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Martin T. Hart

Martin T. Hart is an independent investigative journalist, speaker and Magician who also creates modern mind and unfathomable telepathy magic effects.

Martin began his career as a Puzzles compiler with BBC children's magazines (BBC Enterprises) in 1989 venturing into radio news journalism with BBC Radio 5 Live, with presenter John Inverdale's Drive time show and later on BBC Radio Kent with the Pat Marsh show. In the 1990s Martin landed a radio producer role with London's Premier radio which led to his own radio series, The People's show.

By 1998 Martin was creating games for BBC TV game-shows and new merchandise products for celebrities like movie star Sir Norman Wisdom, spoon bender Uri Geller and a book with UK magician Paul Daniels.

Martin worked on a variety of collaboration projects with a long list of celebrities over many years before crossing over to China to teach English and magic in the city of Shenyang. It was there he met his wife 'Dipeng' who he later married in the UK. Today Martin is working on his next BIG reveal.

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Martin T. Hart

The Decksterity Code by Martin T. HartPerform two person telepathy card tricks. A tutorial - Martin T Hart's invisible spoken code for card tricks - requires two people to perform.

Secretly communicate the identity of any freely chosen playing card to your partner-in-magic as if you are using telepathic powers. Distance no object. This is a very strong effect.

Here is a spoken code that is so undetectable it fooled an audience of magicians at The Magic Circle in London.

Learn in a few magical minutes. The Decksterity Code allows you to perform all kinds of card tricks, even over the telephone, on a video call or while your...

2016 / 12 / 22

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Martin T. Hart

Unfathomable: a recreation of the Piddington's two person telepathy act by Martin T. HartOn Tuesday the 19th of July 2016, the renowned International Man of Mystery, David Berglas introduced the premiere of Martin T. Hart's Unfathomable which claims to be 'the most baffling demonstration of ESP ever witnessed anywhere, ever'. Mr. Berglas described the story of the famous Piddingtons, a husband and wife telepathy act on BBC radio in 1949, who could communicate using only their minds. Their secrets were undiscovered for 70 years, until Martin published his book, Piddington's Secrets.

The stage-show 'Unfathomable', is a series of demonstrations of two-person telepathy, written by and starring Edward (Eddie) James...

2016 / 8 / 21

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Martin T. Hart

Piddington's Secrets: We know How They Did It! by Martin T. HartWe know how they did it! The Piddington's were a 1949 husband and wife telepathy act who seemed able to transmit their thoughts to each other, even across vast distances. They could do this without talking.

Finally, the unfathomable mystery behind the world's most baffling telepathy act is revealed after 70 years of silence. Martin T Hart takes us on a fascinating and detailed journey into the lives of 'The Amazing Piddingtons' and deep inside the cunning methods that fooled a global generation. To this day no magician or scientist has ever discovered how Sydney was able to transmit his thoughts...

2015 / 1 / 26

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