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P. Craig Browning

For nearly four decades Craig Browning has worked within the realm of Mystery Entertainment i.e. Professional Magic, Mentalism, Psychic modes of both, Entertainment and Education and so much more! Craig offers the serious students of these fields a growing array of resources based on said experience as well as contributions from many other industry leaders.

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P. Craig Browning

Critters by P. Craig BrowningSix dynamic mentalism routines plus a bonus!

Critters allows the psychic entertainer to explore the many ways humans & animals connect with one another by employing simple toy animals (small plastic or large stuffed ones).

PLUS Craig has included his exclusive "Baby Elephant Walk" -- Chair Prediction Routine -- a fantastic large scaled stage production loaded with comedy potential and perfect for the family market -- a most excellent piece of mental magic that's suitable for the more traditional magician and mentalist alike.

1st edition 2009; 56 pages.

2009 / 5 / 14

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P. Craig Browning

Ghosts In My Pocket by P. Craig BrowningIn his $1,000.00 Seance Docc Hilford introduced the idea of the "Mini" Seance. Craig Browning now takes that premise, delivering to you an informative essay on the art of the improvisational Seance and the arsenal you either have at your disposal WITHOUT THE AID OF A SINGLE GIMMICK as well as those that rely on some of the basic devices most students of Mentalism and Bizarre Magick are familiar with. The ebook is insightful, giving you a unique sense of perspective on one of the author's pet mini-seance routines "Ghost in the Pocket".

1st edition 2009; 29 pages.

2009 / 5 / 3

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