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Daniel Young, born and raised in Sweden, has always been a big fan of the weird, from an avid fan of X-Files to doing tarot readings around his neighbourhood as a kid. Magic came into his life at the age of 7, and has occupied his mind ever since. He was soon performing magic in school, then the attraction to the "dark side" (paranormal) became even stronger, and he was known in his school as the kid who did tarot readings and hypnosis (at the mere age of 12). Only a couple years later he released his first magic book in Sweden, the second one came shortly there after. Then he discovered Mentalism, and the transition was quick. He spent years to study the art. After having consumed him for several years he moved to London in order to get away from his home town and spread his wings. London is where he currently resides, performs, consults and writes. He is the author of a number of books, some which have been released to the community at large, whilst some have, and still are remaining underground.

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Daniel Young

Holy Blood Holy Water by Daniel YoungEver thought that all other Oil & Water routines were a bit boring? Did you think they lacked some visual elements? Here’s Holy Blood Holy Water! A super visual multi-phased Oil & Water routine. Just imagine seeing the card mixed and then separate in front of your eyes.

This is the most visual Oil and Water routine to date, and, best of all, it’s easy to do! Virtually sleight free. There’s no reset and no need for a table, it can be done in THEIR hands, which probably makes this the most workable and commercial Oil & Water to date as well.

This manuscript details Daniel’s version...

2010 / 9 / 15

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Daniel Young

Polaroid Memories by Daniel YoungThis is a very flexible pseudo memorized deck routine resulting from the combination of "Memoria" and "Snapshot".
  • Memoria: This is what it looks like to the audience: Someone shuffles the pack; you let them peek at one card and shuffle it again. The deck is then spread face up on the table. You engage in the memorization process, and after a few moments you claim that you've memorized the whole deck. You gather up the cards and turn them face up, and then you ask them to name their card. You straightaway say that's twenty-three cards down. They count down to twenty-three and deal that card...
2008 / 3 / 2

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Daniel Young

Remote City by Daniel YoungA dramatic test in remote viewing.

Effect: A little book is shown to have different capital cities written on it’s pages. The mentalist explains that these are places that he would like to visit in the future. A participant is asked to randomly select a page, and choose one of the cities he sees. The mentalist, without any fishing of any kind, announces the correct city being thought of. The participant then thinks of a freely selected place within the city and this is, once again, correctly deduced by the mentalist. As a final climax, the participant thinks of something associated with...

2007 / 3 / 23

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Daniel Young

Psy-Connect Deck by Daniel YoungThis an ebook describing how you can create your own Psy-Connect Deck. So what is that, you're asking. It's a deck, or a stack of index cards which you use in your experiments. It allows you and a spectator to successfully send and receive words, pictures, colours, you name it. You can involve as many people as you like in this demonstration. This is really a no-brainer, no memorisation required, the cards can be shuffled. Just imagine the spectator picking up a card and successfully sending you that thought, but don't you think he/she would be happy to receive a thought as well? Of course,...
2007 / 1 / 29

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Daniel Young

Compendia by Daniel YoungThis is a compilation of The Mixed Mind, The Sharp Mind and The Thinking Mind, plus the unreleased The Cerebral Mind (includes three effects for Cerebro, although the routines can be performed without the gimmick, it's only there as an enhancer. Definitely something for the seance worker).

The Thinking Mind
This is all theory, which means half of you won't be interested. No tricks. It's about believability, logic, structure and so on. Well worth a read for the aspiring mentalist, or anyone who might be interested in Daniel's thoughts on the subject of mentalism.

The Sharp Mind

2006 / 12 / 21

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Daniel Young

From The Other Side by Daniel YoungTurn your Himber wallet, or more precisely your mini-Himber wallet, into a versatile weapon!

Daniel has been very uncertain whether or not to release this ebook. Mainly because it is hard to market, because you will know the secret before you even buy it, or so you think. "Alright, just a bunch of effects with a Himber wallet." But trust him when he says, this is not what you think it is. The few people who have actually read this so far, are all intrigued by it. It all started with one realisation, a concept that sprung to mind, a handling of the Himber wallet that has never been seen before....

2006 / 12 / 21

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Daniel Young

Trinity by Daniel YoungA small collection of three effects. First one out is an invisible cuing system, that can be used for spectator as mind reader effects of all kinds. They see writing appear on a card and then vanish.

Second one, and definitely a favorite, a memorised book effect. Any person selects a page in a book, you proceed with memorising it, you close the book and put it aside. Ask someone to name a "line number", and someone else to name a "word number". You think. You write. And place your writing out of sight. Take the book again and show that the word at the designated position is, say for example,...

2006 / 12 / 21

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