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ACAAN of Worms

Tom Phoenix

ACAAN of Worms by Tom PhoenixThis is a collection of 10 ACAAN and plot variation methods. It covers subconscious predictions, Si work, and other such shenanigans.

Here is a list of the contents:

Predestination - A deck is shuffled by the spectator, and a card is thought of. The participant deals cards until they find the one they thought of. You have predicted the exact position it was found in. No forces involved, and nothing is said out-loud by the participant. Oh, and you can perform this blindfolded.

True ACAAN - No stooges, forces, trick decks, etc. It requires work, but it's not hard to do, and is entirely...

2017 / 5 / 11

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The Book of Wonders

Tom Phoenix

The Book of Wonders by Tom PhoenixOnly 13 copies of this ebook will be sold!

Welcome to the third volume of the "Magic, Mentalism, and Mysticism" series. These routines are the kind which have deep and wondrous effects on all who witness. Take your audience on journeys from the forest streams to the cosmos, all while conveying a message, telling a story, and presenting beautiful and magical feats.

Moments Lost: Divine details of a participant's memory, and perform a vanished writing effect at the end.

Vale of Stars: Make a prediction of what name a participant will see as they look to the stars.

Tears of Angels:...

2017 / 3 / 14

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Learning Perl: Making Easy Things Easy and Hard Things Possible

Randal L. Schwartz & Brian D. Foy & Tom Phoenix

Learning Perl: Making Easy Things Easy and Hard Things Possible by Randal L. Schwartz & Brian D. Foy & Tom Phoenix

If you

2016 / 10 / 12

more than one
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The Next Best Trick of the Year

Tom Phoenix

The Next Best Trick of the Year by Tom PhoenixDo a color change, while the card is on fire!

This is a really nice color change, with the added touch of changing a burning card into a different burning card. Included is a method to make the first card travel from the deck, into the box. The change will take some practice, as it uses some un-orthodox moves, but is well within the skill of the average card handler.

1st edition 2016, length 10 minutes.

2016 / 8 / 21

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MP4 (video)


Tom Phoenix

Multiplicity by Tom PhoenixThis is a fun, interesting effect, in which a free selection multiplies itself, leaving you with 3 of the same selection. It ends with a 3 card change, followed by a surprising transposition!

This is entirely clean, requires no forces, and is sure to astonish and amaze your audience.


  • In-depth instruction
  • A few sneaky techniques
  • Multiple options for handling
1st edition 2016, length 17 min

2016 / 5 / 21

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MP4 (video)


Tom Phoenix

Connections by Tom PhoenixThis is a two phase mentalism/card magic effect, involving a couple transpositions; both begin in the mind, then manifest into the physical. It's a fun and fairly simple routine that packs a punch and will have your participants wondering.

The first phase is an in-the-hands transposition of two spectator signed cards, and the second phase is a mental transposition of thought and a physical transformation of material.

  • No duplicates
  • No gimmicks
  • No dual reality
  • This is 100% clean
Additional presentation ideas are included, as well as tips and subtleties to apply to the rest of your...
2016 / 1 / 22

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The MIQa Box

Tom Phoenix

The MIQa Box by Tom PhoenixTwo Deck Switches for the workers.

This is the evolution of the MIQa Box 3.0, including the previous two versions. This box allows you to easily switch one deck for another, under the guise of starting to put the deck away or putting the box off to the side. It's a very natural movement, without the discrepancies of other devices.

There are two versions included. Both of them work very well, so you choose which one you like better.

[Don't forget to download the PDF that goes along with this video from your digital shelf.]

1st edition 2016, length 36 min.

2016 / 1 / 11

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Crystal Clear

Tom Phoenix

Crystal Clear by Tom PhoenixTurn your card box into a devilishly sneaky peek device!

It takes 3 minutes and 42 seconds to make, and requires no special materials.

Two applications are taught in detail:

  • A 2-phase ACAAN routine, which also includes a presentation idea to make the ACAAN plot meaningful.
  • Two-Behind: You read the mind of their imaginary friend, AND guess the name of their friend.

1st edition 2015, 9 pages.

2015 / 12 / 6

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Tom Phoenix

Demonic by Tom PhoenixBe ready for Halloween.

This is a dark, multi-phase routine perfect for anyone who appreciates magic with a more sinister tone.

  • The participant selects and signs a card
  • It is placed in their hands.
  • When they turn the card over, a black pentagram has appeared on the face.
  • You hold the card over a flame, and the pentagram vanishes from the card, and reappears on your palm.
  • You then burn the face of the card, and the numbers "666" appear in white writing in the center of the scorch mark.
You will receive a PDF with instructions, as well as additional ideas for how to use the techniques...
2015 / 11 / 28

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The Book of Light

Tom Phoenix

The Book of Light by Tom PhoenixSix powerful pieces of wonder, each of which includes additional thoughts and ideas. These pieces affect people. You will learn new techniques, applications, and approaches to performing, but more importantly, you will learn how to connect with the audience - how to give them a cherished experience of true magic. Welcome to the first volume of the Magic, Mentalism, and Mysticism series: The Book of Light.

Stone of Remembrance - You place a sealed envelope in view, and guide the participant through a meditation exercise. Tell them to imagine becoming a stone on the bottom of a river bed,...

2015 / 11 / 25

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