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    Seeking Spirits: A Sensitive's Journey: How I Learned to Work With the Spirit World by Sheila J. Watson    Interviewed by God: A Journey to Freedom by Beth Banning    The Giant Oak Speaks Wisdom: Listen With Your Ears and Heart by Marti Eicholz    Tips to Find Happiness: Creating a Harmonious Home for Your Spouse, Your Children, and Yourself by Ryuho Okawa    Love, Nurture, and Forgive: A Handbook to Add a New Richness to Your Life by Ryuho Okawa    The Golden Laws: History Through the Eyes of the Eternal Buddha by Ryuho Okawa    Seven Sisters: Spiritual Messages from Aboriginal Australia by Laine Cunningham    What We're Afraid to Ask: 365 Days of Healing for Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse by Sherri L. Board & Jon M. Fleetwood & Anna M. Jones    Let Your Spirit Guides Speak: A Simple Guide for a Life of Purpose, Abundance, and Joy by Debra Landwehr Engle    Find Strength in Your Struggle: Discover The Miracle in You by Dr. H. Jean Wright II    The Call Of The Day by Jodi Hershey    The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by Dalai Lama & Desmond Tutu & Douglas Carlton Abrams    The Life Triumphant: Mastering the Heart and Mind by James Allen    Arm in Arm with the Holy Spirit by Patrick Day    The Greatest Thing Ever Known: With Linked Table of Contents by Ralph Waldo Trine    Reflections: Grimoire of a Modern Witch by Maria 'Peacock' Barrett    The Changed Life: With Linked Table of Contents by Henry Drummond    Natural Law in the Spiritual World: With Linked Table of Contents by Henry Drummond    Adventures of Benjamin The Bus: Hitchhikers Guide to Spiritual Mastery by Regina Petterson    Men and Systems: With Linked Table of Contents by James Allen    The Mastery of Destiny by James Allen    The Mental Equivalent: The Secret of Demonstration by Emmet Fox    Fasting Your Way to Glory: Revised Edition by Stella Okoronkwo    Harnessing Heaven: How One Reluctant Wall-Streeter Tapped the Power of the Hereafter by Clifford Michaels    A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted by Will Bowen    Overcoming the PITS of Health: A Guide to Achieving Wholeness in Every Area of Your Life by Jennifer Desmond RN    The Battle Is Not Yours: The Fight to a Better Life by Tyeasia Kiah    Chasing Your Dreams: Bound for Success by Dov Weaver    Splendor of the Saints: How They Dazzle the World and Shape History by Aloysius Roche    Neale Donald Walsch on Abundance and Right Livelihood by Neale Donald Walsch    Summary of Tears to Triumph: by Marianne Williamson | Includes Analysis by . Instaread    Love, Care and Share: An Inspirational Message by Tom Herstad    Get Out of Mind Jail: Create Your New Life With Purpose by Nicholas Barrett    God is in the Little Things: Messages from the Animals by Patricia Brooks    Pearls on the Path by Swami Nityananda    Soul Over Matter: Ancient and Modern Wisdom and Practical Techniques to Create Unlimited Abundance by Zhi Gang Sha & Adam Markel    The Soul Mender: Arise and Shine by Elizabeth Ebudola James    The Wonder of You by Burt Harding    Manual for the Soul: A Beginner's Guide: Awaken to Your Enlightenment in Millennium 2.1 by Jordan K. Finneseth    In Your Dreams by Zoran Paunovich    Embraced by the Divine: The Emerging Woman's Gateway to Power, Passion and Purpose by Michelle Mayur    God's Pen: My Story from Guilt to Grace to Peace by Jennifer Hoerl    Becoming Amish: A family's search for faith, community and purpose by Jeff Smith    Mushrooms on the Moor by Frank Boreham    20/20 You: How to Achieve the Perfect Vision to Your Success by Rico Griffiths-Taitte    Soul Regression Therapy - Past Life Regression and Between Life Regression, Healing Current Life Wounds and Trauma by Lorna Jackson & John Jackson    God Is In The Little Things: Messages from the Golden Angels by Patricia Brooks    A Renunciate Order for the New Age by Swami Kriyananda    The Human Experience is the Dance of Heaven and Earth: A Call Home to Peace by Dhyana Stanley    Flourishing Together: Guide to Appreciative Inquiry Coaching by Miriam Subirana

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Gurus for Hire, Enlightenment for Sale

Gurus for Hire, Enlightenment for Sale by Tsem Tulku RinpocheAll you ever wanted to know but never dared ask about Gurus, disciples, groupies, sponsors, Dharma centres, different approaches and philosophies, who's right, who's best, why there is neither right nor best, and what it all has to do with YOU. Through insightful observations, warm-hearted advice and deeply personal experiences, His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche explores what a Guru-disciple relationship is all about and what it means for contemporary spiritual aspirants. He reveals the ups, downs, benefits and troubles of Dharma centres all around the world and shows us how it is one of the...
Tsem Tulku Rinpoche28 Mar 2009$9.99

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Spiritual Warrior: The Art of Spiritual Living

Spiritual Warrior: The Art of Spiritual Living by John-RogerPresenting keys for mastering relationships and combating fear and addictions, this perceptive meditation reflects on methods for creating abundance and love. Examining the question How do we live rewarding inner spiritual lives in a constantly changing world?, this useful guide offers successful tips for countering negative habits and living more successfully each day. Full of wisdom, humor, and common sense, the book portrays conscious individuals as warriors battling the anxieties of modern life through intention and impeccability, as opposed to violent means. A practical journal of spiritual...
John-Roger27 Apr 2009$12.00

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Oneness With All Life: Inspirational Selections from A New Earth

Oneness With All Life: Inspirational Selections from A New Earth by Eckhart TolleBeautifully packaged with evocative artwork and design, Oneness with All Life highlights the most inspiring and beautiful insights of A New Earth.

In A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle describes how our current ego-based state of consciousness operates. The purpose of this ebook is to bring about a shift in consciousness, or in his words, an awakening. An essential part of this awakening is the recognition of the ego, and our attachment to things, the past, and enemies. In this new edition, Eckhart Tolle has picked the essential phrases and paragraphs - the gems of the book - that he feels are most...

Eckhart Tolle10 May 2009$16.00

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SEASONS: 40 Ways to Affirm Your Life

SEASONS: 40 Ways to Affirm Your Life by Sharon Y. BraxtonFeelings of happiness, incredible sadness, unbelievable highs and implausible lows all mark the SEASONS of our lives. Within life's transitional moments, there are songs that are timeless, oratory speeches that leave you breathless, and relationships that are priceless. Remember those times when you were truly happy. Let your heart be filled with the effervescence of love, peace, and joy. Dare to be emphatically content and replace all negativity with the possibility of overwhelming serenity. Make your life crisply fresh, fashionably enriched, and organically sweet. Make it the SEASONS for your...
Sharon Y. Braxton15 May 2009$2.99

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Balancing Heaven and Earth

Balancing Heaven and Earth by Robert A. Johnson

One of this century's most popular psychology scholars, Robert A.Johnson was among the first to present Carl Jung's rich but complex theories with simple elegance and grace,opening them to an entirely new and hungry audience. His masterful works--including the best selling He, She, Inner Work, and Owning Your Own Shadow-are known and loved as much for their beautiful retellings of timeless myths and folktales as for their deep wisdom and profound insight.

Balancing Heaven and Earth reveals, for the first time, Johnson's own fascinating and mystical life-from his near-death experience at the age...

Robert A. Johnson26 Jul 2009$15.99

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Noelle's Ark

Noelle's Ark by Audrey Levy"I've known the author, Audrey Levy, since college, and this is truly her story." --Jay Leno; Jimmy Splendor was an atheist. When he woke up in Heaven, he didn't believe he was dead, and he certainly didn't believe he was in Heaven. Greeted by his father, whom he hated on Earth, Jimmy took off running for seven years Earth time (only a few minutes in Heaven). He finally met an angel named Oleo, who encouraged him to help his former wife, Noelle, who was still having severe nightmares years after Jimmy's passing. Jimmy and Oleo visit Noelle in her dreams, and stimulate her to write a book about...
Audrey Levy6 Aug 2009$13.95

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Timeless Wisdoms, Volume I

Timeless Wisdoms, Volume I by DSS John-RogerFollowing from the premise that each person is a unique, divine being, this collection of short essays serves as a constant guide to the spirit within. Each essay provides a few moments of repose and reflection to balance the fast pace and multitasking of daily living. Concise and compassionate, the wisdom in this volume is pertinent in any given time or situation.
DSS John-Roger10 Aug 2009$10.00

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The Six Archetypes of Love: From Innocent to Magician

The Six Archetypes of Love: From Innocent to Magician by Allan G. HunterAddressing the need to understand the role of love in life, this compendium of startling insights relates love to the spiritual development in each of six universal archetypes. Attempting to answer such questions as What is love? How do we find it and how can we keep it? Why are there so many puzzling forms of it? and Why do so many people get it so wrong?, the book shows how love relates to the self-awareness in spiritual development for each archetype. Whether describing an Innocent, a Magician, a Monarch, an Orphan, a Pilgrim, or a Warrior-Lover, the featured archetype profiles offer...
Allan G. Hunter10 Aug 2009$8.99

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The Wisdom to Know the Difference

The Wisdom to Know the Difference by Eileen FlanaganThis wise book guides readers in discovering what they canâ€Â"and shouldâ€Â"change in their lives, accepting what they cannot, and discovering “the wisdom to know the difference.”

Thousands of people have been moved by the famous last lines of the Serenity Prayer:

God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things that should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.

But how exactly can we know the difference? How can we acknowledge our true limits without negating the possibility...

Eileen Flanagan20 Sep 2009$15.95

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Walk Confidently With God

Walk Confidently With God by Patrick A. BradyIn the fall on 1976 Pat and Leslee Brady made a vow to God to live together as one, never doubting that only the brightest of futures lay before them. Pat having graduated from the Naval Academy and Leslee from the University of Maryland this sharp young couple anxiously moved to Florida for Pat to join his first ship and begin the great adventure the Navy promised. Yet in 1983 this same young couple, who now had a five year old son and 3 year old daughter, sat in the office of a marriage counselor being told that their decision to marry was a very big mistake and that there was no hope for...
Patrick A. Brady15 Oct 2009$9.99

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The Book of INTENTIONS by Dianne Martin'I intend'' With those two words, our whole world can change. When we take notice of our intentions and take control of our intentions, we create a more harmonious and satisfying experience for ourselves and others. The Book of Intentions is a spiritual touchstone that will help you achieve your highest aspirations. In simple, resonant language, the book offers meaningful expressions of intention regarding all facets of existence, including family, friends, nature, society, and spirituality. Both powerful and practical, The Book of Intentions will help you take the first step in creating a more...
Dianne Martin8 Dec 2009$9.99

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What Am I Doing With My Life?

What Am I Doing With My Life? by Scott A. ZarcinasDiscover what others around the world are discovering. Excerpted from "Why Do You Do What You Do?" (DoctorZed Publishing,, the first non-fiction book by Dr. Scott Zarcinas,the author of "Samantha Honeycomb" and "Thanksgiving Day," this small ebook answers one of the most burning questions of all time: What Am I Doing With My Life? In awakening our awareness to the motivating forces and deeper needs of our lives, Dr. Scott Zarcinas does more than just offer a rewording of what has gone before. He gives the voice of experience.
Scott A. Zarcinas22 Jan 2010$3.95

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Overcomers! by Larry SilverOvercomers: Conquering Life's Issues Supernaturally In America, we love "rags to riches" stories-individuals who overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to defy the odds. But there is a non-American whom history records as the being the greatest overcomer of all time. It is He who has helped more people become overcomers, as well. And not just any type of overcomer, but overcomers in peerless fashion. He is Jesus Christ. He is the reason and motivation for this book. The pages are salted with "overcomer" principles, stories and testimonies of people from the past and present, who reveal...
Larry Silver25 Jan 2010$8.50

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Spiritual Delights and Delusions: How to Bridge the Gap Between Spiritual Fulfillment and Emotional Realities

Spiritual Delights and Delusions: How to Bridge the Gap Between Spiritual Fulfillment and Emotional Realities by Steve Posner

"Spiritual Delights and Delusions is a very refreshing and thought-provoking approach to spiritual wisdom. It's wonderful to read practical truth. Blessings on this wonderful book."
—Caroline Myss, author of Entering the Castle and Anatomy of the Spirit

"Words can't describe the passion and power in Steve Posner's once-in-a-decade masterpiece."
—Dr. Denis Waitley, author of The Seeds of Greatness

"Posner helps awaken us from the frustrating delusions of what could or should be to the delightful reality of what is now."
—Neil Douglas-Klotz, author of The Sufi Book of Life

"Steve Posner is one of...

Steve Posner29 Jan 2010$24.95

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The Secret of the Shadow

The Secret of the Shadow by Debbie Ford

The #1 New York Times bestselling author shows how our most self-defeating thought can become blueprints for a fulfilling, rewarding life.

Debbie Ford4 Feb 2010$12.99

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Spirituality in the Workplace: What It Is, Why It Matters, How to Make It Work for You

Spirituality in the Workplace: What It Is, Why It Matters, How to Make It Work for You by EdD Joan Marques & Dr. Satinder Dhiman & Dr. Richard KingDoing away with the misconception that a spiritual workplace is a religious workplace, this argument in favor of spiritual workplaces explains how the quality of life of workers is enhanced by such spaces. A more effective and efficient way of getting the job done with an immediately positive impact on the bottom line is promised to those who commit to workplace spiritual fulfillment for all stakeholders: employees, owners, customers, suppliers, competitors, and even society as a whole. Readers are introduced to prominent thinkers in the field of workplace spirituality and their theories, publications...
EdD Joan Marques &
Dr. Satinder Dhiman &
Dr. Richard King
26 Feb 2010$12.00

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Plant Seed, Pull Weed

Plant Seed, Pull Weed by Geri Larkin

Gardens have often been used as metaphors for spiritual nurturing and growth. Zen rock gardens, monastery rose gardens, even your grandmother's vegetable garden all have been described as places of refuge and reflection. Drawing on her experience working at Seattle's premier gardening center, Zen teacher Geri Larkin shows how the act of gardening can help you uncover your inner creativity, enthusiasm, vigilance, and joy. As your garden grows, so will your spirit.

Larkin takes you through the steps of planning, planting, nurturing, and maintaining a garden while offering funny stories and inspiring...

Geri Larkin26 Feb 2010$19.99

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The Age of Reason: Being an Investigation of True and Fabulous Theology

The Age of Reason: Being an Investigation of True and Fabulous Theology by Thomas PaineThe Age of Reason; Being an Investigation of True and Fabulous Theology is a deistic pamphlet, written by eighteenth-century British radical and American revolutionary Thomas Paine, that criticizes institutionalized religion and challenges the legitimacy of the Bible. Published in three parts in 1794, 1795, and 1807, it was a bestseller in America, where it caused a short-lived deistic revival. British audiences, however, fearing increased political radicalism as a result of the French Revolution, received it with more hostility. The Age of Reason presents common deistic arguments; for example,...
Thomas Paine9 Mar 2010$3.95

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Spiritual Intelligence: A New Way of Being

Spiritual Intelligence: A New Way of Being by Brian DraperAccording to philosopher Danah Zohar, who coined the idea of spiritual intelligence, we live in a "spiritually dumb" culture. How can we find meaning from meaninglessness, hope from despair, reconciliation from alienation, and wholeness from fragmentation? In this book, Brian Draper asks how ordinary peopleâ€"whether religious or notâ€"can nudge themselves (or be gently nudged) to live on a daily basis with increasing integrity, wholeness, and well-beingâ€"in other words, to become more spiritually intelligent. The book is split into four main sections: "awakening," "seeing your world...
Brian Draper11 May 2010$11.95

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The Spirit of a Woman: Stories to Empower and Inspire

The Spirit of a Woman: Stories to Empower and Inspire by Terry Laszlo-GopadzeCombining storytelling and courageous honesty for those who seek spiritually optimistic guidance, this compilation of inspiring stories of female creativity and compassion demonstrates the art of storytelling at its best. Consisting of approximately two dozen nonfiction essays-by authors such as Rev. Lauren Artress, Christina Baldwin, Bobbi Gibb, Mama Donna Henes, Jyoti, Dr. Gladys McGarey, Suni Paz, Hagit Ra'anan, Sheri Ritchlin, and Janet Riehl-each unique story is a celebration of courageous women living spiritual lives in the face of challenging circumstances. These authors go beyond the...
Terry Laszlo-Gopadze14 Jun 2010$14.95

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