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Stewart James

Stewart James

(Courtright, Ontario, Canada: 14th May 1908 - 5th November 1996)

Of Scots ancestry. Learned on 7th birthday. IBM member since 1926. Prolific and highly creative inventor, he published first trick ("Surprising Suspension") in 1926. Major later effects include Ball of Fortune = Medallion (June 1929 in Sphinx, with later revisions), the Mosteller Principle (1929), the synonymy principle (in 1930s), Miraskill (1935), Headline Prediction (1938), Sefalaljia (1939), Fantastic Facsimile (by 1940), Lac-Lite (by 1940), The Book of the Dead (by 1940), Tip-See (1940), Remembering the Future (1947), Jamesway Poker Deal (1948), and First Finger of Fate (1954, with Freer). 1982 AMA Creative Fellowship.

Edited Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks (3 vols, 1941, 1962, 1980), a classic series; and wrote booklets: The Nullifactor [1954, 8pp], First Call to Cards (1954, 28pp), Magic Mine No.1 (1957, 28pp), and Case for Cards (1958, 22pp). Many tricks in magazines, including in Sphinx (1926), Canadian Magician's Digest (1929), Jinx, Phoenix, New Phoenix, New Tops, Pentagram, Ibidem, Epoptica, and the all-James issue of Arcane #10 (1983). See P. Howard Lyons and Allan Slaight (editors), Stewart James in Print: The First 50 Years (1989), which at 1,025 pages was the then largest page-count of any book about a single magician ever published in English. See also Allen Slaight (editor), The James Files (2000, 3 vols, 1770pp).

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