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(20th January 1924 - 29th August 1999)

Born in San Antonio, Texas. Stage name of Gilbert S. Aleman since 1958, previously as "Allemann". Learned in 1932 from neighborhood kids. Master mariner. Semi-pro mentalist since 1949. Pet effect: Mind Reading. Invented over 32 mental effects.

Captain Aleman was a decorated veteran of three wars; WWII, Korea and Vietnam. He was licensed in 1956 as a ship master at the age of 32, upon oceans and unlimited tonnage. In 1944, he took part in the Battle for Leyte Gulf and lost his hip to enemy fire. This story is told in his book To the Sea in Ships.

In 1973 he voyaged into Baffin Bay above the Arctic Circle, as First Officer aboard the U.S. Naval Ship Shoshone. After careful study of the Columbus "Mystery Notes" he noticed that the notes described a voyage into Baffin Bay. After 500 years he was the first to correctly interpret the notes for this obscure voyage that Columbus made to America in 1477, and published his discovery in his book The Unknown Columbus in 1993.


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Unwritten Thought by Devin Knight & Al MannA participant thinks of two words with opposite meanings. The performer tells him to decide upon one word and to forget the other. He settles on a word in his mind after deciding from several thousand possibilities. He does not look at a list of words, but freely decides on a word in his mind. He is not to tell the performer the final word or write it, just concentrate on it. The performer picks up a piece of cardboard and with no fishing or questions; writes a word and shows it to the participant and audience. Let's assume the performer wrote: 'Beautiful'. The performer says, "Does that define...
2019 / 3 / 16

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Secrets of the Non-Liftable Person by Devin Knight & Al MannLearn the secrets behind having the ability that no one can lift you, be you man or woman. A strong man attempts to lift you off the floor and easily does so. A few minutes later he is unable to lift you! An amazing, yet easy to do feat. No gimmicks, just know how. This feat has been featured on TV and in side shows. You get four different methods. Two were used by Al Mann who taught them to Devin Knight and are little known. You also get the Resista Girl method that was sold by dealers many years ago.

Many mediums used these methods during séances to show that spirits prevent them from...

2017 / 8 / 27

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How To Move A Mountain by Devin Knight & Al MannIs it possible to move a mountain, lake, shoreline or even an island? Al Mann and Devin Knight say, “Yes.” In 1995, Al Mann wrote a rare treatise on how to do just these things.

The few magicians, who read this, glossed over it, saying the ideas were impractical and pipedreams. The ideas may have been impractical for most magicians, but they were not pipedreams. Al Mann and Devin Knight explain in detail how you can do these feats, if you have the money and resources.

They explain in detail how you can get headlines in the newspapers by moving a local peninsula a mile or two away...

2016 / 11 / 6

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Improved Lexicon Phenomena by Devin Knight & Al MannImportant: These are not directions for making this yourself. These are the directions that came with this trick that sold for $150. 00. This PDF is designed for collectors who may have the props, but no directions, magic historians, and those simply curious as to how this trick was done. Well worth the small price just to see how this incredible trick was accomplished. Considered by reviewers to be the best trick Devin Knight ever released.

Two participants secretly choose words from a "real vocabulary book" containing hundreds of words. There are no duplicate words in the book's word list....

2016 / 4 / 29

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The Glass Box Headline Prediction by Devin Knight & Al MannThese are the original directions that came with a clear plastic box and papers. You do not need any special plastic box as any small clear box can be used. If you already own the more expensive Glass Box Revisited ebook then you already have most of this information as most of this was reprinted in that ebook.

Back in 1986 Devin Knight who performed as a professional psychic shocked the world with a headline prediction that involved the Newfoundland plane crash that killed over 200 people. The prediction had been held by a state senator. News of this went worldwide and the story was carried in over 2000 newspapers....

2015 / 8 / 1

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Secret of Touching Cobras - Without Getting Bitten by Devin Knight & Al MannThe first book of its kind, it contains information you will not find elsewhere on the inside secrets of snake magic and snake charming.

Have you ever wondered how magicians and snake charmers touch deadly cobras on the nose and NOT GET BITTEN? Well, it is not just nerve. It is a clever trick that few people know how it is done. Both Al Mann and Devin Knight have done this trick many times. Al Mann learned the secrets in India from street magicians and passed the information on to Devin Knight. Devin performed this trick when he was visiting China. Both Al Mann and Devin Knight improved upon...

2015 / 3 / 30

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The Incredible Feats of Jason Michaels by Devin Knight & Al MannJason Michaels was an extraordinary psychic during the 80s. (Jason was actually a pseudonym of Devin Knight.) He shot to national stardom almost overnight with his headline predictions that appeared to be the real thing; even to top mentalists such as Al Mann. He stunned reporters nationwide with his ability to levitate in newspaper offices. Yes, before self-levitations became popular Jason Michaels was doing it. That is because he was one of the early innovators of the effect. It did not stop there; he made himself invisible, caused clouds to vanish from the sky and outdid other mentalists...
2014 / 5 / 20

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Al Mann's Sensational Boiler Escape: A Psychic Dematerialization by Devin Knight & Al MannA rare insight into Al Mann's least-known manuscript, The Sensational Boiler Escape. In 1987, Mann revised this effect and sold the exclusive rights to Devin Knight as a unique demonstration of psychic powers to be used on a TV show. The effect was as follows:

The performer is visibly locked into an examined metal boiler, which is then filled with boiling water! The performer claims he will be able to survive the scalding waters because of his psychic powers. The level of the water is seen rising on the indicators and the temperature is recorded on the boiler's thermometer.

The boiler...

2013 / 7 / 24

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Autobend Silverware by Devin Knight & Al MannThis effect is finally available as a Do-It-Yourself PDF. The retail version with the spoons sells for $29.00. However with this PDF you can make up all the spoons you want to for about $1.00 each. Here are the details.

Al Mann and Devin Knight were some of the early originators of self bending spoon techniques. This is the REAL work on self-bending spoons developed jointly by Al Mann and Devin Knight during the mid 80s.

You get the exact method used by Devin in newspaper office through out the years to garner front page publicity. Show two spoons, one in each hand. The spectator is given...

2012 / 11 / 2

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The Glass Box Revisited and Other Predictions by Devin Knight & Al MannIf you already own The Glass Box Prediction PDF this expanded version will only cost you $25 instead of $40.00.

"The Glass Box Revisited is a fascinating must read addition to the classic headline prediction story. The many tips and bits of business Devin has revealed will be of great interest to mentalists from neophyte to professional, especially the tech age information that brings everything up to date." - Larry Becker
This is the Glass Box Prediction on steroids! New and exciting techniques that take the original glass box far beyond anything you imagined possible. Almost double the size of the first release with...
2011 / 12 / 28

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Of Words and Wizards (for resale)

Of Words and Wizards (for resale) by Al Mann
  • The Ghost of the Unborn
  • The Master of the Word
  • The Adonis Book Test
  • Adonis, Aphrodite and Zeus
  • Fifth Row Center Aisle
  • The Shades of Thought
  • The Uninvited
  • Forcing the Word
  • Forcing Three Words
  • The Book Mark
23 pages

[Note: All Al Mann manuscripts are unbound. They are complete, 100% original (from Al Mann's garage) and do include the heavy front and back covers. The loose leafs can be glue bound, spiral bound, hole punched, or kept loose.]

2010 / 8 / 2

The Nihon Venture (for resale)

The Nihon Venture (for resale) by Al MannAs Al Mann himself states in the opening line of the introduction, "This manuscript contains 'the perfect billet test!'". A simple paper fold plus a simple move places into the hands of the mentalist a new weapon, an Ultra Exclusive Secret-giving the art of thought-reading a new polish and technique never before possible! Of course as always Al Mann was not satisfied to just give you the one effect. The Nihon Venture contains equally brilliant varations and re-workings. Included is:
  • Tear Retaxo
  • The Ying And The Yang
  • Memory Giant
  • Immolated Moola
  • The Telephone Scenario
7 pages ...
2010 / 8 / 2

Mind Your Poker (for resale)

Mind Your Poker (for resale) by Al MannPart II from Al Mann Sodiac Series. You will find here several card techniques and a special card trick: how to deal five Aces to any seat at the poker table with a shuffled and cut deck. From the introduction, by Al Mann: I have been told by magicians who should know, that Poker demonstrations and Mentalism should not mix. I disagree with the above 100%... I have seen the amazed look in the eyes of a person when the Mentalist reads his mind... And I have also seen the terrible look in the eyes of the spectator after the miracle man deals five aces (4 aces and the joker), to any seat at the...
2010 / 8 / 2

Mental-Ettes (for resale)

Mental-Ettes (for resale) by Al MannA collection of provocative mental effects. Includes:
  • A Link With Eternity (An Object Lesson In The Art Of Mindreading)
  • To Command The Elements (Weather Prediction)
  • Thot-Prints 1 (Test By Fire)
  • Thot-Prints Ii (Passing Thoughts)
  • Mental-Kinesis (Spoon Bending)
  • Dinner Table Yoga (Levitation)
  • The Mystery Of The Triplets (Math Mentalism)
  • The Sans Tear Center Method (Billets)
  • The Unseen Tear
  • Sealed And Torn Messages
  • Gemel's Messages
  • The Tretology Of Dionysus
  • The Mystic Chalice
  • Typhon's Tongs
  • Herpicks' Tongs
  • Psychic Feedback
  • Suspended Animation
  • The Pharaoh's Palm ...
2010 / 8 / 2

The "H" Factor (for resale)

The "H" Factor (for resale) by Al MannEffects with the Himber of flip-over wallet.
  • The Wallets
  • Technique
  • The Secret Thrust
  • A History
  • Richard Himber's Billfooled
  • Page One
  • The Coins From The Pocket
  • Life From Space
  • The Name In The Vault
  • One Message
  • Unknown Forces
  • Homer
  • The Noesis Of Nyx
  • One Hundred Clams
  • Instant Mindreading
  • The Mounds Of Ashtoreth
  • The Royal Album
26 pages

[Note: All Al Mann manuscripts are unbound. They are complete, 100% original (from Al Mann's garage) and do include the heavy front and back covers. The loose leafs can be glue bound, spiral bound, hole punched, or kept loose.]...

2010 / 8 / 2

The Third Ecstasy (for resale)

The Third Ecstasy (for resale) by Al MannCard feats for the mentalist. This book has 14 effects that Al Mann judged sufficiently amazing enough, and plotted well enugh, as to be suitable for the mentalist to perform. Also incuded is a chapter of Olof Jonsson’s card mentalism stunts, 9 total, with full methedology. Jonsson was the Uri Geller of his day, so these additional 9 effects are also excellent fodder for the Mentalism show. The Contents:
  • The Pros and Cons
  • Do’s and Dont's
  • The Flight of the Psycards. - Signed cards to wallet – Without touching the deck.
  • Domination of Thought
  • Caster and Pollux
  • The Devastators
  • The...
2010 / 8 / 2

Classified (for resale)

Classified (for resale) by Al MannIncluded in this manuscript are effects that Al Mann himself calls "Spiritual Mentalism". Mind Reading, Future Prediction, Esp, Telepathy, Book Tests and much more are all included in this brilliant manuscript.
  • Omar's Prognosis
  • Outdone-Outdid
  • Top Secret Ii
  • Enchantment
  • Bonus: A Discussion On "Lorant", Meaning Long Range Telepathy
16 pages

[Note: All Al Mann manuscripts are unbound. They are complete, 100% original (from Al Mann's garage) and do include the heavy front and back covers. The loose leafs can be glue bound, spiral bound, hole punched, or kept loose.]

2010 / 8 / 2

Break Through (for resale)

Break Through (for resale) by Al MannFrom the forward by Al Mann: "The true art of mentalism is not the illusion of the stage that enchants the eye but the illusion created in the mind that enchants the thought. The mentalist's greatest gimmick is hidden in the inner recesses of his mind and therefore invisible and unexposable. This manuscript expounds the illusive, seldom exploited and little known branch of magic where the spectator unknowingly executes the 'move' that creates the miracle to the full credit of the magician! The "Headline Prediction" is indeed a headline getter for the magician and mentalist. It is a haunting...
2010 / 8 / 2

Tr-Id (for resale)

Tr-Id (for resale) by Al MannEffect: Mentalist displays a board with many designs and colors. Three persons are invited to secretly choose one design each. Mentalist passes out three pieces of art board and tells the three persons to secretly draw their chosen designs on the boards. They are then instructed to think of their designs and color. Mentalist divines all three designs and colors. That is the effect and that is exactly what happens. Mentalist can walk into any audience and do the test without any previous preparation.

Uncannily, the three persons code their thoughts to the mentalist through insignificant "body...

2010 / 8 / 2

The Seven Seals (for resale)

The Seven Seals (for resale) by Al Mann
  • The Talt Move
  • The Hidden Gate
  • Open Sesame
  • The Specter
  • Spirits
  • The Seal Of Proteus
  • The Headline Prediction
  • The Great Dollar Bill Caper
  • Prediction Nugget
  • The Wrecking Crew
  • The Combination Pad Lock Mystery
17 pages

[Note: All Al Mann manuscripts are unbound. They are complete, 100% original (from Al Mann's garage) and do include the heavy front and back covers. The loose leafs can be glue bound, spiral bound, hole punched, or kept loose.]

2010 / 8 / 2
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