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Michael WeberGenii: The Conjurors' Magazine: Volumes 1 - 75 (1936 - 2012) by Richard KaufmanMagicseen Magazine
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Tips on Website Usage
Organization of Products and Categories
With so many ebooks it becomes a challenge to neatly categorize them all, to help you find what you are looking for. We have created three main categories: Magic, Games and Gambling. Magic deals with tricks of any kind such as sleight-of-hand with cards and coins. The focus here is on trick descriptions, how these effects can be accomplished. Gambling deals with games for money played mostly in casinos such as poker, blackjack and roulette. Here the emphasis is on strategy, how to improve your game and game protection, how to avoid being cheated. The game protection significantly overlaps with magic. The magician uses secret moves to accomplish a magic effect, whereas the cheater uses often the same or similar moves to get an advantage in the game. In the Games section you will find games which are typically not associated with gambling, such as chess, bridge and backgammon among other games.

Each of these three main categories has a number of subcategories. Ebooks in these subcategories deal either exclusively or predominantly with the subject of the subcategory. For example, an ebook in the Magic->Cards section deals with card tricks. There might be a chapter on theory or a coin trick sprinkled in, but if it is in the Cards category the bulk of the ebooks contents is about cards. Ebooks which cover several subcategories are typically found directly under one of the three main categories. Take for example an ebook like the Tarbell Course, which covers almost any area in magic. This one is found directly in the Magic section and not in any of Magic's subcategories. We hope that this logic will help you find what you are looking for. As with any categorization, there will be border cases. You might find such cases listed in more than one category. If you can't locate an ebook by browsing through the categories, we recommend you use our search and advanced search tools. And in the worst case, you can always contact us.

We have a fourth category called Others, which holds books we have digitized, but which do not fit into any other category and which are often completely unrelated to Magic, Gambling or Games. These are ebooks we have done due to personal interest or other random projects. We thought that since we have put in the work to digitize them, it is better to offer them here on the off chance that somebody is interested, rather than letting them die a silent death on our hard discs.

Ebook File Formats
When you want to buy an ebook you have to decide what file format(s) you want the ebook in, and if you want to download the ebook or receive it on a disc (CDROM or DVD-R). Not all ebooks can be downloaded and not all formats are available for all ebooks. The available formats are listed beside the 'Add to Cart' button. We support PDF, HTML and iSilo. We further distinguish between HTML and HTML+facsimile, and PDF and PDF_facsimile. The HTML+facsimile has in addition to what the HTML version offers each page of the original book also available as image, which is the scan of the original book page. PDF_facsimile is a PDF which uses the text-behind-image method. You get similar to the HTML+facsimile version each page as an image, the original scan of that particular page, plus the searchable text which sits behind the image and is not visible, but searchable. The PDF_facsimile ebooks are typically large files and not appropriate for loading on your PDA. iSilo is our preferred file format for PDAs. You can also load PDF ebooks (not the PDF_facsimile ones as mentioned before) on your PDA.

We also offer bundles of file formats. For example HTML & PDF, which is the same ebook in two different file formats, PDF to be read with AcrobatReader and HTML to be read with a web browser. Typically these bundles are cheaper than buying each format individually.

If all of these file formats and variations confuse you, here are three simple rules. If you are looking for ebooks to be read on your PDA stick to iSilo and plain PDF, not the PDF_facsimile kind. If you are looking for ebooks mainly to be read on your desktop or laptop computer and you want to save in storage space, go with HTML and PDF versions where they are available. If you want the maximum information and you don't care about the size of the ebooks go for the HTML+facsimile and PDF_facsimile versions when available.

One final hint to remember. Whenever we use the '&' sign in file formats it denotes a bundle as in HTML & PDF or HTML & iSilo. The + in the HTML+facsimile means that you get HTML version plus the facsimile information. This is different to PDF_facsimile, which is not PDF plus facsimile, but rather its own searchable facsimile ebook. Looked at it differently, PDF ebooks are proof read, hand corrected and layed out by hand. PDF_facsimile ebooks are not proof read or specially layed out, although they often come with a manually generated index and or bookmarks to help you in navigating such ebooks.

We think that PDF, HTML and iSilo are widely supported and currently the best ebook formats around. But we will on a continuous basis revisit the format issue and potentially add or drop certain formats in the future.

We recommend you subscribe to at least one of our newsletters. All important information about new ebook releases, special promotions, changes to our website and other useful information will be shared through our newsletters. We keep the number of our messages to a mininum. If there is nothing noteworthy to write, we will not send out a message. Typically you should receive a message no more frequent than once a week, and often it will be longer before the next message is sent out. On top of that you are in full control and can subscribe and unsubscribe any time you want to. For more details please go to our newsletters page.

Personal Account
We also recommend you create your own personal account at our site. Such an account stores your shipping and payment information to assist you in a fast and error free checkout. The account also allows you to see all your past purchases and re-download them after you went through a traumatic data loss experience like a hard disc crash. In a way, this account provides an additional backup of your ebooks. Some ebooks are also available for online viewing through our digital shelf feature. If you are loged into your account, you will not be seeing certain reduntant information, such as the welcome message on the homepage, which will further improve your browsing and navigating of our website. In the future we might provide additional features and privileges for account holders.
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