-born nannies as well as European au pairs-Shadow Mothers locates the roots of individual skirmishes between mothers and their childcare providers in broader cultural and social...
Cameron Lynne Macdonald30 Dec 2010$27.95

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Education of an American Liberal

Education of an American Liberal by Lucille MilnerLucille Milner describes her early years as a reformer. She documents her work as a co-founder of the American Civil Liberties Union and work with other progressive organizations.
Lucille Milner23 Apr 2011$4.00

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Government Unions and the Bankrupting of America

Government Unions and the Bankrupting of America by Daniel DiSalvoGovernment-workers unions have been political juggernauts in the U.S. since the unseen collective-bargaining-rights revolution of the 1960s and '70s. These unions are different and more powerful than those that battle owners and managers in the private sector. To advance their interests, unions in the public sector have created cartels with their political allies, mostly in the Democratic Party, to the exclusion of the taxpaying public.

In this Broadside, Daniel DiSalvo shows us how this government takeover happened and tells us what can be done to protect the public interest. The fiscal consequences...

Daniel DiSalvo18 May 2011$5.99

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Gun Thugs, Rednecks, and Radicals: A Documentary History of the West Virginia Mine Wars

Gun Thugs, Rednecks, and Radicals: A Documentary History of the West Virginia Mine Wars by David Alan CorbinTelling the powerful story of the West Virginia coal mining rebellions of the early 20th century, this book collects material from the leaders, the miners, and the journalists sent to report on the 1912 and 1921 West Virginia mine wars-explosive examples of strikes and union battles. Featured in the text are articles, speeches, and discussions between union leaders such as Samuel Gompers, Frank Keeney, Fred Mooney, Bill Blizzard, and Mother Jones. Also included are U.S. Senate committee testimonies from miners and their family members describing life and work in the coal camps and explaining...
David Alan Corbin26 Nov 2011$16.00

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A Little History of the Australian Labor Party

A Little History of the Australian Labor Party by Frank Bongiorno & Nick DyrenfurthCelebrating the 120th anniversary of the Australian Labor Party (ALP)-one of the oldest labor parties in the world and the first to form a government-this short and lively book recounts ALP's history from its origins during the late 19th century through present day. The book details the party's numerous successes in winning government at all levels and its policymaking that has transformed lives, as well as demonstrating how the ALP has attracted an extraordinary range of members, parliamentary representatives, leaders, unionists, activists and, indeed, opponents. The ALP has been a central...
Frank Bongiorno &
Nick Dyrenfurth
11 Dec 2011$19.95

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Childhood and Child Labour in the British Industrial Revolution

Childhood and Child Labour in the British Industrial Revolution by Jane HumphriesThis is a unique account of working-class childhood during the British industrial revolution. Using more than 600 autobiographies written by working men of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Jane Humphries illuminates working-class childhood in contexts untouched by conventional sources and facilitates estimates of age at starting work, social mobility, the extent of apprenticeship, and the duration of schooling. The classic era of industrialization, 1790-1850, apparently saw an upsurge in child labour. While the memoirs implicate mechanization and the division of labour in this increase,...
Jane Humphries28 Jan 2012$32.00

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Gender Disparities in Africa's Labor Market

Gender Disparities in Africa's Labor Market by Jorge Saba ArbacheWomen's earnings are a fraction of male's earnings in several African countries. It is tempting to conclude that this wage gap is a sign of discrimination against women in the labor market. Yet this book uses new datasets to show that the gap is not simply the result of discrimination in the labor markets, but rather the result of multiple factors, including access to education and credit, cultural values and household duties, and, above all, labor market conditions. It shows that gender disparities grow when economies are not functioning well and labor markets are tiny. More than the effect...
Jorge Saba Arbache13 Feb 2012$14.99

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