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Hardin Jasper Burlingame

Hardin Jasper Burlingame

(Manitowoc [sic] Falls, Wisconsin: 14th June 1852 - 27th August 1915)

Raised in Chicago. Around age 20 moved to Rotterdam, Holland, to enter commercial business. Taught magic there in 1873 by David Tobias Bamberg. Took stage name of "Jasper Bamberg" to honor his teacher's ancestor. Then from 1873 to 1879 toured Holland, Germany (where he knew the Basch family), and Switzerland as correspondent for American newspapers and performing as a semi-pro magician. In 1891 also became a part-time publisher in Chicago as "The Clyde Publishing Co."

In 1895, having bought the magic business of Sid Macaire, Burlingame retired from performing to become a full-time magic dealer-publisher in Chicago (as "Chas. L. Burlingame & Co." and "Ralph E. Sylvestre" plus continuing with "The Clyde Publishing Co."). Sold this business in 1906 to Frank Ducrot (Brooklyn Magic Co). Father of Clyde H. Burlingame.

His strong collection of magic books and scrapbooks (begun in 1872 and seriously since 1895) passed to Dr. A. M. Wilson in 1918. Now in the Byron Walker Collection, making it the world's oldest.

Wrote Leaves from Conjurers' Scrap Books (1891, 274pp), Around the World with a Magician and a Juggler (1891, 172pp; repr 1896), History of Magic and Magicians (1895, 50pp; repr 1895 & 1974), Tricks in Magic (3 vols, 1895-1898, 258pp), Herrmann the Magician (1897, 298pp; repr 1942 as Magician's Handbook), Bibliotheca Magica (1898, 34pp), Gambols with the Ghosts (1901), How to Read People's Minds and Teach Dogs to do Conjuring Tricks (1905, 48pp).

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Hardin Jasper Burlingame

Around the world with a magician and a juggler by Hardin Jasper BurlingameWonderful biographical information about magician Baron Hartwig Seeman, and juggler William D'Alvini. Also includes a chapter on the German magician Bellachini and a fascinating chapter on the psychology of conjuring.
  • CHAPTER I. Introductory Remarks
  • CHAPTER II. Life Of Professor Seeman
  • CHAPTER III. Thrilling Experiences With Ole Bull
  • CHAPTER IV. A Visit To The Pyramids
  • CHAPTER V. The Czar Befriends The Magician
  • CHAPTER VI. To England, Africa And India
  • CHAPTER VII. Experiences With A Great Fakir
  • CHAPTER VIII. A Problem Solved
  • CHAPTER IX. Martin Luther's Wedding Ring
  • CHAPTER X. William...
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Hardin Jasper Burlingame

How To Read People's Minds by Hardin Jasper BurlingameFrom the introduction by B.W. McCarron:
This is not only a fun ebook to read, but it also carries some great lessons in performance mentalism. You'll learn from past masters of the craft, such as Washington Irving Bishop, J. Randall Brown and Paul Alexander Johnstone. You'll find newspaper reports of their exploits, lists of effects, and more.

You're also in for what I think is an unexpected treat: the method behind the "Mindreading Dog" routine that'll leave you with a healthy appreciation for the amount of work necessary to teach man's best friend how to be a canine David Blaine.

This revised...

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Hardin Jasper Burlingame

History of Magic and Magicians by Hardin Jasper BurlingameThis is a reprint of an interesting book from 1895. Mr. Burlingame covers the earliest days of magic, then goes into detail about magic and magicians as they existed in the 19th century. This material is seldom found in magic books of today, but the man who would be a complete magician should know something of the history of the art he follows. Well written and very interesting reading.

1st edition 1895, 1st digital edition 2013, 44 pages.

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