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Publish It Now

Publish It Now by Rodney N. CharlesPurchase Publish-It-Now, by Rodney Charles and recieve a FREE Publishing Teleconference Seminar and FREE Publish-It-Now eBook, a value of $110.00. ~~~~~~Find out the insider secrets to publishing your book from Rodney Charles, author of the best-selling book Every Day a Miracle Happens. ~~~~~~"There are 3 things that you need to succeed as a published author. And by succeed I mean earn enough money through book sales to allow you to continue writing full time." ~Rodney Charles~ ~~~~~~You will Also Learn: ~1. How to get published easily, quickly and affordably. ~2. How to compete on the same...
Rodney N. Charles27 Mar 2014$10.95

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Miracles of the Saints

Miracles of the Saints by Rodney N. Charles"Throughout the ages, in all parts of the world, the messages of miracle have been heard. They appeal to the child within us all and make the world more loving and wondrous than it often seems. But there is no man or woman living to whom miracles are out of reach. If we believe otherwise, it is due to the illusion that simplicity and innocence are lost." ~~~Rodney Charles "Anything is possible. This book covers the lives of hundreds of miracle workers and leaves you feeling like you know them all personally. Some saints fly freely through the air, some talk to angels, while other read your thoughts...
Rodney N. Charles11 Apr 2010$10.00

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The Secret Meaning of Names

The Secret Meaning of Names by Pierre Le Rouzic & Rodney N. CharlesPierre Le Rouzic's The Name Book, intrigues its audience with a stunningly accurate description of their characters based solely on the name they bear. Containing over 9,000 names, this volume is a priceless encyclopedia of wisdom - a name book that has passed the test of time. This book is fun! An international bestseller with over 3 million copies sold outside the USA, it provides an accurate analysis of our personality based solely on the name we bare. Index includes over 9,000 names - described in 80 chapters. 85 graphic illustrations (called name portraits) convey the message in a glance....
Pierre Le Rouzic &
Rodney N. Charles
9 Aug 2009$18.00

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products) Pages:  1 
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