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Becoming Native to This Place

Becoming Native to This Place by Wes JacksonIn six compelling essays, Wes Jackson lays the foundation for a new farming economy grounded in nature's principles and located in dying small towns and rural communities. Exploding the tenets of industrial agriculture, Jackson seeks to integrate food production with nature in a way that sustains both. His writing is anchored in his work with The Land Institute, lending authenticity to topics that—in the hands of other writers—too often fail to escape the realm of the conceptual.

Wes Jackson10 Aug 2015$14.95

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Becoming Native To This Place

Becoming Native To This Place by Wes JacksonThe New World -- this empty land dazzlingly rich in forests, soils, rainfall, and mineral wealth -- was to represent a new beginning for civilized humanity. Unfortunately, even the best of the European settles had a stronger eye for conquest than for justice. Natives were in the way -- surplus people who must be literally displaced. Now, as ecologist Wes Jackson points out, descendants of those early beneficiaries of conquest find themselves the displaced persons, forced to vacated the family farmsteads and small towns of our heartland, leaving vacant the schools, churches, hardware stores,...
Wes Jackson28 Nov 2013$25.00

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Consulting the Genius of the Place: An Ecological Approach to a New Agriculture

Consulting the Genius of the Place: An Ecological Approach to a New Agriculture by Wes JacksonLocavore leaders such as Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, and Barbara Kingsolver all speak of the need for sweeping changes in how we get our food. A longtime leader of this movement is Wes Jackson, who for decades has taken it upon himself to speak for the land, to speak for the soil itself. Here, he offers a manifesto toward a conceptual revolution: Jackson asks us to look to natural ecosystems—or, if one prefers, nature in general—as the measure against which we judge all of our agricultural practices.

Jackson believes the time is right to do away with annual monoculture grains, which are vulnerable...

Wes Jackson1 Jul 2012$22.95

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Nature as Measure

Nature as Measure by Wes JacksonWes Jackson can teach us many things about the land soil and conservation but what most resonates is this: The ecosphere is self-regulating and as often as we attempt to understand it we are not its builders and our manuals will often be faulty. The only responsible way to learn the nuances of the land is to study the soil and vegetation in their natural state and pass this knowledge on to future generations.

In Nature as Measure a collection of Jackson's essays from Altars of Unhewn Stone and Becoming Native to This Place these ideas of land conservation and education are written from the point...

Wes Jackson5 Dec 2011$16.95

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