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Benedykt Krajdener

Benedykt Krajdener

Benedykt Krajdener was born in 1959 and he lived in Warsaw the capital of Poland. He later emigrated to Canada and for the last 25 years he lives there with his wife Dorota and two cats in Toronto.

Magic is his life - all kind of magic since he was 9 years old. Because of his great passion for magic he left his country to look for books, magicians, magic stores and magic clubs. But there is only one love in magic for him - the cards - the magic hidden inside them. Benedykt means magic - not tricks.

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Benedykt Krajdener

Fascinating Gambling From the World of Imagination by Benedykt KrajdenerThis routine is done from a shuffled deck, under fire, and on the spot. You will never have to remember more than five words at one time so you can talk and you can concentrate on your presentation. There is only one condition – you must know Benedykt's mnemonic system from Her Majesty the Magic of Cards.
  • The deck is shuffled and can be borrowed.
  • There is no sleight of hand, deck switches or prepared cards.
  • You can be surrounded by spectators, there are no false moves.
But even under those conditions you will be able to
  • Seperate face up cards from face down cards with closed eyes
  • Do very unusual poker deals...
2013 / 7 / 2

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Benedykt Krajdener

Her Majesty the Magic of Cards by Benedykt KrajdenerThis work is something special, something completely unique. It is the product of a several decades long love affair of Benedykt Krajdener and the pasteboards. If you are truly in love you will sometimes do things that for an outsider appear as irrational, unbelievable, or outright insane. I am sure Benedykt is not insane, but finding and memorizing about 2700 words for every possible pair of cards from a deck of 52 might be considered irrational or perhaps unbelievable. Yes, love can do that to a grown man.

But before you assume this book is simply a list of those 2700 words, or that you...

2012 / 8 / 26

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