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RaphaŽl Czaja

RaphaŽl Czaja

(1983 - )

Born in the North of France, RaphaŽl became seriously interested in magic after his father read an ad of a French magic shop. A few days later, he received a catalog full of professional magic tricks and his first purchase was a Brainwave Deck. At the same period, a popular French magician Sylvain Mirouf performed card tricks almost every day on a TV show and RaphaŽl understood all the potential of a single deck of cards.

His favorite magicians are Aldo Colombini, Peter Duffie, Jay Sankey and Dominique Duvivier. Otherwise, he is particularly interested in magic with rubber bands and ropes. He also has a great passion for cinema and is currently writing his first full feature lenght screenplay.

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