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Trixy Magazine

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by Mr. Rees
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Trixy Magazine by Mr. Rees

The Digital Trixy. 24 magazines for junior magicians published in the 1940s and a comprehensive index of tricks by Michael Colley together with the full magic catalogue from the Boy Magicians Service in Prestatyn Wales.

Back in the 1940s a lot of young magical enthusiasts joined the Boy Magicians' Club in Prestatyn, North Wales. The club was run by a Mr. Rees who was not only a magician but also performed a marionette show. Mr. Rees produced the Trixy - a wonderful little magic magazine - and from this magazine many young enthusiasts learnt the basics of magic. Eddie Burke was a member and a lot of the older magicians were subscribers. Perhaps Terry Herbert as well. Once one started to subscribe to the magazine and had joined the Boy Magicians' Club one was entitled to wear a little button badge portraying a rabbit coming out of a hat. It was printed in black on a white background.

The Trixy was a little unusual in that it consisted of 24 monthly issues but none of the issues were dated. As soon as you joined the club you would receive issue number one and a month later issue number two and so on until you had received a total of 24 monthly issues. A few years ago Martin Breese was able to purchase a small collection of Trixy magazines and Martin noticed that there were, in some instances, slightly different duplicate copies of the magazines in the set of 24 which meant that over the years Mr. Rees changed and modified the magazines as they were published.

Mr. Rees also issued a wonderful catalogue of magic. The set of 24 issues of the Trixy and the catalogue of magic are reproduced here in this digital version.

1st edition 1940s; 441 pages.

  • Martin Breese Introduces the Trixy Magazine now on CD-ROM [4 pages]
  • Index to The Trixy - prepared by Michael Colley [28 pages]
  • Magic For Boys - catalogue [32 pages]

  • Number 1 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages
  • Your Editor's Chat
  • Kanudoo [match trick]
  • "Card-Spell" [card effect]
  • For Your Magical Dictionary
  • Giving Away a £1 Note
  • Cut and Restored Ribbon
  • A Good Card "Force"
  • A Good Rising Card Stunt
  • Take Our Advice
  • Escape from the Noose [rope trick]
  • The Right Conditions

  • Lesson Number 2 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages
  • A Good "Card Box" Trick
  • A Tip with a Thumb-Tip
  • Wine and Water Hint
  • Stretching a Cigarette
  • Two Good Match Stunts
  • Your Editors Page
  • The Levitated Chinese Vase
  • Cardition
  • Some More Words for Your Magical Dictionary
  • This Month's Test Questions
  • Originality
  • Improved Wine and Water Effect
  • Famous Magicians - Houdini

  • Lesson Number 3 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages
  • Your Editors Page
  • The Rod and Pin Mystery
  • The Fantastic Production [silks and flag trick]
  • Members Page
  • Your Progress Test
  • A Page of Patter
  • Our Star of the Month - Jasper Maskelyne
  • Complete Patter for Our Paper-Tearing Act
  • Some Slate Variations
  • More Words for Your Magical Dictionary
  • An Impromptu Card Trick

  • Lesson Number 4 - undated with 12 unnumbered pages
  • Editor's Chat
  • Our Star of the Month - Voltaire
  • Changing and Diminishing Cards
  • Members Page
    • Rising Card Surprise
  • The Catch Vanishing Handkerchief
  • Your Patter Page
  • Your Progress Test

  • Lesson Number 5 - undated with 12 unnumbered pages
  • Your Editor Says:
  • Our Star of the Month - Dante
  • "Supreme" Card Location Method
  • Member's Page
    • Card Box Routine
  • The Simplex Coin Vanish Stand
  • Is that your Number
  • Your Test Questions

  • Lesson Number 6 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages
  • Your Editor's Chat
  • A Useful Card Vanish
  • Suggestions on the Card Vanish
  • Your Good Progress Test
  • Wine and Water Improvement
  • Member's Page
  • "Matchless" Magic
  • Meet the Aces of Tomorrow [members]
  • May We Help You? [advice]
    • The Value of Tricks
    • The Care of Tricks
    • Packing of Tricks
  • Circus Patter for "Strip Teasers"
  • Cord-Release
  • Your Magical Dictionary
  • The Tramp and the Bull
  • Your Magical Dictionary [again]

  • Lesson Number 7 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages
  • Your Editors Page
  • Meet these Aces of Tomorrow [members]
  • The Simplex Production Trick
  • Member's Page
    • Flash Effect
    • Card Vanish
    • Cards in Sympathy
  • Watch the Watch Trick
  • Billiard Ball Trick - A Modern Routine
  • ? How Good Are You? [test]
  • A Complete Routine You Will Like Using [cigarette magic]
  • "The French Drop"
  • The King Who Liked Chess
  • How to Visit Professional Magicians

  • Number Number 8 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages
  • Your Editor's Chat
  • Meet these Members
  • Wand, Silks and Ropes
  • A Super 'Feke' for Card Magic
  • Tricks using the Thick Card Feke
  • Member's Page
  • The Cut and Restored Rope Miracle
  • "How to Palm a Card"
  • Our Advice to You - Arranging a Programme
  • Can You Answer These? [test]
  • The Dove Pan

  • Number Number 9 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages
  • Your Editor's Chat
  • The Master Card Force
  • Test Your Progress with these Questions
  • Some Useful Patter Lines
  • Double Message Miracle [slate trick]
  • Member's Page
  • The Vanishing Bowl of Water
  • Meet these Aces of Tomorrow [members]
  • Let Us Advise You - Arranging a Programme, Part 2
  • Try These "Quickies"
  • Your Magical Dictionary
  • We Can Recommend these Tricks

  • Number Number 10 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages
  • Your Editor's Chat
  • Meet these Aces of Tomorrow [members]
  • The Ribbon and Discs Trick
  • Our Advice to You [Arranging a Programme, Part 3]
  • Member's Page
    • Ghost Tube Patter
    • A Useful Tip
    • More Red Tape
    • Rising Card Tip
    • Vanishing Glass>
  • ? How to Read Sealed Messages?
  • A Penetration Mystery
  • The Wandering Card

  • Number Number 11 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages, plus a blank page
  • Your Editor's Chat
  • Complete Patter for the Billiard Ball Trick
  • A Fine Cigarette Vanish
  • Meet Member ...
  • More Good Advice from the Editor [Arranging a Programme, Part 4]
  • Member's Page
    • B.M.S. Card Box Improvement
    • Two Tricks in One
    • Winning Hand at Whist
  • The Smashed and Restored Rings
  • How Your Table Must Be Set
  • The Penetrating Tumbler

  • Number Number 12 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages
  • Your Editor's Chat
  • Meet these Aces of Tomorrow [members]
  • The Square and Circle Illusion
  • Member's Page
    • Circus Encore
    • Coin Vanish Stand
    • Magic Word Production
    • Slate Routine
  • Suggested Patter for the Four Ace Trick
  • Another Complete Little Routine
  • The Silver Cup Contest
  • Special Article on Escapology
    • 1. Sack Escape
    • 2. The Straight-Jacket Rope Escape
  • Our Advice to You - Advertising and Getting Known
  • Three Card Miracles with a "Stripper" Pack

  • Number Number 13 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages
  • Your Editor's Chat
  • Meet these Members
  • How to do "The Glide"
  • Reading Sealed Messages
  • Member's Page
  • Clairvoyance - by Phone
  • Our Advice to You - How to Advertise as a Conjurer
  • The Magic Coin Box
  • A few Items of Patter

  • Number Number 14 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages
  • The Editor's Chat
  • Meet these Aces of Tomorrow [members]
  • Miracle Milk Vanish
  • Member's Page
  • A Fine Impromptu Cigarette Vanish
  • Our Advice to You - Your Closing Trick
  • How to make a Colour-Change Handkerchief
  • The Svengali Pack of Cards
    • One. A Prediction Trick
    • Two. With Assistant
    • Three. Spectators Choice
  • A Good Idea when Entertaining Children

  • Number Number 15 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages
  • Editor's Chat
  • A New Routine for the Chinese Vase Trick described in "Trixy" no. 5
  • Patter Page
  • The Rabbit Predicts: You will like this Good Card Stunt
  • Meet these Aces of Tomorrow [members]
  • Member's Page
    • Mathemagic
    • Triple Envelopes
    • Blotto
  • The Shower of Cigarettes
  • Some Useful Ideas
  • The Shower of Cigarettes - The Presentation
  • Another Good Card Force

  • Number Number 16 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages
  • The Editor's Chat
  • Patter Page
  • Cards in Transit
    • Preparation for the Trick
    • Actual Performance
  • Member's Page
    • Travelling Confetti
    • Musical Telepathy
  • More Cigarette Magic
  • How to make a Bang Gun
  • A Ready-Made Card System
  • Your Editor's Chat
  • Meet these Aces of Tomorrow [members]
  • The Hindoo Papers

  • Number Number 17 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages
  • The Editor's Chat
  • Patter Page
  • A Useful Item for the Billiard Ball Expert
    • Using the Billiard Ball Dropper
  • Card Magic - The Double Lift
  • A Good Trick Using the Double Lift
  • Member's Page
    • A Nice Routine
    • Rabbits
    • Tip-Top Tip Vanish
  • A Rabbit from a Hat or Supreme Hat Production
  • Our Advice to You
  • Are you Going Ahead? [test]

  • Number Number 18 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages
  • Your Editors Page
  • Your Queries Answered
  • The Conjuror's Finest Force
  • Question Time for Good Magicians [test]
  • Member's Page
    • Thimble Miracle
    • The House that Ian Built
    • Jones Minor's Escape
  • The Great Silk Dyeing Act
  • Answers to Question-Time
  • The Super Memory System

  • Number Number 19 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages
  • Your Editors Page
  • "Putting a Twist in it"
  • Improvements on the Silk Dyeing Act
  • Just a Party Gag
  • Some Important Advice
  • Member's Page
    • K. K. [Kute Kutting] Patter
    • Flower Production
    • Another Method of performing Musical Telepathy
  • The World-Famous Cups and Balls Trick

  • Number Number 20 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages
  • Your Editor's Chat
  • A Novel Card Trick
  • Another Book Test
  • Our Advice to You
  • Member's Page
    • Desert Patter
    • Water Diviner
    • Rising Card Tip
  • The Cups and Balls Trick Part 2
  • Comedy Quickies

  • Number Number 21 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages
  • Magic Washing
  • Thimble Magic
    • The Basic Sleight
    • The "Throw" Sleight
    • The "Push-Through" Sleight
  • Member's Page
    • Aqua-Vase
    • Glide-Right
    • Down Again
  • The Amazing Card-Stabbing Trick
    • Firstly, the Finger Method
    • Secondly, the Dart Method
  • It's a Matter of Courtesy
  • Your Editors Page
  • Our Advice to You

  • Number Number 22 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages
  • Your Editors Page
  • Knife Penetration
  • Member's Page
    • A Good Servante
    • Patter Routine
    • A Long Match
  • Number Telepathy
  • Routining Your Act
  • The Best False Shuffle with Cards

  • Number Number 23 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages
  • Your Editors page
  • The Magical Pantomime "Cinderella"
  • Member's Page
    • A Close Fit
    • Thief Detector
    • Royal Rise
  • Card Control using the Hindoo Shuffle
  • Journey by Tube
  • For Non-Smokers Only
  • For Pretending Smokers Only
  • Some Good Reminders from Your Editor

  • Number Number 24 - undated with 16 unnumbered pages
  • Your Editors Page
  • A Draught'-y Routine
  • Spraying the Cards
  • Our Advice to You
  • Member's Page
    • Penetrating Tumbler
    • Svengali Routine
  • Another Good Concert Programme
  • Try This One at Home
  • The 3 Shell Trick
  • Siberian Chain Escape
  • A Few Final Reminders

word count: 142613 which is equivalent to 570 standard pages of text
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Publisher: Martin Breese

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