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Daniel Rowan is a charter member of the Society of American Magicians Assembly 115 in Charlottesville Virginia and a member of the Order of Merlin Shield of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Dan has been performing general magic for over 50 years. Dan has a special fondness for rope magic which requires no advance preparation. His magic is extremely visual and practical. Dan is a retired Social Security expert who lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge in central Virginia.

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Daniel Rowan

Magical Rope Artistry by Daniel Rowan
"What a creativity in your book!" - Flip

"...this treatise is a steal for $25!" - Robert E. Neale, MUM March 2006.

Magical Rope Artistry is a wonderful text on rope sculptures, rope routines, and rope and ring effects. If you do rope magic, you will want this ebook.

Rope Sculptures - Learn how to turn a piece of rope into a rope rabbit puppet, then animate, levitate and vanish the creature. Totally impromptu. Change a piece of rope into mouse or rat. You can perform powerful routines similar to Dan Garrett's Judy the Mouse or Quentin Reynolds handkerchief mouse impromptu and then...

2015 / 3 / 3

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