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Eugene E. Gloye

Eugene E. Gloye

(Michigan City, Indiana: 29th August 1927 - )

Inspired at age 12 seeing Ed Reno. Learned from original Tarbell Course. Debut at age 15. Began as an outdoor showman in the Midwest, continuing as a semi-pro illusionist while in college studying psychology. Tutored Dick Cavett, launching him as a semi-pro magician. Psychologist by profession (with PhD in 1954). Amateur magician.

Invented Watch Out (1946), Fan-Ta-Bill (1947), Mazda Glass (1955), Double Exposure (c1956), and the Togetherness Deck. Wrote 9 books and booklets, including Theatrical Magic (1978, 230pp) and Harlan Tarbell (1993, 60pp). Numerous articles and tricks since 1944 in Dragon, New Phoenix, New Tops, Genii, etc. Columnist ("Our Magical Heritage") in Linking Ring 1976-present. Illustrator for Magic, Inc.

Coauthors: Ulysses Frederick Grant

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Eugene E. Gloye

Table Book II by Eugene E. GloyeA beautifully illustrated ebook on tables and side stands for you to build. Gene Gloye uses the tag line, "without drapes", because all the tables described are used in many ways, but without cloth drapes.

The ebook begins with several pages of discussion on stage furniture and its possibilities, with illustrated advice on transporting it, plus storing it. The various multi-panel and single panel tables described in detail, with easy to follow building plans, often have diabolically clever "black art wells" and other secret devices. A "Night Club Table" is so simple and so useful, and so...

2019 / 9 / 20

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Eugene E. Gloye

More Fantastic Tricks With Plastic Cups by Eugene E. GloyeThirty more excellent effects with plastic cups.
  • Introduction
  • Rationale For Using Disposable Cups
  • Folding Or Collapsible Cup
  • Vanishing Cup Of Liquid
  • Additional Folding Cup Ideas
  • Improved Foo Cup
  • Fake Bottom Cup
  • Foo Cup, Continued
  • Vanishing Omelet
  • Transformation Tricks With Eggs
  • Baking Tricks
  • Baking Cup Cakes In Paper Bag
  • Cake In Hat
  • Egg Shampoo
  • Using The Foo Cup For Changes
  • Production Cups
  • Productions Using One Cup
  • Funny Routine With Fruit Punch
  • Thrilling Rice Production
  • Shades Of The Coffee, Milk, And Sugar Trick
  • Magic With New Transparent Solo Cups
  • Liquid Appear Outfit ...
2016 / 11 / 12

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Ulysses Frederick Grant & Eugene E. Gloye

175 Tips and Gags by Ulysses Frederick Grant & Eugene E. GloyeThis U. F. Grant publication was revised, enlarged and illustrated by Gene Gloye. This is the kind of material - assorted comedy bits and pieces, that you can add to any group of tricks to build up your show, add laughs, fill in for time.

Chapters cover:

  • Cards
  • Comedy Props
  • Using Volunteer Assistants
  • Mental Magic Gags
  • Gag Bits of Business
  • Stunts with an Assistant or Plant
  • Patter
  • More Stunts
  • For the Master of Ceremonies
  • For Magicians
  • Politicking With Magic.
The final chapter is especially interesting in election years, when you want to add political material, or even build a...
2015 / 9 / 3

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Eugene E. Gloye

Fantastic Tricks with Plastic Cups by Eugene E. GloyeMany magicians get their greatest pleasure out of making their own tricks - and there is no form of construction easier or less costly than working with plastic cups. For the man who likes to make his own - no workshop is needed for these easy to construct effects. Over thirty tricks you can make for pennies each. Good magic, low cost. Illustrated.
  • The fake bottom cup
  • Variations of the fake bottom cup
  • The cup with a secret compartment
  • The foo cup

1st edition 1976, 52 pages; digital edition 2012, 42 pages.

2012 / 4 / 6

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